Finding Journals and Journal Articles

This video will cover how to find
journals and journal articles, which will be helpful to you when you need to
search for journals and access specific articles for your class readings and
research. There are a number of ways in which you’ll interact with scholarly and
peer-reviewed journal articles in your research. You may decide to browse
certain journals as a part of your search strategy. This can be really
valuable when you’re looking for resources on a certain topic within the
broader field of education because most journals are even more narrow in focus
than a subject database would be. You will also come across journal articles
when searching the UBC Library or a subject database for information related
to your topic. When you search the UBC Library using keywords one way to limit
your search results to show you only journal articles is to use the filters
on the left-hand side of the search results. The “Scholarly & Peer-Review”
and “Journal Article” filters will narrow your results to show you journal
articles and “Full Text Online” can be added to limit the search to online
resources. You’ll also be asked by instructors to find specific journal
articles and read them for class. In most cases, when you’re looking for a
particular article, you’ll be able to find it simply by typing the title of
the article into the general search tab on the UBC Library homepage. But on some occasions, finding a specific article won’t be quite as simple as typing the
title into the library’s search bar. If you can’t find it by searching for the
title in the library’s database, don’t worry. There’s a good chance you can
access the article another way. So if you need to access a journal article and it
isn’t appearing when you search in the UBC Library, here are the steps to try.
Let’s say I’ve been assigned the following reading from an instructor.
When I search for that article by typing its title into the library’s general
search tab, it’s not appearing as a result. But even though it looks like
this article isn’t available to me from the UBC Library, there’s another way to
search for journal articles that I’m going to try instead. I know from the
citation that this article was published in the journal Education Review, so I’m
going to find it by searching within that journal.
To do so, I’ll start by going back to the UBC Library homepage and this time I’m
going to search using the Journal Titles search tab. When I have that open, I’m
going to search for the title of the journal. When searching for a journal,
spelling the title correctly is important but proper capitalization is
not. From here, I’m given this list of databases, either of which I can access
this journal from. I’m going to open the first database listed, Academic Search
Complete, which has all of the issues of this journal from 2001 to the present.
Now that I’m in the journal, there are two ways that I can search for the
article I’m looking for. The first option is to use the list of years on the
right-hand side of the page to find the correct issue. I know from the citation
that this article was published in 2012 and it was in volume 24, issue 2. When I
select that issue, you’ll see that all of the articles from the issue are
available and I can open up the article that I’m looking for by clicking PDF Full Text. The second way that I can find that article once I have
the journal open is to look above the publication details and select “Search
within this publication.” From here, I can enter the title of the article in the
search bar and it appears as the first result. Now, you should be ready to find
journal articles to help you with your classes and research projects. If you
need more information about finding journal articles, check out the UBC
Library guide for finding journal articles or get in touch with the
education librarians. Thanks for watching!

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