Finding Peer Reviewed Articles in Education Source

Hi, this video will help you find
peer-reviewed articles in the library database
education source. To find education source from the library website, select
“articles and databases” at the top of the page. Then under education and Human
Services select “education.” We’ll select the first database on the list, “education
source.” You may be asked to log in with your A# and password at this point.
Once you enter the database you’ll see search boxes where you can enter terms
to find articles you’re interested in. Let’s say we’re interested in learning
more about parental involvement and homework. To find articles on this we
should enter “parental involvement” in the first search box and “homework” in the
second, then hit Search. This search gets us over 350 results, which is a lot to
look through, so let’s narrow down our results by adding another keyword. Let’s
add “student achievement” because we’re interested to see if there’s a
relationship between student achievement and parental involvement in homework.
This brings our results down to a little over a hundred which is more workable. If
you’re only interested in finding peer-reviewed articles you can use the
refine results section on the left side of the database. Under “limit to” there is
an option to limit to scholarly peer-reviewed journals. Click that and
that will eliminate almost 30 articles and ensure that the articles were
looking at our peer-reviewed sources from academic journals. Another great
tool to limit results is to use the date slider. Right now we’re viewing results
from 1984 to the present, but we can eliminate older research by changing the
date to 2007 so that we’re only viewing research from the last decade. This
brings us down to 51 results, a good number to skim through to find relevant
articles. But just because you’ve selected the peer-reviewed limiter in a
database doesn’t mean articles are automatically credible for your research,
you still want to evaluate articles. Let’s take a look at an article and
evaluate it briefly. If we click the title of an article we’re interested in,
it pulls up more info about the article and shows a quick summary. The first
thing we want to look at is the authors and their affiliations. Next to the
author’s names are little numbers which means if we scroll down to the bottom we
can see what Institute the authors are affiliated with.
Our authors are affiliated with Universities which means they probably
have an education and training in the field which is good. Next, we want to look
at the source. This source is a journal which is great and probably academic, but
if we click the title we can find out more about the source and see if it’s
peer-reviewed. Using this page there are other ways to help you determine if this
is a credible source, one includes looking at the length. If it’s really
short like two paragraphs or only one page you might want to find another
source. You can also see if the author provided a list of references which can
be useful if you want to know where the author’s got their information. If you
have questions about finding peer-reviewed sources in education
source, please contact the librarian for help!

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