21 thoughts on “Five Keys to Rigorous Project-Based Learning”

  1. I’ll try to ask my science teacher for a project based on that format of learning for the upcoming school year. It would be a dream come true if I get to work on a single project like this before the end of high school. I don’t think it will happen though. My province is really closed to any type of change in the educational curriculum…

  2. How are their grades? Remember that exams are individual tests. Not too sure how effective this is. Many of the best students in the group always end up doing everything while the weak ones just copy everything.

  3. I think that PBL is key to transforming traditional education and making projects valuable. There are many projects created in schools and many classes that teach to the test. The key to PBL and its five key components when combined together create the greatest potential for authentic learning.

  4. For teachers struggling with the concept of PBL because you feel PBL advocates for trashing all traditional strategies, perhaps this visual from the New Tech Network will help. Click the link to view, then select "Download PDF" to see the entire visual. https://newtechnetwork.org/resources/projects-vs-project-based-learning-pbl/

    I can tell you from experience my shift to PBL was a powerful one for me and my students- from all backgrounds. It takes time, thought and is not in any way "easy", but it is absolutely worth it. #kidsdeserveit

  5. Hello, which Model of Education fits better when teaching and learning with Podcasts? I would like them to improve their listening skills.

  6. Well-designed project-based learning (PBL) has been shown to result in deeper learning and more engaged, self-directed learners. Learn more about the five core elements of successful PBL

  7. Sounds good; however, in implementing PBL for several years I can tell you there are many problems. The top students will benefit tremendously. Social loafing is a major problem, major. Some students are diligent in their work and are left with the bulk of the work load, complaining, "it's not fair,"frustrated, up late trying to meet deadlines. For too many, their goal is to latch on to a team with one member or two with the go getter mindset and reap all the benefits. Is this where education is going? Even college?

  8. This is what I am looking for…thanks for the video! it means a lot for my Paper.. 🙂 is there any video that represents another project especially in Language? Thanks in Advance!

  9. I liked a lot this video, I am student from Spain, my degree is for being a primary teacher. This is my first year studying this, but I am so interesting in changing the way of spanish education, that is very traditional. 
    Thanks a lot for the information about how to work with PBL.

  10. I can honestly say that PBL was so successful in a subject I taught with middle school students I was able to change most of the curriculum to use this approach.Most students relished the challenge and self-control of their learning. Those that didn't..well it was a massive learning experience for me and helped them to develop a passion for learning and life, something the system had beaten out of them. I really wish I had seen this video years ago though..some great tips and put together as a vision for education. These days it is hard to change a curriculum to support PBL as there is too much content and standards to cover!

  11. I really like the idea of project-based learning. As a beginning teacher, I think that I will give a few classes of direct instruction to give students background information before delving into their projects. Since I'm also a proponent of a flipped classroom, I see how easily I could ask students to watch video lectures at home, then come to school with ideas and knowledge for their group project.

  12. I am looking for the original video to the old footage in the beginning about how children will function in the world today. Can anyone help me out???

  13. Nice introduction. I really advocate PBL for students with autism so they can learn 'how to learn' and to problem-solve rather than just be 'fed' informaiton. 

  14. Excellent!!  I think this is very well done – interesting, compelling, comprehensible – thank you for making this.  I LOVE this style of learning/teaching, and although it is VERY hard work when compared to the more traditional models, it's totally worth it in terms of outcome.  And I'm happy to see that PBL is alive and well. (from J. Brown per H. MacKenzie)

  15. This is a very good concept and it is very practical approach. I believe this is the way fwd. and i believe that it will help reach maximum number of students in a class room. Hats Off.

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