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But first up, Mel’s solving an age old problem. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a
parent say this, Oh, what am I going to do with the kids this
school holidays? Or a kid say this? Boring I’d be a very rich woman, but I’ve got some
great ideas to keep the little peeps entertained and, the best part is, it won’t cost you an arm
and a leg. Sydney Olympic Parks Kids in the Park school
holiday program is ever changing. With new activities added all the time, ever
affordable and most importantly ever exciting for kids. And what could be more exciting than dinosaur
discoveries. Okay guys, so can anyone tell me what dinosaur
we’ve got here? William, T-Rex. Can we tell what our T-Rex ate based on looking
at his head? Yes Austin. Meat. My sister is a carnivore because she loves
meat. You’ll get to be archaeologist for the day
and dig for fossils. If there’s one thing that never goes out of
fashion with kids it’s dinosaurs. Why do you like dinosaurs? Because they’re cool. My favourite dinosaur was the Stegosaurus. Really, why? Because it’s got these plates on it’s back. And what does it do with the plates? It makes itself cool. It makes itself cool. No it makes itself cool when it’s really hot. Oh, you mean when it’s hot. Now that I’ve been put in my place, it’s back
to fossil hunting. Oh I’ve got the swirly shell one, the Ammonite. The Ammonite, thanks girls. And who can resist having a ride on Terry
the Dinosaur. Yeh ha. I never had a buddy like you when I was a
kid, this is awesome. Wink at me again, come on. Hey Mel can I have a turn now, yes, yes I
think you can. Because kids love all things gross, they are
going to love this. Okay guys, now we’re going to make some Dinosaur
snot. Cool, excellent. So now to make our Dinosaur snot we’re going
to be using cornflour, food dye and water and we now have some excellent goey, goey,
snot. Eww, Hey Mel you’ve got some snot on your face. Oh no, where? There, . If your little tots are more budding performers
than scientists, there are always fantastic productions happening in the park. Like a very Birdie Journey. A guided performance by Circus Solarus, that
starts with dress-ups. Here you are, you can be a frog. Oh, what I’ve always wanted to be, that’s
right. And better yet, you’ll even get a starring
role. Fun it may be, but the real message is about
looking after our natural environment. A word of advice, before you let your little peeps back in the
car, make sure you check them for Dinosaur snot oh. Sydney Olympic Park have got your kids snorted,
I mean sorted these school holidays. Each day is packed with fun and affordable
activities. Check them all out at

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