39 thoughts on “Finland's Revolutionary Education System”

  1. I really feel like a lot of my time, happiness… MY LIFE has been robbed learning about their school system

  2. Finland now is far from all white society. Especially among those younger ones we have very much of different origins. Somehow we still grade high on those international tests… 😆😎

  3. My dad thinks finish school system is the worst and all people in Finland are uneducated and there is not a stable government and every one is an alcoholic
    And whenever I prove him wrong he punishes me badly and shouts at me that im stupid retarded unable to do anything and that they will kick me out of the house
    Even though im in the HTL in austria that is a school for Hotel and tourist management and for cooking.

  4. Then Finland got Juha Sipilä as prime minister and all that success is long gone. Juha Sipilä is the Donald Trump of Finland.

  5. Meanwhile Finland avoids competitiveness and the U.Ks whole marking system is you can only pass if other people have to fail

    Something like this
    Top 4% Grade Nine (our A*)
    4-14% Grade eight (our A)
    15 – 25 grade seven
    And this goes on till you get to the bottom so people have to bad and fail for anyone to pass it could be that you get 200 out of 208 but 50% of people got even a mark or two higher, You now failed and you may to be tested next year or sometimes that’s it you failed .

  6. I am happy to see that I am not the only person who feels uncomfortable in present day education education system ….there are many more and what they think and do is right….

  7. NB NB TEXTING….WTF?? were the person texting this D R U N K? or are they a measurement of the educational level on americans? 😛 Kentuccy becomes conducting… seriously… ?? and there are so many more… L O L !!

  8. You are too simple minded young turk. All about attention then seeing the whole picture. It was hard to listen to this simple understanding of a complex issue. Has nothing to do with either side the crazy congress. Need to brush up on the world more than 10 mins before the show.

  9. Im Finnish the Finnish educational system is STUPID and produces educated dummies with no social skills who all want to be Artists, musicians why not astronauts, then they wake up as adult babies at 18 and expect jobs to fall at their feet, alot of student go on to be higher educated dummies with no applicable skills, in student debt for years and broken dreams and dependant on the state

  10. The homogenous model has nothing to do with "they're all white." They are mostly the same race, yes. But also there's less of a wealth disparity, and mostly they're the same faith- you really should learn to look past race.

  11. No private schools allowed? Oh, the Government wants to hold the education monopoly so that kids will do, say, and think whatever "BIG BROTHER" tells them!

  12. I'm A conservative and I agree with the way they run the schools in Finland. Thanks for making an assumption. Jerk.

  13. Nordic Nations stand out! they really..do .
    They have the best social protection and safety nets anaywhere.

  14. It's funny to watch this as a Finn. We do have pre-school though, but it's pretty much no different from daycare.

  15. Im not really convinced.
    It sounds like they are learning nothing and then be the best of the world and they didnt even expect that.
    Something seems fishy here.

  16. American education people!! Finland is neither a similar size to kentucky and it's not "next door" to Norway per say since Sweden is jammed in between the two nations.

  17. The Norwegians are more like the finns actually, we don't have tests that counts untill the last year at school(we only have exsams in 8-10 grade and only those in 10th grade counts. 8th- and 9th grade are only test years), and we don't bring them too school untill they are 6. I really think we in Norway should do just like Finland cause we are really close, we just should try to not compete that much.

  18. Equal results = Communism
    Equal Opportunity = The American Dream
    I strongly disagree with banning private schools though.

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