Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Year Old Gameplay! (CHASE PLAYS & JUMPS! | FNAF 2) FGTEEV

Wait! actually i did’t jump! You didn’t jump So everything they just saw was fake? ya Like I edited it and i make you look like you are jumping ya ok its FGTEEV sabli bli blibblibli Watsup T vers I’m here with CHASE I have to study play this week a new number to chase yeah you know he’s three years old he
wants to play five nights at Freddy’s to now we’ve had so many requests to play
this game a lot of people do you know that a lot of people said hey can you
play five nights at Freddy’s and we we said I had a family channel below this
and that but then we started thinking this game really isn’t that scary hi reading the back stories and you scare
yourself that’s not our fault but the game itself is not that scary so I we’re
gonna play this game and it could be a little scary so you don’t want to be
scared then don’t watch but it’s not that bad
of a game so without further ado chase is going to play we’ll see what you guys think about it
and then maybe my collection place let us know thumbs up if you want Lex and
like to play because they said they would ready press new game yes all right she she got a funny thing
is that it is that your girlfriend which one Oh trying my friend by in my friend
taking my friends they’re all your favorite alright so this is the first night now –
basically chase doesn’t ever play with the volume on so right now he can’t hear only I can i if you don’t know about
this game be kind of weird if you didn’t hear about it by now it’s basically a
game where there’s some thinking chuck e cheese like some messed up dolls Oh the music you gotta do it Yeah right here it’s like some broken electronic dog and that yeah it’s good
at a pizza place right and the electronic dolls are basically
here’s that here’s the good version too friendly
version they’re coming to give you a big hug but you don’t want them to hug you
because they smell because they haven’t had a bath or something so basically have to check the cameras
to make sure they’re not coming to hug you and you’re a security guard at night I know that I know it the ones that know
this game i think that’s not it and that’s barely how the story goes so look
there’s a crazy messed-up little dolphin not everything here that one yeah who is that that’s it and that’s all foxy that’s the old foxy yeah so like I said Chase plays these three
is not that scared I figured a bonny many TKS oh those are all your favorites and I
see a lot of people said don’t play this your family channel you can play your
family and now here’s the thing we’re family channel which means you’re not
going to hear cursing you’re not gonna hear inappropriate or very inappropriate
things because sometimes we get a little funny we be talking about but and poop
and stuff that was good but I do I seriously you’re not going to get
anything bad come out of our mouth we go kill me who is the boy balloon boy ok so basically we’re playing it so many
you guys requested you got to do with the viewers want right so let us know
what you’re thinking let’s go chase what are you gonna do now
dude hmm I don’t know you see anybody is that fun see nobody’s there is start to one it’s on you got half a battery left
cheese I can’t working did you ever hear balloon boy say I
never say hi to you so are you winning are you scared you’re at 2am what you have to get 25 I
get you to find 25 do you think you’re gonna do it all
right but what does that mean music box why do you have to do that money left she coming to give you a hug yeah using a lot of battery are you supposed to use this much
battery so must now the sound makes it a little
bit scarier maybe you guys should all talk to turn
down your speakers if you’re scared chase can hear and only I can I’m grabbing the table case I get scared
just kidding this is she oh my man you can’t find them yet you looking at battery know that I saw you jump this buying scare you you’re gonna keep
the light on or put your mask on this is pinky said are you went away dude you gonna make in the neck chica she can yeah and she yeah yeah up I think of that you want yes i won she is let mama do good guy your was one came over so who gave you a
hug Bonnie go Bonnie came to give you a hug
great yeah was that really scary ya did it
again good do it again and what do you what do you say when you
were that my friend is that living in that my favorite they’re all your favorite now what do
you say when you win so many times I hear you say yeah right yeah where you get excited when you win
yeah but by him right here and that’s great and that is and actually get some ice calling hello
hey sup community I was talking to the guy that’s my boss alright so do you think you’re gonna win
this time yeah let’s see if Chase wins you know but there’s no red buttons so to all the people i don’t know this
because we have all different like it like it that fan we at fan is like moving slow and fast
at the same time right it’s moving that’s weird it’s like fast
and the ipad slow and the computer cheek and it’s just my body’s a girl we have viewers of all ages shout out to
all you guys from like Age 2 to like you know grown ups so that’s why we try to
watch what we do but like i said if this little may can play it it’s it’s a
little bit scarier when you play it versus when you watch it so we figured we are going to go for I
mean it’s been a long time people have been asking right chase place play for
their play for them we’ve been here for a long time you have anything to say about five
nights at Freddy’s who’s the scariest bonnie bonnie is who’s the happiest funny sighs happy money right I’m body is happy but it’s not chicas happy there are happy so do you like do you like boom boy yeah what’s up No what about isn’t there are rabid a
rabbit one guy hiding the guarantors oh no a cat ok this
meerkat that’s yes uncle that’s who mango mango where is I’m sure and right yeah I’m sorry ok taking you change for me mango where is he personally it you can’t find it do you like mango and pineapple she playing guitar like this baby so did mommy play this game she does it what what’s said to me that is ready doofy yeah yeah so why do you have to do the music box
who’s gonna scare you if you don’t do it Oh you know i do anymore is up to you want me to do it ok ok which one should
i do I let’s check oh I don’t hear anybody and I don’t
really play this can you wind it up for me things it was
a sign say rock eat party and play who’s that who’s that one except it says day Wow who’s that person and I’m like a huge kids is that foxy now so what’s that what’s that name Oh
Danny what are you 40 freddie is going well where is he aren’t you don’t check ok so you like to
see he likes the book now some people say why would you let your
little kids play that well if you don’t get scared why not right it’s when you don’t read
oh look i just saw Freddy don’t read the back story is the backstory scare you
stop reading backstories if it gets here most of the back stories are fake if you
guys didn’t know that most of them are so where’s friend yet this is create don’t get me wrong this
is creepy old dirty did Freddie right there on the ground see him this is creepy not not scary and creepy
different then that’s Chet that’s fair it’s different but I I think you did it jump right I did who he did it so actually you didn’t
jump so everything they just saw was fake
like I edited it and I made you look like you’re jumping ok so that’s bad you can that’s good
money and that’s bad very bad friend I say thanks for watching TV hours
ranked team and say let will check you later I catch you later and maybe my
collection plate will see what the reaction is for this and say now you
won’t do what what what Freddie that’s how you don’t play that one now
or Oh No I thought we gotta go bye bye we’ll check you later peace abdomen
problem in lab

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