28 thoughts on “First Driving Lesson with Accredited Driving School”

  1. Found it helpful, but the second half of the video was difficult for me to understand. The instructor voice was drowned by the background music.

  2. My driving instructor never teach my those stuff that was in this video in my first lesson and he never teach me how to turn on and off signals ūüôĀ

  3. This kid is lucky to be in driving school, The first time i drove was in a huge truck. And get this the person who was teaching me how to drive was my dad , but guess what he was always drunk when he taught me forcing me to drive to a nearby liquor store and the whole time i was driving he was making threats that i better drive like a man and dont be a pussy. when your parents offer driving school take it trust i wish my parents did. ūüôĀ

  4. Doing my in class right now in Drivers Ed. I'm opting to do my in car since I took my second class out of twelve and you are allowed to start in car after the second class.

  5. For further videos from this instructor please check out https://www.youtube.com/user/dmvinstructor

  6. @ Manos TheBest the instructor is teaching the student how to turn on the lights and use the bright lights. Sorry the sound quality was not good, we didn't have an appropriate recorder at the time of capturing this video.

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  8. why do you need to do your arm signals if you are in a car, thats pointless you have turning signals in the car, its not like he's teaching how to ride a bike

  9. can you write those questions please  ,  the  questions that we hear in the video by 
    The instructor
     please  please please and thank you for the video 

  10. Nice kid, considering it's his first lesson, and the fact that he is autistic, and it's all shot on camera, and there is your dad on the back seat – he did fine=) Instructor thumbs up

  11. If you need help or lessons please call  951-443-5286.  The instructor is very good. This was a very quick lesson he gave to this young man, he also taught my other son, who did very well on his test!

  12. 2:00 if their never a reason to use parking lights then why even have them at all i think that's the real question.

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