First Class Overnight Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai ● Tour of Second Class

Hey guys So we [just] got into our what is this first class room on the train at night time? They’re going to be making two beds here somehow. Let’s give you guys a tour. I’m gonna put my [stuff] down real quick We entered through this way, and I had a ton of bags. [I] [had] some trouble going through this door. I got stuck. It’s really narrow. It’s like a let’s see. It’s like one, two I want to say 20 inches. There are windows on the side. Bunch of uh, rooms on the left. Is my bra strip show? Should I give you like a whole view of this room? And then we have a sink right in the corner [uh] soap for you this door is a little bit heavy. [oh] Also, there’s a gentleman who came and asked if you want pringles or some other tight snack and drinks [I] said no this door is kind of heavy actually what a workout. Okay here. We have Glass puffs, and I guess we could put water bottle here. Which is this? Let’s open wherever this is. This is a connect ding door. So if you get four people then you go oh, I see I was thinking as a bathroom, but I guess not so [I] guess we’ll have to close it then and if this opens No electrical outlets perfect if you recharge with Bethenny’s you look old But then seeing color has my mails You push it in it lasts for about two seconds. [I] think [these] are the bed cushions. We have a clothing rack Very nice. Oh it looks like legs and a foot right? It looks like a someone sitting on the side and like this what happens if I switch this show switch it take over it Okay, this will work Okay, it was just a light life up Bright Dimmer and then volume If I nothing goes on I will put it on that one. [oh], what’s this? [oh] I guess this is [for] the person on the upper bed to put their stuff in you have to rochambeau or the bed I can Sleep anywhere. I also put the feeling we’re gonna start the charging party early, so later on we don’t freak out and what’s this a? Lot of things that make me want to push and pull here. We can have a dance party in here Let’s check out the restroom. Oh, this is a locking thing okay, so let’s open this Gun cause the painting [I] just so much – oh You’re stronger than me august Okay, we got lucky We’re located right next to the restroom and what doesn’t squat with it. [oh] my gosh is a squat to my lips blocks power and Years [no] The rooms are actually bigger since the stinking public that I just completed my business is push to flush Sherlock whoa Sure, [but] love love love Yo, if you want to see the sights the passing landscapes definitely [ride] this during the daytime however it is a long ride How many hours of this, era? It’s 12 hours 12 are already much [1313] are right however if you Take this right during the night time then you could save money on accommodation. Yeah. I try some watermelon [seeds] sure pick this up from 7-Eleven for only 6 Baht I Mean how much can you charge for watermelon seeds to be honest? I’ve never seen watermelon seeds so big because my finger Exactly my [fundament] Maybe you don’t use it [all] sorry is not only I Think you got species outside. I thought it’s like a shell see. There’s a white thing that comes out of the show There’s not a snack you eat when you’re really [hungry] because if you’re really hungry, you’ll have no patience to get to the inside Okay, I found it a trick you put it in your mouth like vertically like this not horizontally vertically and ago You hear that crack [break]? bad If you’re not a patient person this little train you to become patient Alright, so it looks like this is armrest It looks like appropriate Let’s put it back up so Sarah how do you like this place? How does it make you feel? It feels like a blast to the [Pad] Feels like we [timed] out to the 90s yeah, [oh], and the wi-Fi doesn’t work here, so it’s kind of nice Yeah, you know you don’t get stuck in the internet zone. You just really like Enjoy everything for what it is So let’s say we make a couple stops on the way to chiang mai dinner time Well my meal looks a little withered and sad, but it’s okay I’m gonna add some of the cashews like [got] from Saudi [love] [it] and Sarah. What’s you good tech your mouth? What I notice is when the Thai people cook they don’t get all their garlic all the time So I will use that tactic what I cook and people question me like why should do that [that] is I you think this Thai style so mix acceptable if you really want to know what’s in here. It’s carrot baby corn Broccoli [I] see some cabbage in there as well and tomato that does not look like food. It looks like a pet it looks like a giraffe Is it a sandwich [I] doesn’t have a butthole We’re right here. Oh right here. Oh, [bellybutton] cashew time I’m going to use the restaurant in the back you Oh, no, if I got a bag of chips for 40 bucks at the end of the [hoppers] I see They give a towel than this one and [here] we have a blanket Use our super fit It’s a better game I Felt your bottom lip that was contacts [yah-yah-yah] [delivers] very juicy Hello, we could play so many times This cracker box tell you exactly how thick it is. It’s three millimeters in diameter trade started to move So I wasn’t expecting anything, but once I got up here it feels very fun. Here’s a little shelf Okay Peekaboo oh my bed and let’s hang this in our closet My little shelf [I] can look [outside] action People okay, actually because we’re right next to bathroom. We can see if there’s a queue on the other side of curtain Sarah parked her stuff on the shelf and I parked on myself here this light goes on Whoa [that’s] really great [you] a little hand [luck] here put my water inside Our charging station, and that’s the light switch on and off and because it’s not too far away from me I could turn it on and off Yeah, so if you want me to switch the light off there. I’ll do it And I’m in charge of Ac up here. [do] you know typically being on the second floor like a bunk bed? People don’t always like it, but there’s a lot of amenities The travel agents are saying that it could get quite cold at nighttime because the Ac over is still too cold right now After all we can adjust these guys I Recommend that you take a shower before you take the sweeper train another tip is use the restroom when the train stops Because I just use the restroom right now It’s like playing a point-And-shoot game What time [we’re] waking up again? If you can sleep [through] this you can sleep through anything And looking outside it was all cityscape for now. It’s all just query now let’s say I slept better than expected but if you’re a light sleeper, I prefer when you take the daytime train instead Summa will be here at 7:00 a.m.. As for [makeup] this morning. I’m not going to be try gentlemen This one has been showered. Oh, we’re here you buy everything the gentleman just took my bag and we [come] power. Hope you guys enjoyed the tour [of] the [train] right to find out with you today Get a greek goodbye

100 thoughts on “First Class Overnight Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai ● Tour of Second Class”

  1. Had a stint on a sleeper train from moscow to st. Petersberg… wasn’t that bad… slept the whole trip..
    This vlog reminds me of the tight crampy space in these sleepers

  2. When your like oh I don’t need towels and blankets,at the night WAKES UP CUZ UR COLD BUT THE BLANKETS AND TOWELS ARE IN BAGSSS

  3. One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
    Not much between despair and ecstasy
    One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
    Can't be too careful with your company
    I can feel the devil walking next to me

  4. I hate being on the bottom bunk or top cause I feel like it’s gonna fall and smush me or I will fall on the person below me

  5. Watermelon seeds are very famous in filipino! cuz at philippines we usually eat those at like when were going to a grave/death something like that i dunno😆

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