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hello everyone gecko here and I'm so bonkers excited why because today I'm learning all about fire trucks at this amazing fire station how cool is that fire trucks are used all over the world to help firefighters put out fires and rescue people who are trapped in hard-to-reach places we're going to meet two different fire trucks today and we get to meet the brilliant crew members of limb fire station these amazing fire trucks and fire fighters are experts at you guessed it putting out fires they use these super long Wiggly hoses a bit like what we see in the garden but super powerful and look they even have special masks that protect them from the heat this is Jay and he's the watch manager which is what they call the leader of the team also would like to welcome Gekko who's going to learn spear fire fire for the day thanks for having me white watch well look who's here blue and green mechanical have come to learn about fire trucks to make sure you to stay out of trouble please this is Laura and Ellen they're both firefighters in white watch what's he doing now Laura well Gekko we're getting ready for the start of shift this involves getting all our kis out so that we're ready for any emergency that we might come across so as you can see Ellen's put our boots out ready she's also got both the jackets a helmet and the gloves so she's ready for any emergency we might come across speed is always of the essence so is important it's all laid out properly everyone needs Andy he's the driver of the fire truck he's making sure everything is okay for the next emergency call-out but what is an emergency call-out well that's when people ring up and tell the firefighters they need help and remember it's very important to check that the trucks lights are working properly they need to flash really brightly when the truck leaves the station to let people know help is coming I love this fire truck you know why it's because there's so many secret places to store the amazing life-saving equipment look Ellen and Laura checking the hydraulic cutting equipment these are like a big pair of scissors but instead of cutting through paper they cut through metal now mechanicals gonna have to stop messing around this isn't a place to mess about guys don't want to end up rescuing you do we once Andy in the gap of check that the truck is okay Laura and death need to make sure their breathing apparatus works safely this is what they use when it gets really smoky inside a building like on fire it's very important that they can breathe clean air guess what everybody there's actually more than one fire truck in this fire station this one here is called the ALP which stands for aerial ladder platform which we all say it together aerial ladder platform now the team used this help truck when they need to rescue people from places that are just way too high for the ladder wowsers it sounds like someone's in trouble long after I'll get you gear wrong we've got job that's one of those emergency calls that we talked about a minute ago remember all of the important stuff we need to know about the rescue comes through on this piece of paper okay all free appliances but chemicals stuck at height inland oh no it sounds like the mechanicals are in trouble we'd better go and rescue them now that we've got our kit on it's time to move out oh dear looks like those silly mechanicals are stuck at the top of that tower and can't get down we'll have to use the ladder to go all the way up there and get them look at this amazing teamwork the crew all worked together to get this ladder up as quickly and as safely as possible oh dear it looks like a ladder isn't quite high enough to reach the mechanicals hmm now what can we use instead that's right bring in the help to make sure the owl doesn't wobble and inject these controls to move these things called jacks out to the side of the truck they look like metal legs and they stick out and lift the truck off the ground wow that's really heavy but these jacks are so strong they stop the out from falling over whoa look at that it's got super strength like super mechanical once the alp is stable which means it won't wobble and the jumps into the operating seat that's the one that works the machinery James is so brave look he's going up in the cage to rescue the mechanicals now because he's going up very high he Clips himself on using this harness so you can't fall off the hunt is a bit like a belt you wear around your trousers when you don't fasten it your trousers don't fall down okay here it goes up up up into the sky James is now in control of the cage and he can move up down left and right with these joysticks almost there hold on mechanicals we're coming to save you gotcha you I'm glad those mechanicals are safe Thanks James and Andy okay mechanicals I hope you learned your lesson there you climbing up towers and being silly you've got other people to rescue okay whoa look at that that isn't just any bus that's a double-decker bus look there's a downstairs and an upstairs I'm just waiting at a bus stop for the next bus to arrive all you have to do to catch a bus is put your hand out like this and the bus will stop this is Brian and he's the driver of this bus he sits in a place called the cab here it comes now Brian presses the red button and the doors fold open this bus is special because it can move up and down to let people get on more easily red mechanical where have you been on this bus you've been playing in the junkyard oh well I hope you had fun come on let's get on board you can fit up to 75 people on this double-decker bus I think I'm going to sit upstairs to see