First Lady Melania Trump Delivers Remarks at Liberty University

The First Lady: I’m here
speaking to you in my official capacity as First Lady, but I
want you to know I’m also here as a mother. When I took on opiate abuse
as one of my pillars of my initiative Be Best,
I did it with the goal of helping children of all ages. I have learned that addiction
can begin with something as innocent
as injury. I have also learned that
addiction is a disease and like any illness people
need and deserve treatment. We must commit
to removing the stigma of shame that comes with addiction and if
you or someone you know needs help, you need to be brave
enough to ask. If even one of you leaves
here today and talks to a friend or family member about the
potential to end this crisis, than we all succeeded. Together, with all of you, I know we can make a real
difference and save lives.

85 thoughts on “First Lady Melania Trump Delivers Remarks at Liberty University”

  1. There is no "official capacity" of the first lady…. but there should be! Melania needs some legal authority to get stuff done! I mean, the libs want to empower women, right? Let's empower THIS woman!

  2. Wow everyone packed to listen what a great message, best First Lady ever, so great to see! She deserves the same respect Nancy Regan got, it just shows how incredible she is that it's not being reported she should be on the cover of Vogue every few months, Glamour, and other womens magazines, the real history is proven right now how we view what is real and now I know those magazine companies are not because they should have articles and stories about Melania and are not celebrating her, so she is even more great because she is being ignored. Class, structure, peace, and upholding family unit values doing it all while speaking several languages, she could do anything and you can see how much of a career woman she could really be and instead is hands on mother because she cares so much about children! Great stuff!

  3. Our First Lady is stunningly beautiful and has a heart to match! She is absolutely amazing!
    God Bless her and President Trump and their family and God Bless America. #MAGA

  4. Please for the love of God, quit treating this like a disease. It's gotten worse since using that approach. This is not a disease, it's a choice.
    Taking away personal accountability from everything makes people feel weak, and like they're victims and don't have a choice.

    They never break that cycle when they believe it's a disease, because then they believe they have no control. And that makes it easier to "catch" the disease. Instead of finding the courage not to abuse again.

    Having a disease, means you are helpless and need other people or medicine to help you get rid of it.
    Having an addiction is something you need support to help find the courage, and will, to stop doing.


    Most people that are addicts, that stay clean, are the ones that took ownership of that choice. Not the ones that thought it was something they just contracted like a disease. Those people, if they ever quit using for a while, end up in an endless cycle of abuse and sobriety until they eventually succumb to the disease forever and it kills them.

    I adore you and your attempts to help. But we need honesty and hard work to help these people. The progressive idea about treating this like it was a disease, has created more addicts and lifelong victims. God bless you for trying.

  5. Stay well ma'am, safe, #God bless, and #GodBlessAmerica. #Godspeed for #TheRepublic. #ForWhichItStands. One nation under #God. Indivisible with #liberty and #justice for all. #TheJointStaff #USAGov #TheWhiteHouse

    Sincerely And Respectfully,
    Paul Mason Ranck us

  6. I love our First Lady and I love Jesus Christ. I do wonder though, if the President is aware of how this school abuses young men with their Title 9 workers. They literally penalize young couples 200 dollars each if it’s discovered that they had physical contact BUT….they tell the girls that they can be forgiven from the fine and save their reputation if they swear to Title 9 workers that they did NOT consent to physical contact. Imagine what happens to the young boys…..

  7. That's a Christian School. I doubt anyone there uses uppers or downers. What the hell is an opeeoid, anyway? I still don't know.

  8. Fantastic !!!! Adictions Effect The Whole Family & Community – Stop The Stigma 📌 Thank you for Standing Up 2 Big Pharmaceutical Abuse !!! I Appreciate You FLOTUS 💝💝💝 Still Inviting You & Barron 😍 To Visit The "Gathering Place" In Tulsa, Oklahoma. We Are All Teachers !!

  9. Poised, intelligent, attractive, well groomed, ladylike, and a believer. Just a partial list of reasons she is so deeply despised by Progressives, Leftists, and Social Justice Warriors.

  10. What a brilliant woman! Addiction is an epidemic of colossal importance in the United States of America right now today!

  11. Our First Lady has really taken on her role and ignored the MSM and their tirade of bad news., for this she also deserves great credit. More and more I've been encouraged by the Trump family watching them help make America great again.

  12. Melania Darling…. How much did Donald pay you to be his Wife? That Russian Money must have been great because you've turned out like a Trump. A CON .

  13. Melania is beautiful, loving and carries herself with a quiet confidence. Way better than the previous angry person that always ran the big mouth!

  14. Love melania so much. Thank you. Addiction can begin with injury. Please promote holistic healing and not addictive pharmaceutical

  15. What university did Melania drop out of and why did she lie and claim she earned a degree?

    "Born on April 26, 1970 in Slovenia, Melania Knauss began her modeling career at the age of sixteen. At the age of eighteen, she signed with a modeling agency in Milan. After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan, finally settling in New York in 1996."

    She settled in New York to work as a "Paid Escort" for wealthy old men. Thats how she met Trump.

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    To anyone that ever doubted Your Presidents resolve to solve the Automotive Crisis !!!!! click the link above!!!!

  19. Thank you, FLOTUS, for using your position with grace and kindness. You make me very proud as you represent the best ideals of America and you encourage the children to become better.

  20. Just perfect! The wife of American's first fully fascist president gives an address at America's most fully fascist "university". Kind of makes a guy proud to be a Nazi – er, I mean an American.


  22. Great message for all , democrats should be proud of FLOTUS!
    Trumps made America a wonderful country! As great as it was in the era of old Bush presidency!!!! Herbert Bush!

  23. Trump Administration is truly worthless as a pecker on the Pope, and crazier than a shithouse rat.

    A true definition of a Corporate KAKISTOCRACY.
    Melania's soul is is ugly as her husband..

  24. Long lives with good health. God blesses and cares on all of us. God bless USA. Go ahead. Really addiction is disease.

  25. Addiction is not a disease;
    An addiction is a self acting act…One of low self esteem behavior. And one of self righteousness

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