Flexible Learning Center | Program Highlight

[music] The flexible learning program is an alternative
for education. And most folks look at alternative schools
is a punitive part of school, where kids get expelled and sent to an alternative school. But the Flexible Learning Center is an alternative
to learn. And so, here at the Flexible Learning Center,
we focus on blended instruction and online instruction and we use a software called Grad
Point and we have a certified teacher in the classroom to work with kids as they go through
their core classes, English, math, social studies, science. And kids work through those classes they can
have one on one with a teacher and a small learning environment. At this point we have two classes all day
and that’s math and science because those are traditionally the most difficult subjects
in high school. But after school we do have between 4:30 and
6, which we are open at the school district wide for any kid. We have a math teacher here, a science teacher
here, an English teacher here, and a social studies teacher. It’s working at your own pace, on your own
time. You’re in charge your own learning and the
teachers are here to facilitate and support. I choose to come here because I felt like
it was the better spot for me than regular school, as for me getting one-on-one help. At a regular school I probably wouldn’t get
as much one-on-one help as I do here. I see kids come and finish early and I
see kids come and catch up and finish on time but most of them finish early. I like the thought of giving students an opportunity
to get their diploma outside of the traditional setting. I know I have students who being in class
from 8:30 to 3:30 in a regular classroom was not getting it for them. And so, giving students the chance to actually
get their diploma and come into a different environment to work at their own pace, I thought
that was something interesting. I wanted to be a part of it. They definitely would have to be self-motivated
but we have students who they don’t like the social setting of being in a regular traditional
school environment and so the smaller setting here is for them. We have students who they have other obligations
that they’re ready to go for it, and so, working at their own pace they can complete their
requirements to get their diploma. Get it and get out there and do what they
want to do. When I came here I was in 11th grade and I
was supposed to graduate 2021, originally, but I was already ahead so I wanted to go
ahead and graduate this year in 2020. So, I needed five more credits, about five
or six more credits. And it gave me the opportunity to go ahead
and complete those classes before May 29th. Because if I was going to West Florence still
I would only be able to complete four. I want to attend in Johnson C Smith University
in the fall to major in business and administration with a concentration on entrepreneurship. We had one student came in, she finished 11
credits in one semester but she was really self-motivated. To see students who I taught in the traditional
setting and to see them come here and actually graduate. You know where, before they weren’t going
to graduate. To see those successes that’s what that’s
what motivates me. Students are at their home school they can
apply, if their discipline record is good, they have a certain number of credits, we’re
looking for about 12 or 13 credits, depending on what grade they’re in. Any student that is looking for a small learning
environment. Every kid won’t be able to get in this program. So, to get in this program you’re fortunate. The Flexible Learning Center is an opportunity
for any student to get their diploma in a non-traditional setting. It’s a nice, we’re at the alternative school
and we are an alternative program but we’re not an alternative program for, for discipline
we’re alternative program for those students who want to get their high school diploma but the traditional setting is just not for them.

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