the lovely views whoo-hoo I can see everything up here the wheels on the bus go round and round round and round round and round the wheels on the bus go round and round all day long here we are back at the bus depot I'll just press the bell to ask the driver to stop should we have a closer look at the controls here in the cab the driver compressed all sorts of buttons to make things happen this button controls the sign on the front of the bus which tells people where the bus is going to this is the ticket machine and these screens are connected to cameras so the driver can see the passengers upstairs these buses travel all over the city so they sometimes get very dirty so you put this double-decker bus through the special bus wash to give it a clean it's time to use the water and brushes to clean our double-decker buses through this truck wash our bus will crawl have you ever seen a bus so tall look at that clean as a whistle where do you think the engine is in this double-decker bus surprise it's here right at the back and these buses are special because they run on electricity and diesel when the bus is going slowly and picking up people from bus stops the bus uses an electric motor this makes it much quieter than other buses just be careful not to fall asleep on your way home but even these buses need to be repaired sometimes instead of bringing them to get OHS garage they're brought here to the Arriva maintenance garage where expert mechanics can repair them look how many buses are being worked on at the same time this bus is having a wheel changed and here's another bus driving into the garage it drives in and parks over a big hole in the floor called the pit if there's something wrong underneath the bus a mechanic can go down into the pit and fix anything while standing underneath or they can use a giant hydraulic lift to lift it up and make it even taller when everything's fixed on the bus it's time to leave the garage and go back out onto the road to take more passengers where they need to go whoa look at this amazing red fire truck this beautiful vehicle has everything that a firetruck should have lights a siren seats for the crew a hose for putting out fires and a ladder but this firetruck is hiding a very special secret it's also an amazing pizza-making truck with a wood-fired oven inside this is Ben he bought this old fire truck and spent a long time transforming it into the amazing pizza making vehicle it is today oh hello Ben I need to get some cheese for our pieces hey thanks we arriving the fire engine yes please this fire truck is over 60 years old brave firefighters would drive in this special vehicle to go and put out fires things worked a little differently 60 years ago in fire trucks look instead of pressing a button for the siren to make a noise Ben has to wind this lever like this here we are at the cheese factory to pick up some special mozzarella cheese I don't alright gecko let's go make some pizzas there's lots of things that go into making the perfect pizza but one of them is heat a really hot oven is what's needed and luckily then has a special wood-burning oven which uses real fire then starts off with small sticks called kindling to get the fire started before adding larger logs to make the fire bigger then then safely pushes the burning logs to the back of the oven to make space for all those yummy pizzas to go in remember fire is very hot and extremely dangerous so only grown-ups should ever go near it it takes a little while for the oven to get really hot so been sets up the rest of the pizza stall and here comes some helpers to make lots of pizzas hello everyone let's get pizza making pizzas were invented in Italy and to make pizza dough all you need is flour water yeast and salt fans already got some dough that he made last night and now he's busy stretching and shaping it into pizza bases once the pizza base is nice and thin then add some tasty red tomato sauce and the special mozzarella cheese then you can put whatever topping you like on your pizza YUM the wooden board that the pizza is sitting on is called a paddle and then can now move the pizza towards the scorching hot oven but it's inside and then slide the pizza off with a shape the pizza sits right on the floor of the oven where it's super hot over 300 degrees to be precise luckily you don't have to wait long for this yummy pizza to be ready as it only takes a minute wow that looks delicious everyone's joining in with the pizza making great job guys everyone's doing such an amazing job of making and eating pizzas it's making me hungry thank you very much have you ever wondered how big trucks get cleaned well we're about to find out I'm here at a giant truck wash these trucks drive for miles and miles delivering important things all over the country which means they also get very dirty this truck wash is so popular that there's a queue of muddy trucks all waiting to get cleaned and it can clean all sorts of different trucks big lorries gas tankers even car transporters the trucks start by driving into the truck wash very carefully and stuff once they're fully inside [Applause] the cleaning team begin by spraying special soapy water over the whole truck this soak gets the work straightaway loosening all of that grease and grime if the dirt is really bad or difficult to reach the team will use long brushes to get to these hard-to-reach places then it's time to turn on the rollers this huge machine is controlled from these switches here the cleaning team select what sort of truck is in the wash so that the rollers can clean the right places on the vehicle there's three rollers in total two that clean each side of the truck and one