Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles in Academic Search Premier

Welcome to the Casper College Library! Here’s
how you find peer-reviewed articles in the Academic Search Premier database.
Starting on our homepage, which you can find at, scroll down
to the Quick Links section. Click on “Full Database A-Z List”, which is the complete
list of every database you can access through the Library.
The Library has access to nearly 300 databases, but we’re just working in one particular
database today so go ahead and click on Academic Search Premier.
Academic Search Premier is what we like to call an “All-Purpose” database, which
means that instead of covering just ONE subject (biology, for example) it has articles from
lots of different subjects. This is great when your topic doesn’t fit neatly into
one subject, or when you’re just getting started and you’re not sure what your topic
will be. When you do a search, you’ll see a long
list of results. The Library provides access to all different kinds of information, including
magazines, newspapers, and scholarly articles. Notice on the left-hand side that we have
many options for narrowing down our results. The first very important one is “Full Text.”
Full text means that we have immediate access to the full article, so we want to make sure
this box is checked. After that, we can make some more choices
to cut down on our list of results. We know that we specifically want what’s called
a “peer-reviewed” scholarly article right now, so we’ll check “peer reviewed journals”
as well. Notice that we’ve substantially cut down
on our number of results. These results all come from Peer Reviewed Journals. Keep in
mind that not every article in a peer reviewed journal is hands on research, so keep an eye
out for things like Letters to the Editor and Book Reviews.
From here you just choose the article that looks best for your topic! The pdf full text
will show you the whole article. Remember that you can also get the citation for the
article and email it to yourself to use again later.
And that’s it! If you ever get stuck or have any questions, feel free to get in touch
with one of your Casper College librarians!

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