First Lady Michelle Obama on Girls' Education – WISE 2015 Special Address

14 thoughts on “First Lady Michelle Obama on Girls' Education – WISE 2015 Special Address”

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  2. Truly an inspiration – education is so important – especially now. I am convinced civics education is the key to our current political crisis – people need to understand how democratic institutions functions, how the legal system works and how to assess the effects of economic policy – rather than voting based on their "gut feeling"

  3. "The education of girls is particularly important because, although both parents have responsibilities for the rearing of children, it is through educated mothers that the benefits of knowledge can be most effectively diffused throughout society." ~ Baha'i Faith

  4. Mrs obama. really your pronunciation , smart voice, getures are awesome. I want to good speaker as you. That why I try my level best. Regularly I hear your sweet speech. You also eligible for first lady of United States.

  5. I am an American white male. I was doing part time work in Doha at this time. My job was to hand out all the translators used at this conference. I had no idea that my first lady was giving this speech inside until after all our work was done we went inside to check out what was going on and there she was. We were standing at the top level looking down. All the Qatari were sitting there playing on their phones….they didnt give a damn about what was being said…..

  6. mechelle ineed your help am agirl without education ineed to be like otheres ilive in somliland ineed your help plz help me ilive education so much my no 252633779989 we are treated like nothing here icant stand for my self plz help stop that in our country plz with your help

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