that cleans the front the top and the back the soft rollers wipe all of the muck away and the spray nozzles rinse the truck clean the huge machine that carries the rollers moves forwards and backwards along the truck on Rails just like a train would this truck wash is very special to the dirty water goes down the drain and is magically turned into clean water in this pump room that means that most of the dirty water is recycled and no water is wasted if there's any bits that the machine is missed it's time for the cleaning team to use some super powerful jets to blast off that stubborn dirt look at that this lorries as good as new clean and sparkling good job team van this is mr. T and he drives his ice cream van all over the place to serve lucky people delicious ice cream but it's not an ice cream van without music so get caught when we're really there where we need to go this is what we do to put the music on to let everybody know that we are nearly here when mr. t arrives he can move into the back of the van and serve beautiful ice-cream straight away I go hello mr. t so welcome to my run Gekko this is all the lovely treats that we put on the ice creams got lots of different sweets look at these lovely snakes from the back of this wonderful van mr. t can create some amazing things slushies hot waffles and of course ice creams so what I'm gonna do now is show you how we make our magic ice cream get out and gallon of famous ice cream take the top off and then we'll pour it into the hopper ice cream is made from milk cream eggs and sugar mr. T's special ice cream machine is like a superfast freezer and the liquids poured into the machine are frozen in just one minute when things are frozen they become harder and colder than they were before mr. t is more than just an ordinary ice cream man he's always thinking of new ice cream ideas so as well as making ice cream cones he makes ice cream trays for people to share with lots of sweeties sauces and treats on top there's nothing that puts a smile on people's faces like a lovely ice-cream from mr. tea everyone loves ice cream vans grownups children and even pirates love ice cream Wow this all looks delicious ice cream and sweeties are a treat so remember don't ask your mummy or daddy to have them every day what's your favorite flavor ice cream mr. t and my favorite ice cream is the bubblicious bubble gum tree with lots of pink and blue bottles and of course the lovely hubba bubba bubblies mr. t serve lots of happy customers today but is the one person who hasn't had an ice cream yet mr. T so here we have in gecko this one's just for you a new creation geckos gooey green ice cream ah Thank You mr. t so what do you think about that thing gecko did you enjoy them ice creams it was absolutely delicious thank you here's to for your friends the mechanicals see how these amazing vehicles tidy away our waste whilst also looking after our planet there's so much happening here at the recycling depot it trucks coming and going just look at how the little forklift trucks zoom around taking the rubbish out at the sides of the trucks and tipping them into their own special places but our story begins at home have you ever wondered what happens to the rubbish you put in your bins recycling trucks have special days when they come past your house to collect all of the rubbish recycling is a way of separating different types of rubbish that you throw out so that it can be used again and again this all starts at home so it's up to all of us to separate plastics paper cans and food waste into their different bins to get them ready for collection here comes the truck now it's purple I love purple this is Simon and Daniel and they drive the recycling truck down the street collecting all of this rubbish they jump out of the truck and put the different types of rubbish in their own special place on board look there's a place for everything cans and plastic go here glass goes in here food waste goes in here with paper and cardboard of the back in these compartments when the truck is full it's time to head back to the depot to empty everything out first the truck drives onto some weighing scales these are just like scales in your bathroom at home but instead of weighing people they weigh trucks this tells the control center just how much rubbish is on board the truck then it's time for the zoomy little forklifts to do their wizzy work they pull each container out from the sides of the truck and drive them to their own special place at the depot Wow this is that noisy class huge bulldozers are used to push all the loose materials into a big pile then to make everything smaller so that it can be easily transported for recycling loose materials like plastic cans and paper are squashed into bales the final stage of recycling is called reprocessing this is the bit where these bales are turned into something new that we can use again the bales are taken on the back of big lorries for special factories for reprocessing glass can be melted down and made into new bottles and the bales of cans can also be melted and turned into new cans ready to be filled with new drinks when we recycle it means we don't have to cut down new trees to make paper we can keep reusing the paper we already have recycling is amazing but not as amazing as our beautiful planet that we all live on that's why we have to work together to recycle and reuse our rubbish thanks to all the teamwork here for taking me out on their special recycling trucks today see you again soon bye if you love this video tap here so you're the first to know about my latest videos thanks for watching bye

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