28 thoughts on “Finland's Formula for School Success (Education Everywhere Series)”

  1. Economy, policies taken on education and the population has its roles on these. Every child has given equal quality of education. There is no public and state school difference. Schools are high quality and focused on development of the students, not compete them……

  2. It makes me feel extremely sad and pitiful when I reflect on the education India has provided me, especially upto high school days. And to think that the same fate is being passed on to my younger brothers and sisters, gosh! Everything is done and aimed at just scoring marks in the huge number of standardised tests for which students need to appear. There is zero learning here.

  3. We Pakistani/Indian or sub-continent's students are getting education in very disastrous situation. I really appreciate the education system in Finland, New Zealand and Canada. and i hope that system will prevail too in our society.

  4. Pakistan also need this system because here teachers treat a student like a "parrot" their is only cramming

  5. For starters. there are no private Schools. here, no matter rich or poor. you can get the same education.

  6. I really love the best educational system for the children because the best gift to children nothing expect education
    This because of best way teachs

  7. As a school psychologist in the USA, I have sat in on what Finland calls "student welfare" meetings.  In different states, districts or schools here they are called by fairly similar names and are conducted with similar participants (teachers, parents, psych, counselors, principal, special education consultants, etc.) and talk about similar issues (attention problems, behavior, learning disabilities, etc.) The difference I think that has Finlands education of special needs students in the top of the world ranking in comparison to the USA would be that all the suggested outcomes are actually funded!  I could suggest remediation or pull-in classroom help, or special technology or any a number of things for a student, but nobody EVER had the money to fund anything.  Talented special educators were worked to the brink trying to serve the amount of students that needed help, and special education funds were minimal, and guarded like gold, for only the most severe cases.  It made the whole process a laughing stock, because a general classroom teacher would bring a students case to such a meeting knowing that there would be no funding for a reasonable accommodation or outcome for that student.  Thats what I perceive the difference being.

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