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  1. The Education System sounds Great.With the Great Education system,What are the Great Achievement of Finland?Anything noticeable?what I heard is only about Nokia and Angry Bird….is there anything else??just curious to know….what actually this Great System Produce at the end of the Day n does it make Findland a Great n Popular country?

  2. I really want this system in India their educational system is useless and prevents use of creativity I am in grade 10 and I am being harassed by Sri chaitanya techno school and I desperately need this

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  4. It's not that the system is better, the students are better. Schools in Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands and Canada have completely different systems but they still fare just as well in PISA tests. Intelligence is inherited and can't be taught.

  5. Danke für dieses tolle Video. Mach weiter so. Vielleicht gefällt dir mein Kanal auch? Grüße Chris

  6. I am so proud that i moved to the usa when i was 4 !
    Then i wouldnt have the queens english shoved down my throat, unlike in usa where you take your time.

    I am afraid of english yet i still use it

  7. Italian school sucks. Seriously.
    For example, we have non-stop lessons from January (7th) to June (6th) and I got exams this year, so I finish the 1st of july…

    Then, we have 3 months of vacations. They're too much.
    Also, italian school is one of the hardest…

  8. They don't mention here that Finnish teachers make 89 percent of the salary of their upper quartile Finnish peers.  In the United States teachers make less than 60% of their upper quartile American peers.  (Do not know what it is for the United Kingdom).  The narrow salary discrepancy in Finland makes an enormous difference for recruitment of top university students.

  9. don't promote immigration. the Finnish system may fail. exchange student is ok. but immigration should be controlled and not full blown. 

  10. Theres a lot of homework in Indonesia and with a killer teachers..
    Finlan education I think very homies, it seems like the teacher never get mad of student who not understand, coz they know, they have makes the student understand. And teach very patient and slowly..
    If Indonesia use that system I will appreciate it.

    I'm steessed out of this fvckin homework !!

  11. +chris chung LOL, "honorable titles"? You do realize that Finns hardly ever use any kind of titles, even at work when talking to the boss? Only in the military and when talking to the president, or ministers and such.

  12. its good education. as a Fin i still wonder why is swedish mandatory, and what if im atheist why do i need to take christian classes

  13. There are very low levels poverty and diversity in Finland. This is why we could not implement this system.

  14. I'd like to see them introduce some disgruntled African-Americans who remain marginalized from hundreds of years of past slavery, many undocumented immigrants fleeing violence in Mexico, poor White people who can only afford to feed their kids Cheetos, and the tension and between these groups…then see how they do.
    Like most Finnish success, this probably has as much to do with being a tiny country of uniform White ethnicity that nobody goes to, as much as anything about taking off your shoes and calling a teacher by given name. Put these teachers in USA and let them try to even find an apartment to live in, pay the bills, and negotiate the different cultures!
    Ooh, they learn 3 languages! Yeah, I speak different languages just going into the Hood!

  15. I love this! I believe this is so eye opening to the American education system. It's not about the money or time, but about the drive to do well not by placing them as winners or losers but AS STUDENTS! Way to go Finland! You keep rockin' it, maybe one day America will catch on. 

  16. This makes America look like a joke. It's ridiculous how Americans "pride" themselves in being the "best in the world", when clearly, we're be ran by politicians…not people who actually know how to educate.

  17. what are you talking about, I'm not judging anyone I was just trying to clarify the question that was asked. Finland is a great place but it's true it's more homogeneous than the US and the rest of Europe.

  18. He's not insulting anyone, he's just pointing out that the video doesn't talk about special ed students in Finland. He's also implying that Finland has a very homogeneous population as a result of the immigration policies and thus perhaps it isn't fair to compare it to the US where 1/8 of the population is foreign born.

  19. I wish that i could get into a school like this, i really would love if my country could have changed its education system for the better not worse. I mean we don't even get computer lessons anymore.

  20. I agree that having a Masters is not enough but since Finland does not run on competition Master students get a lot of hands on and modelling before they earn their degree, They attend a lot of classes to learn how the best teachers teach. The problem in the US is not the heterogeneity but the racial/economic classism in which we live. Being different is not a handicap when you have the same access to school and healthcare. Also the curriculum is designed by educators not by politicians.

  21. In the US education is run by state, it would be possible for some states to try a similar model. Finland has about 6 million people These states have a population of less than 6 million: Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Iowa, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, N Mexico, W Virginia, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Montana, Wyoming, N Dakota, Delaware, S Dakota, Alaska, DC and Vermont.

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