Flashing Red. Kids Ahead Campaign – Vicki Hatter

Hello. My name is Vicki Hatter and I am a
mom and I have a student going into the 10th grade this year. Bus safety is extremely important and the public need who need, need to understand
that whenever they see that red stop sign come out of that yellow bus, it
actually means stop. And so we need to treat our bus stop signs the same way we
we treat our EMS services then when we see their their lights and and
then and then we need to yield right to our buses. So bus safety is
important and public education on that is extremely important. And there’s no excuse I mean I cannot imagine as a parent or just a human to know that I’m
running late on my own. Because it’s my own issue that I’m running l ate and I
fly past the bus and then I don’t see a child running across the street to
catch their bus. No one wants to sit with that. No one wants to sit with the
possibility of a person being inflicted or a community or family being inflicted
because you’re, you are 15 minutes late because you decided to take 15 minutes,
to sleep 15 minutes, to go and do something when you didn’t plan for it to
begin with. We do not want to rob a child right of their life or else rob them
of a quality of life because of an incident that happened due to an
inattentive driver. When we see flashing red lights then we automatically think
“Oh, there was a kid ahead,” then I need to slow down.

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