Finding GAME MASTER Real Identity!! (Fingerprint Mystery Evidence Discovered)

– Hmm, I don't see any tracks in the snow. I think we're good. What's going on sharers? Welcome to the vlog, we're onto another awesome day. Yeah, we got a crazy snow storm last night and as you know, in the last snow storm, we had tracks going all
the way from our merch room all the way into the backyard but so far I don't see any footprints in the snow. It looks fresh and clean. And you also saw that
person walking across the back of our property
carrying some sort of thing. Well Grace and I took off
on our mini motorcycles. We went into the the
woods where we think that person was hiding out,
and we collected some evidence. So today, we're going
to take that evidence, and we're going to dust
it for fingerprints, and try to figure out who this person is. So while I've been waiting
for Grace, I've just been looking out the window for any signs, any clues of anyone
coming, but I think we're pretty good, and oh! Baby Otter say hi to the sharers. Yeah, you tired today? (dog makes squeaking noise) yeah, you are. (knocking on door) Chris? Hmmm. Hold on. Sheila? Chris? Hmmm. She's not in there. Maybe she's getting ready to give her room to her or something. If Grace isn't in her
room, I don't know where she could be. I've looked everywhere. Maybe she's outside. – [Grace} Stephen, Stephen, right Here – Oh. Hey Grace. – Hey Sharers how's it going? – You ready to go dust
for some fingerprints? – Yeah I was just putting
the little baby down for a nap. – Oh yeah, sharers. Check it out. If you didn't see
Grace's vlog, we unveiled the big surprise we have for you. This is our new puppy. Oh yeah, he's just a
few weeks old, and he's sleeping right now. Oh! Maybe you got a little
energy, you want to play a little bit? Yeah, hi,
say hi to the sharers. – Yeah sharers, he's just a few weeks old. We're still trying to
figure out a name, so comment down below any good name ideas. OK, you go back to bed,
you sleep, you need to take your nap 'cause
you're just a baby. – [Stephen] Yeah you take your nap, OK? We're gonna go dust for
fingerprints, see if we can solve this, OK? Alright, Grace, you ready? – Yeah. I'm ready. – OK, let's go Grace. So sharers, I ordered
a bunch of fingerprint mystery spy device things on Amazon. I think we'll be able to scrape a lot of data off this stuff. – Yeah, we're about to
figure out who this is. – And we set up the
merch room, we turned it into a laboratory, so check this out. Oh! Yeah. Here we go, we got our mystery detective board, of all
the places we've spotted the Game Master around
the Sharer fam house. And now we have test
tubes we can use, as well as a microscope. Check this thing out, it can go up to 40 times. (bang) Oh! – That scared me. – That was just so (unclear) – And these are the three items we found in the woods. We put them in zip lock bags, so they wouldn't get contaminated. – Alright guys, I guess
we better start with evidence number one. – The glove? – The glove. See if we can scrape any
evidence off this thing, so let's lay this thing
on the laboratory table. Oh you know what? We've got to make sure
we don't contaminate the contamination piece. – Right. – We better go get our lab ooats on. – Oh, good idea. – Sharers, hang on one moment. Oh yeah, now we're ready to go. Grace, you got the briefcase? – I got the briefcase. – So sharers, inside
this briefcase is all the tools that we need in
order to scrape data off this stuff. We can scrape any type of DNA. Fingerprints, we can
get like hair samples, all that good types of
stuff, so let's get this thing open. Let's see what's inside. – Let's move that evidence over. Whoa! – [Stephen] Oh yeah, here we go. – [Grace] Wait, top secret! – [Stephen] This is for
the top secret evidence that we're going to find. – Oh, look at all these things. – [Stephen] Yeah, so we
got dusting powder that you can use to dust for fingerprints. We got our brush for that as well. We have a USB drive
where we can put all the data we find on it. We got a cotton swab to swab for evidence, and if we do find
fingerprints or anything, we can stick them onto these clear glass test strips, and we can
put them underneath the microscope and we can
really zoom in and find the fine detail. – Ooh, this is part of
the most important thing, Steve. – [Stephen] Wait, what is it? – It's the warning caution thing. We should put it up so Baby Otter, the new sharer fam member, and Mom don't come in. – [Stephen] Oh yeah,
we should stick that on the door. – So look here, to here. – Perfect. So now we are an active crime scene. Let's get to work. Got to grab our first piece of evidence, and figure out what kind
of data is on there. – OK let's figure this out. – Wait, Grace, before
you start, we got to open the top secret envelope. These are the evidence
cards that we need to be able to fill out by the end of this. We will find the name,
the age, the gender, whether they're left or right handed, the pattern type as well
as a photo of who this person is. So for now, Grace, we're
going to put Game Master on here, because we
don't know who the actual Game Master is. But the Game Master are
the pieces of evidence that we're going to test. OK, so we got to get some
fingerprints if we can, put all data together,
we can run it through the database. – Yeah, let's get started! – So Grace, we got to be careful not to contaminate the evidence. So to do that, I have
got my plier thingeys, so let's go ahead, reach
in here, pull out the glove very carefully. – [Grace] I already see marks on it. – [Stephen] Yeah. There's definitely some brown spots and stuff. So in order to do this Grace, first thing we can do, is do you
