[Applause] they really started brother a together and to pursue please allow me to stand on existing protocol distinguished ladies and gentlemen I am humbled to be here well after what one of you medievals Best Actress that performed in front of us I don't think I have anything else to say you know and in the row it's just one of those within you in a light of it she's my height when you like it you eat a lot but you may need to spit it out what'd she just say as it is sometimes that would be when I get to eat I'm going to be worse than happy I'm so hopeful to be here I have to be honest I saw an email I saw an email two days ago about this event and middle of the night I had to call my PA said listen I'm sending his optically check them out for me and she came up to me yesterday said all these are your girls that wanted to do something so I'm very sorry if I have to leave before we finish here but because they said yo girls I had to drop everything today to be here with you you know let me ask this question how many of you want to be posted you need to do in green pine no one said this Union we can't have him a precedent sees it so I am a beating yourself across ladies we want to be possible in wind energy but say my god all that you know what fascinating that to do it's a positive thing but I believe when you're in trouble before ask the president of this country you make the decision the first lady got to make the decisions the first lady won't be advocates it sometimes the men will say we are to about oh she talk too much okay so mr. president you talk too much so G PI and you know start to creep out of the box because you [Applause] and here not one of your mentors I'm just here to encourage you to say Assam which you own and I'm hoping that the next time we meet I will not be giving the keynote speaking role I will just be allowed to kill each of us so we can talk we can talk about fashion sometimes I get it right sometimes I get it so wrong okay my job is done you know and I keep saying to people when no one talked about you that means you to be nothing sometimes it's good to be talking about weather is bad because people some would like you so we need the ones that like you if we need to do diversity it will still the painter the ones that hate you people need to bring this kind of do CC bad things about you so what do you care don't care about think about you your woman we are the disadvantaged sex everything about us we have to fight 10 times more that's the job at Evo said if you give us a drug we want my entry bullet right – triplets and have no products in my whole life but that's the truth to actually meets your dream and dare to dream and do not allow anybody to kill your dream when you allow people to start defining you that's when you get everything wrong when you allow people to start telling you how you live your own life I believe you should know what is right for you and you should be able to make that decision yourself so I'm saying to us young women our jobs in this world for now it's still very tough we have to put more work into everything usually we double our efforts and it's not just even your business all around the world even America can tell you they don't have gender equality because when you start talking about inequality they start about entropy how much you pay the men in how much do you pay the women that's where inequality starts people say to me oh let us talk about gender whenever I go to the US they talk gender inequality which general we talking about because my own world I know about male female genders we have always been disadvantaged six now they are other genders those Germans are added into all the tenders and days those genders are priority but that us women who have been on those ones from the remain informed as we created and we got agenda mattes or you can say with our listeners open series of articles although you can see this happened you know what and these are all new things they all have new words and also women we are still there because we have the tendency of food down syndrome ourselves if you not want to achieve a look and say we want very glad to be the next president of this country that's when you see how many women don't like that it is also women that we put her down so until that unity that we scream at this world until we start to be United instead with each other and support each other we will not achieve gender equality I'm sorry the united nation will come with all the dramas in the world that's their job this drama and you were never setting up PhD will you get the best job it would be please just be HD for top you wish but then as a woman when that presents myself I thought of the results myself I have to defend myself who either men presented himself and we was the victim but when a woman presents herself we have to defend what she has said I don't see women as – but why do we have to defend herself all the time so I'm saying into you if you really want to change the way people think about you you have to change the way you think about yourself when you start to see positiveness in yourself people will see positiveness in you but whenever I am short all I have to do oh I need to change this part of my nature that's when anything has gone wrong for you because you just need to know preserve as you are because we are the most beautiful creature God has created of this and we wanted to find everything we want to test if you tell her now to look after three children because believe you're being nasty to my grades but we would say if that happen everything would be order as if nothing and then they will come from the office all day between signing papers in the city I'm so tired now you know what I've been doing today but it no hands because whatever they are tired so let us put our self first it's not right to lock yourself it's not right to say not what I want the best for myself it's moment it's not right to say I have a vision and I have to be clear vision and my vision are to populate it's motivating it's not a crime to deepen your ability to change things it's not a crime to say if no works I know what's right for me and this I am what you leave in me it's not a bribe to look at another woman exceed you or not be to Anatomy it's not like to say to your sister I have to find out what you do because what you get is the way I did it is so cool to be able to complement one another and support one another it's not the any PDF for one another when Anthony was talking about Atlanta the teacher was so intense during the campaign and where she comes from you know I think that's one of the places in DC against that time is part of civic remotely so bad and we have to go there we did he go there because we think our process will do anything for justice or one is just natural to stand next to your your sister and say I am of this woman if you you know got any they are not usually the men they were ready to come together they are complication of the pool towards a gathering of there was so so huge everybody was scared and I know deep down at me the woman whore never arrested said she said win and I don't care which money standing in front of her we give you and Kiki and we were there today she is basically one of the people about Panama that not the corner of market and everything about that magnitude thank you she speak there to not know everything so as she said to you they're going to leave people that give me to take her place and people that you have to have the tenacity to say you know what I also want to be part of the law making a big institution in this country and I'm going to fight to be a permanent there is no age that says you have to be this age as long as you are easy there to challenge the status quo to fight for this we need to replace her but this Apple do want to replace her with one woman we want to race her with so many [Applause] so I'm going to leave you guys with wonderful wonderful people again and see but unless you're stoked about the drink steps she has done and she's still doing she has done I still do but they still want to continue to do for young girls if we have so many confirm that's what we like in this country mentorship we don't have more models there are lots of others but unfortunately we just don't present ourselves so a song like this is to a clinician necklace is a stupid negative and be able to get women to do all this is where we convey to others and this is where we saturated by myself when I leave I am going to be saying this morning I has practiced our world smells of my time with wonderful young ladies that are going to be the next president of this [Applause] [Applause]


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