Flamenco Guitar Basic Lessons | Rasgueado (part 1) – Index Downstroke | Frank Steffen Mueller

hello everybody welcome to the fifth part of my flamenco basic lessons at the Ortega Academy as I already told you in this course I want to show you the flamenco basic techniques starting at the very beginning you can download all tabs sheet music instructions and stuff for free on my website frank says muller calm and now grab your guitar and let's get started rasgueado also called rascal Rahil or Rafael is without doubt the most impressive and characteristic element of the flamenco guitar rasgueado simply means strumming using down and up strokes with your finger across several strings this technique is just amazing you can do so many fantastic things you can use it in all musical styles with all types of guitars from flamenco to metal from classical guitar to electric guitar the rascal is played using the fingers and thumb of the strumming hands practicing Rascals develops the extensor muscles which are the muscles that move the fingers outward away from the palm except for flamenco these muscles are rarely used in guitar playing the strength and agility must be developed very carefully always practice with relaxed hand and a lot of patience in lesson 1 we will start with the most simple form of a scale the index downstroke here's the index downstroke playing quarter notes over a static emajor chord and here's the movement in slow motion plant your farm lightly on the top side of your low E string I is folded some towards the palm the other fingers are passively extended and are never curled into the palm I use is a free swinging motion from the large knuckle joint I placed the string slightly diagonal I returned to the starting position have you already noticed that it don't play the low e-string it's because if sound is resting there the next step and exercise 2 is the index upstroke in this example the index is played eight notes with the downstroke on the downbeat and the upstroke on their feet one and two and three one and two and three then this exercise is based on the so called sony RS one of the oldest and most important styles in flamenco and here's the exercise you okay you [Applause] hope you guys enjoyed this lesson please check my other lessons as well you can find them on my website Frank Mueller calm or Eddie Ortega Academy hope to see you next month be cool and practice hard and Frank for art a garbage are

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  1. I have wanted to study flamenco guitar for a long time but I can not find documents about this at my area. Today I just watched your video and it's so helpful. Thank you very much!!

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