Finding Scholarly Articles in Education

Hi! This is Lindsay Roberts, Education Librarian
at CU Boulder. Let’s talk about finding scholarly articles
in the field of education. First, I’d like to mention the Education
Research Guide,, this is your first stop for the major databases and
resources we have in Education. I update this guide regularly, so it may look
a bit different from the video! The articles tab lists the major databases
in Education and related fields. My top two favorites for scholarly articles are ERIC, based off the federal government’s Education Resources Information
Center, and Education Full Text. Both will have coverage of the major journals
in the field and each database will have some unique information, too. It never hurts to check both for a large project. Let’s take a quick look at ERIC, since many
other databases will be similar. Most of our databases have an advanced search
screen like this, with more than one box. This let’s you enter terms in specific ways
to powerfully search the content. Another way to get to ERIC is from the University
Libraries website, When you know the name of a resource, the
A-Z Databases link is a quick way to get there. As an example, let’s try differentiation
AND math instruction AND third grade Only 3 results! This is a pretty specific search. If we try elementary instead of third grade,
we may find some additional results. Yes, 26! Experimenting with keywords and being able
to broaden or narrow your search in this way can save so much time! Two additional features of our databases that
are worth knowing about are: First, the Peer reviewed and scholarly journals
buttons, which will help narrow your results to work published in academic settings, as
opposed to news articles, reports, or pamphlets on the topic
Second, is the option to limit by date of publication, which can be important if you’re
looking for historical OR very current information. With just a couple of clicks we can reduce
a long list of results to a reasonable amount. I like to try to get within 30-60 results
for most topics. This will be not too many, not too few to
browse through for most projects. And then you might select just a few from
the list to download and read closely. To find the entire article you might see a
link below the title or you might see the Find it at CU logo which will take you out of that database
and look for the article PDF across our many systems and journals. Each system looks a bit different and there
are sometimes errors getting to the article. Here we go! Feel free to contact me or other Libraries
staff for help when you receive an error or get stuck! Hopefully this quick video will help you get
going. While we looked at ERIC specifically, most
of our other databases will operate similarly. For more in-depth help, here are a range of
ways to get in touch with us, including email, phone, chat service, face to face appointments
or Zoom appointments or walk-up help at the Research Desk in Norlin Library! Have fun with your research!

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