Fire Brigade | Fire Tanker Construction Game | Educational Videos for Children

Hi, friend! My name is Bambo-Jambo and I’m
happy you came to visit me! There is a fire station in our city. Fire is always a big
disaster for any citizen. So the fire station plays a crucial role in the city’s life. It’s
impossible to fight any fire without a fire tanker. Let’s assemble this machine together.
A Fire tanker is the most common type of the major fire appliance. It is aimed for delivery
of fire crew and fire-fighting equipment to the fire location and also used for application
of fire-extinguishing foam and water in waterless areas.
Well, let’s start! First let’s take a frame base of our fire tanker and attach a cab for
the fire crew to it. Inside the cab we will fix front and rear
seats. Now let’s attach doors. Two doors on one side and two on the other…
To drive along the darkest streets our fire
tanker must have headlights. Let’s fix them. What next? We also have to fix side mirrors
to allow a driver to see what happening behind; and klaxons aside a hood to prevent accidents
on the road. Our fire tanker’s cab and the entire front part are finished.
Now let’s start with the most important compartment in our fire tanker, which is fire extinguishing
equipment. Firstly, let’s fix an equipment control unit. Then let’s fix a big rare compartment
for holding tools there. Now it’s time for taillights, let’s fix them to make driving
a fire tanker safe. What next? The most crucial part in our Fire tanker is a storage reservoir
for fluid extinguishing agents (water and foam compound, which are required to get air-filled
foam ). This storage reservoir is called tanker. By the tanker we will place a foam line: hoses,
which are attached to a tank valve. I think it’s right time to attach wheels. Rear wheels
of a Fire tanker are doubled: two wheels on one side
and two on the other side… And next go front
wheels – one … and two… The last detail is left – it’s a gas tank. This is a container
for storage gasoline. Fire tankers have two gas tanks. One at each side. That’s all. Oh,
wait, not yet. Our fire tanker is from the Fire station, so it means that it must have
flashlights: on the roof and at each side of the tanker. Finished!
Well, our Fire tanker is ready! Fire tankers are always painted red – the color of fire,
color of danger, color, catching people’s attention from afar. But in actual fact except
the main red color there are some others: white and silver colors are specified for
identification marks and contrast elements. What I see! The sky is involved by clouds
and a storm is imminent. Oh, a house was struck by lightning and now it is on fire! It must
be extinguished as soon as possible! Come on! We’d better hurry up!
Our fire tanker is racing to emergency… One… Two… Three… The fire is extinguished!
And our house is saved! Let’s say thanks to our Fire tanker!
And here is the Sun! Dear friend, it’s time to say goodbye. Now
you know how to assemble a Fire tanker. See you soon! Bye-Bye!

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