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  1. ye ok, but what if the parents work like past the time school ends? 1st grade to 4th grade, I was in school from 8am to 4pm since both my parents were working till that time and this was the case for like 1 out of 3 kids.In balkan countries school have to do that all the time

  2. Once you adjust for demographics, the results are quite different. For example, Asians in US are much smarter than finnish students: https://isteve.blogspot.com/2013/12/overall-pisa-rankings-include-america.html

    Even white Americans do better than white students in many other nations. You can't directly compare the two because the nations are so demographically different. This segment fails to mention that, so it is retarded lol

  3. The thing about homework is that its work that you dont actually want to do, by letting kids explore and discover things for themselves they are actually doing far more "homework" than if you gave it to them.

  4. the education system should help citizens to be the best version of themselves not clones for global corporations. Finland has figured it out.

  5. In America you get no field trips, unbelievably bad lunch, no playground, 4 pages of homework, no breaks, wake up at 6 AM, 8 hour school day, 5 days a week, fucking school shooters and suicides, no rights, etc. the fact that none of this improves your actual education is beyond ridiculous. We need to revolt✊🏻

  6. Many people thinks this is great, why doesn’t any other country Do this I want to make this a thing in sweden and i hope more countrys have this kind of education becuse this is proven the best kind of education

  7. No homework needed.. We need to spend and enjoy life with families and friends… That's why many people got drop out of school due to stress of homework… I wish my school did the same 😏

  8. No need home work, more fun and enjoy, keep it up!
    Nokia cannot compete with rest of the world… Relax, sell it off. Why work so hard?
    Angry bird, more success than Disney? Any giant tech company from Finland?

  9. I hope the USA does the same thing, they always tell us that they go hard on us because it's going to help us in the future. Does it help you might ask, It makes more and more kids drop out every year. America is just making life harder for kids to the point where suicide gets more and more common every year. I can speak for all when I say the school is not a fun experience at all. More and more stress, suicide, and depressing times are going to occur in schools, We always see other people get famous from doing something which teacher tells us is hard work. If everyone knew what kids are age have to deal with we would become the hardest workers in the world, but we're not. I always hear teachers talk about how sorry they feel for us on how we spend so much time in school, there's no point in telling us that if they are even going to push us harder.

  10. And why do the western politicians not like this? Because the children should (1) have no time to think and (2) become obedient workers and (3) not prevent the parents from working 24/7.
    This is why here (in Germany) all attempts of shortening the school days have been reversed and school gets longer and longer and longer.

  11. Hey klasse Video. Dein Youtube Kanal ist sehr ansprechend. Danke mach weiter so. Schau doch auch mal bei mir vorbei, vielleicht koennen wir uns gegenseitig ergaenzen. Wuerde mich freuen. Gruee Chris

  12. Please have a look at this competition. I guess your video makes the perfect entry for the same:

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    To applaud this priceless effort, EduDoc is opening its gates to one and all! All entries have to be sent on or before 15 September 2017, and should be within the stipulated time period of 05:00 minutes (including credits), accompanied with English subtitles (in case the spoken language is not English).
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  13. 3 hours a day with no homework 📚. Okay I'm gonna go to Finland 🇫🇮 .. in Cambodia we have to study 5 hours in the morning and extra 4 hours in the afternoon and learn international languages and 15 subjects with homework everyday and tutoring as well sometimes I want to die because of stress school work

  14. That part when I saw the children working with wood I wanted to just live there they actually learn how to make stuff while Australia, America and more just GET STUPID WORKSHEETS AND…. TORTURE while they get real actual learning! Who agrees??

  15. HAAHAHAHA WHAAAT THEEE FUCCCCKKKKK NO HOMEWORK???!!?!?!?!?!!?!!!? Thats strait bullshi and 3h a day wtf i have so fucking much homevork and average 7h of scool a day and i live in finland

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