hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am going to be filming part two of the Q&A that I am doing um the first part of the Q&A I answer questions that I received on Instagram and then this one I'm going to be answering questions that I received on YouTube I put a little post up a few weeks ago in my community board and so I'm gonna answer the questions that you guys ask there if you guys are new here I am going to be a first year kidding on teacher this year and I'm super super excited I've kind of been taking you guys along of the whole process of me actually becoming a teacher during student teaching sharing a lot of holes of things I'm collecting for my classroom and then I'm gonna continue showing you guys as I prepare for my classroom at school is getting closer and so I hope you guys enjoy this little cute hey if you do please give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe hit that red button so you won't miss any of my videos and make sure you follow me along on Instagram it's a lot easier for me to chat with you guys there because of the direct messaging part and so make sure you follow me there for more life updates and stuff like that and so anyways let's get into this QA okay so I'm gonna just go through these questions in no particular order if you can't tell I'm still in Hawaii right now I think you can tell them the reflection of all the greenery and so this is really excited for you to do it here but anyways okay so the first question says were you nervous about student teaching I'm about to start my student teaching the kindergarten class next month and I'm feeling a little nervous um so was i nervous about student teaching yes I was definitely nervous um I just remember like I was very nervous but I was very excited I was so excited I had been waiting for this for my whole life I've known I wanted to be a teacher for since I was like a first grader and so it was really overwhelming to like finally be in the position that I was like about to start teaching and so I was definitely nervous but I was also really really excited I would say that I got more nervous the first couple of times that I had to like teach a lesson you know but it's totally normal to feel nervous and anxious like it's a big deal to finally start your student teaching so it's totally normal you're gonna be great it's awesome it's so much fun I love experience and soon teaching so I hope you little to the next question says what are you most excited for and what are you most nervous for also will you've all your class and what they do yes I will be vlogging I think what I'm gonna end up do doing is doing like weekly vlog so vlogging everyday as much as I can and then just posting every Sunday or Saturday something like that with maybe a video in between there I think that's just what's gonna be most doable and easy for me as a prettier teacher when I'm gonna be really busy with my class and just kind of understanding what's happening with the curriculum and you know being really involved and studying up and all that stuff so I think I am definitely going to blog and I think they're probably going to be weekly vlogs what am I most excited for I am just so excited to be in my classroom and just set it up the way that I want and just you know have my kindergarteners and just I'm so excited like I don't even know what exactly I'm most excited for I'm just so excited I think I'm most nervous for using a new curriculum that I've never used before I've never even heard of the creams that they use honestly and so just getting familiar with how the curriculum goes and how its set up and how to implement it in my classroom and how to tweak it my way and kind of that and so that's probably what I'm most nervous for okay the next question says do you realize that you have a very well stocked classroom I couldn't believe it when I saw it you were truly blessed to get such a well organized room yes I am very well aware that my classroom has a ton of resources in it it's a very new building it's like three or four years old so it's very new our district tri it's really really hard to take care of their teachers the best that they can and when way they can do that is by trying to provide us with as much as they possibly can and so I totally know that I am very lucky and very blessed to be in the district and the school that I'm in and that's not what a lot of teachers are you know walking into their first year with and I'm really lucky and so I'm super super excited just grateful to be you where I'm at so yes I do know the next question said when you decided to become a teacher did you ever have concerns over salary and do you have plan to have a second job on weekends or in the summer love your videos thank you I never had any concerns about the salary I always knew that teachers get paid less than you know a lot of other majors and lot of other careers but that didn't matter to me and I just thought I grew up in a very low social economic family we didn't have a lot of money growing up and so money was never something that was that big of a deal to me um I just always knew that I wanted to be a teacher and the salary never turned me off from that and so and I don't plan on having a second job on the weekends I just think I would never be able to do that especially during my first year so no I'm not playing I'm having a second job in on the weekends but I am teaching summer school this summer just to be able to get a little bit of money over the summer so I probably will continue doing that over the summers so that qualifies as a summer job because we get paid for that so yeah the next question says what are you looking forward to teaching um honestly I like teaching on all subjects um one subject that really surprised me that I enjoyed teaching was math I thought I would hate teaching math just because I wasn't the best cut back oh my gosh you guys there's a lizard look can you guys see oh my gosh she's so cute sorry for that interruption I forgot what I was saying anyways she also asked I want to go into elementary education what is it nice like what advice do I have I would say that a lot of elementary education programs slash you know college voters in general are really long and it's really easy to get discouraged especially