30 thoughts on “Fireworks Rocket Master 2016”

  1. Very creative and gorgeous star shells on top of rockets! The clockwise rotary reports are especially impressive. Some of the best rocket shells ever!
    Having said that…………
    One thing I just can't see is the emasculation of fireworks. I'mtalking about the repeated use of a final bright star burst in place of what you and I know should really be there: a heavy SALUTE !!!!
    What'sup with you guys? Why are you putting lame star break shells where there should be a loud boom to punctuate the shell? What happened to your balls???? Are you forced to comply with jerk off civilian complaints keeping permits from being issued because of the noise? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! That's what American fireworks are about, an authoritative heavy "BOOM" at the end of the shell, not some effeminate flower "puff"! Hell, some should end with a progressively heavier report up to 3 times! Not just one. When did American displays lose their "cojones "??? I thought it was because you guys imported all your shells from China nowadays and the insurance companies wouldn't permit heavy SALUTE shells to be shipped or something??? Please tell me why your displays have grown so gay???

  2. You cupped every rocket like you was cupping the rocket masters balls before you put them in your mouth and went 'hmmmm'

  3. …because we wouldn't know if it was a good one or not if there wasn't at least one person "whooping" after EVERY SINGLE one.

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