Fire Gua Sha head massage by Reiki Master | Indian Massage

25 thoughts on “Fire Gua Sha head massage by Reiki Master | Indian Massage”

  1. is that the only place in India where drivers are not constantly honking? thats what I find most relaxing from reiki master videos, there´s barely any honking compared to other barbershops

  2. I am for massages but never the brain area. The brain is like a gelatin the pounding is moving it around, not a good thing. Massage the whole body but don't pound on the brain. Otherwise great video.

  3. That looks like it feels SOOO good lol. =) It's on my to do list now. Gotta go to India and have a REAL massage. Thanks for the video. Btw, the same guy is getting a massage on several videos hehe. Seems like he really likes them! 😀

  4. Reiki master please create own youtube channel i will subscribe you.
    I cant sub this channel cuz dont like other massagist.

  5. Um…… don’t know how effective your lighter technique is so maybe next time grab a plumbers torch ….

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