when you're taking the edtpa I would say just push through it remember why you're doing it how worth it it's going to be when you finally get your degree and you finally get your classroom I just know I even look like oh my gosh this is really hard so I didn't want to do this and yes yeah just turn the sprinklers on so hopefully you can still hear me I'll try talk about okay the next question she said hi I thought of a couple more questions one what is your favorite color my favorite color is turquoise do you plan on having kids in the future and how many yes we plan on having kids not for a few years we just really want to get sold and kind of find a place that we really want to live for the rest of our lives Maui and how many for a really long time I wanted to have like six kids and now I think it's still the same I don't know maybe for four to six would be good what's your favorite animal I have two very animals that are tied and they're koala and a panda someone else asks did you ever substitute teacher for becoming a teacher or did you just go to college to teach what got you into this line of work I never substitute taught before becoming a teacher i oh i subbed for like a day and a half in my internship classroom but that was it and i went to college to teach and I went into this line of work just because I loved working with kids I have grown up loving kids my entire life I'm the oldest of four and I just love kids so much obviously and yeah I just looked kids the next question says when does your school get out for summer this year because of the snow days that they had they didn't get out until like June 24th or something crazy like that and so I think usually they get out around like the 15th or something like that so like June 15th and then we start school with September 4th nice question says when did you start purchasing items for your future classroom of the same teacher and would you recommend soon teachers to start stocking up on books and stationery etcetera I started purchasing things for my classroom probably about a year before I start started student teaching just really slowly if I found a really good book at like Goodwill or something I would buy it I probably had like half of a bin of books before I started teaching student teaching and then when I was teaching I really started collecting thanks more I would recommend Christine to just to start stocking up a little bit but I would really wait until you get like your grade levels that you're gonna be teaching in for your like first teaching job because like if I would have been placed in second grade I would have had to find totally different things that what I'm finding for kindergarten you know so I just would recommend that you wait a little bit but stock up on really good things like classic real apps you're gonna use them for any grade or if you see you know bins that you really really want those you can use for whatever grade things that are universal for school that you can use and what grade you're in I would purchase those but I would hold off on like a lot of like leveled readers or like play to learn stuff and you're not for sure gonna get Vernon what advice do you have for growing a teacher channel honestly I what if ice do I have I think just posting consistently and just kind of showing who you are and your videos is super important because if you're trying to be something that you're not like people can tell I would just say post consistently make content that goes that does well so and you just have to be really really patient because it took my channel over a year to finally find you guys like it takes a while for people to find your videos and you have to be doing it for the right reasons if you're in it for money or anything like that like it's really hard and I just know that's personally about not why I'm doing this I started doing it for community and to just kind of like document my life and just connect with other teachers which has been amazing and that's happened it's so crazy to me so just make sure you're genuine figure out why you're doing it and then just be consistent those would be my top tips someone said if you had a choice what grade would you teach and apply um well I think I would probably teach first grade if I have a choice I absolutely am so excited for kindergarten don't get me wrong but I student taught in first grade and it's what I'm most familiar with so I feel like going into my first year it would have been a little bit easier to teach first grade and I love first graders they're so cute and so sassy and but I'm also really really excited for kindergarten Taylor okay this is like the most frequently asked question on my channel ever I get asked this one like every single video and it is what are you going to do with your nose-ring when you start teaching did you wear your nose ring for student teaching are you gonna wear your nose ring when you're teasing and the answer yes I'm going to continue arena I've never encountered any problems while wearing my nose wearing I honestly forget it's there until you guys pointed out to me I don't know if Washington State is just a more like progressive state where they are more open to things like that rather than some other states that may be more like conservative and just more different I guess I don't know I've just never encountered a problem I got a job with my nose ring I wore doing my interview or I wore it during my entire time student teaching I've never encountered any problems but yes I am playing wearing my nose ring I worked when I got my job I wore during safety Dean I've never had any problems with it and so yeah that's just me what is the most valuable experience that prepared you for teaching maybe something specific maybe something more specific than just student teaching overall like an individual observation or a project I'm trying to think I think one of the most like valuable experiences it's so hard because I just feel like my student teaching here like I learned so much like there's just so much that like prepared me and was so valuable I think one of the most valuable things I learned was that you have to trust your gut with when you're teaching like if you realize it and you're like what the heck my kids are not gonna like that at all or you know I know my kids do really well with this like I'm gonna implement that instead of this tool specifically during an observation I was doing number corner which is kind of like calendar but my student teaching school uses bridges which I know a few of you are familiar with and it called for them every single day to write equations for like the number days of school were in so say we're at 100 days of school so every have to write you know an equation for 100 100 100 – does that make sense but my kids are starting to get a little bit bored of it obviously and so I decided to hand out whiteboards tickets and markers and not erasers and then have every single student write the equation for the day of school year on and it went so well they were so much more engaged I was so shocked like I was like okay so write your equations on whiteboard and everyone like grab the right person and it was dead silent first graders they were working it was so awesome to see and I was getting observe that day too and so my like professor lady that was observing me it was like oh my gosh like they're you know quiet in the work and I was like what do I do now they're actually doing it it was crazy and so and I really trusted my gut with that like that's not what the curriculum asked for is just like you know changing up the routines keeping it engaging so I think one of the most valuable things I learned during teaching this and you know you know your students best you know what really really helps them things that maybe they don't really need to do they already know it you know like you just have to trust yourself as a teacher and what you know about your students and then make your instruction fit that and so that's one of the most valuable things I like so this question is fun it says has there ever been a time where you were sure you wouldn't enjoy teaching specific content but found out found out you actually really enjoyed it yes so for my NCPA I had to teach math and I was like oh my gosh I do not why didn't she drive around today just because it was such a you know impactful test that mattered so much to me for my career I was like I really don't wanna teach math I teach literacy like it's something I'm a little bit more familiar with but honestly I love it was so hands-on the kids love math and so it made me love it more and so I really really enjoyed teaching math and it was one of my favorite things to teach I like I'm so comfortable teaching math which is really surprising to me and so that was something that I wasn't really expecting and then turned out I actually really really liked it another question says why did you become a teacher so I mentioned earlier obviously I love kids but another reason that I became a teacher was because in my life some of the most impactful people in my life were my teachers I bonded with so many of my teachers they were mentors for me they honestly became like second moms and grandmas and grandpas to me I'm so close with so many of my teachers from high school and elementary school like I've always looked up to my teachers and they were the people that I really needed during those times in my life and so I really want to be that for my kiddos too expensive or kiddos that maybe don't have the best home life you can be a very secure safe person for them and that's what I needed as a kid and that's what I want to make sure that I am for them too and so I think just because I was so impacted by the teachers in my life I really felt driven to become a teacher as well if that makes sense another question says what is your favorite thing to do in this summer I love going to the beach I am I love the ocean I've always left the ocean me and my husband I made my husband go to the Oregon coast like two times a year just because we love the coast in the ocean and now that we've been in Hawaii I definitely think we're gonna be coming here a lot and we just absolutely love the ocean and so I love going to the ocean I love going to the beach I also love barbecuing I think it's so yummy like hot dogs off the barbecue or so good so some of my favorite things to do in the Sun right I think the last question I'm gonna answer because we have to check out of our hotel very soon says if you didn't teach what would you do if I didn't teach I I would either be like a stay-at-home mom honestly or I would be some sort of like social worker I'd get involved in social work or charity work like around the world I don't know this is just off the top of my head the only other thing that I ever considered doing besides teaching was Social Work just because it's obviously impacting kids so I was the only thing I ever actually considered but I have travelled a lot and so and just since I was 18 I've been able to travel to a couple different countries and so I would definitely want to do something with traveling which is obviously like early big dreams but yeah if I didn't teach I don't really know what I would do okay so those are all the questions I'm going to answer today because we have to check out our condo and so I need to get going but I hope you guys enjoyed this little Q&A I hope you guys are getting to know me a little bit better as Who I am and I definitely can film more Q&A so in the future maybe once we hit like five thousand that'll be really fun to do another one but yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can see my whole a journey I'm about to get into my classroom pretty soon I'm about to start teaching summer school in like 10 days which is crazy and so I'm definitely gonna be vlogging all that as well and showing you how to perfect that and so make sure you follow along and I will see you guys in my next video see now


  1. Thank you for the advice about YouTube! I'm wanting to make student teaching content because I couldn't find a ton on YouTube. Your channel was one of the few I found.

  2. Thanks for answering the question about teacher channel advice. I just started my channel this weekend.

  3. Great video. It sounds so beautiful there in the background. Thanks for answering my questions. Hope you had a wonderful time there. I said the same thing when I first got married too. "My husband and I" you get used to it. See you in the next video.

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