have that black light? Where is that black light pen? – [Grace] I got it right here Steve. – Perfect. So sharers, this may
look like an average pen, but on the end we have a black light. If we use this black
light to scan the glove, we can see if there's any
potential fingerprints. So Grace, go ahead and kill the lights. – Got these hidden lights. – OK. Let's scan it up. Here we go. Ready? (scanning noise) Scanning. – [Grace] Anything? – [Stephen] I'm seeing,
do you see these little bright white little dots? – [Grace] Oh, wait go back. (crosstalk) – [Stephen] Can you see this? Right like there, do you see those? – [Grace] Yeah, and there's
one right over here. – [Stephen] One over there, too. So we've got some stuff. – [Grace] One there. – [Stephen] Yeah, that
might be a piece of hair, hang on. – [Grace] Oh yeah, that might be. – Let me use my other
pair of pliers and see if we can scrape this piece
of data off right here. Here we go. Three, two, one. It's a piece of fiber, I think. – [Grace] I got it. – [Stephen] We got it. OK I'm gonna take this little tiny piece of evidence, and I'm
going to stick it into this test tube right here. – [Grace] OK. – Make sure it went down. There it is at the very bottom. – [Grace] Yep, I see
it at the very bottom, that little little dot. – We can put this aside for
evidence, this is perfect Grace. First pieces of evidence
off the glove, now let's go ahead and flip the glove
over and see what else we can find. – [Grace] More? – [Stephen] Yeah, you're right Grace. – [Grace] There's one right there! – [Stephen} You're Right,
There's More Pieces. OK, you know what? – [Grace] What, Steve? – This glove has enough
evidence, we can do a formaldehyde on it. – Formalda what? – Formaldahyde. – What's that? – We take this red test tube, filled with formaldehyde, and it
will really expose to a greater scale exactly
what type of evidence is on this glove. – [Grace] Ooh, OK. – Actually, before we
do this, turn the lights back on. – [Grace] Got the lights, Steve. – OK, you ready? – [Grace} I'm Ready. – We're gonna pour this
on the glove, we're gonna aim it towards the
fingerprints, and then we should be able to press
them onto this card, and we should have some
sort of fingerprints show up. – [Grace] OK. – [Stephen] Here we go,
ready? Three, two, one, go, here we go. – [Grace] Whoa. – [Stephen] Here we go.
We're getting somewhere. Just a little drop of each is all we need. Here we go, OK. If there's any fingerprints
on here, they should start showing up within a couple seconds. – [Grace] OK. – [Stephen] Here we
go. Let's see, let's go ahead and press it in a little bit more. Just like that. – [Grace] Steve, I'm not seeing anything, are you? – [Stephen] Oh yeah, we
got something coming. Hang tight, it's developing. – [Grace) OK. – The chemical is still developing. OK let's flip this over. – [Grace] OK. – Okay now that it's
soaked in this formaldehyde all we have to do is
take this special blue dropper, and then the
fingerprint should reverse and pop out of here. (suspenseful music) Ready, dropping in three, two, one. And, go. We should be able to
get at least a partial fingerprint off this thing, so let me grab one of these vials. We'll stick it on here and we'll transfe it over. – You think this is going to work? – Grace, I know this is gonna work. Check it out. Boom. We got a match. (Grace gasps) – [Grace] Was that the fingerprint? – That's a fingerprint,
that's what a fingerprint looks like. – [Grace] That's so cool. – That's perfect, Grace. OK we got our first fingerprint shared. Now Grace we're gonna take the DNA card we're gonna push the glass thing on top of it, lift carefully and boom. – [Grace] Whoa. – We got a pointer finger. – [Grace] Whoa, that's so cool. – First piece of evidence down. I think we're ready to move onto the next piece, Grace. – Sharer's that was so cool! We got a fingerprint! I wonder what we'll find
from the scissors and the mat? – Let's put this back in the evidence bag just in case you can
maybe find more evidence in the future if we
need to, but we'll seal this up, and put it away for safe keeping. OK onto evidence number two, the scissors. This is really weird because we found the scissors in a tree. – [Grace] Yeah, why
would they need scissors? – I don't know. Let's open this thing up, let's use these plier things, let's grab these scissors out of here. OK. We got the scissors. Now we just got to
figure out how we can get fingerprints off this thing. So I'm thinking what we can do, Grace, is we can use this dust powder, and we can dust for fingerprints. – [Grace] OK. – So if I'm right, Grace,
all we have to do is use this brush to fuss
this dust, and brush it over top of these scissors,
and we should be able to figure out if there's
any sort of fingerprint on this thing. Oh it's actually working,
Grace, look at this. – [Grace] (gasps) Look at that! (crosstalk) – [Grace] You can see the little ridges! – [Stephen] Told you,
we're on to something. Oh, it's a thumb Grace, it's definitely a thumb. – [Grace] Wait, how do you know that? – [Stephen] You can just tell. It's big because think about it, when you use scissors, use your
index finger and the thumb, and the thumb
goes on that one right there. It's definitely a thumb. Let me just do a couple
more brushes and we should have enough to pull this
thumb off this thing. – [Grace] Sure, it smashes like fun. This is so cool, we're
getting a thumbprint off pink scissors we found in the woods, that's crazy! – Yes, sharers, no Game
Master can hide their evidence from us, this is perfect. Now we can take this piece of tape – [Grace] Wait, tape? – Yeah, tape. You lay the tape over the scissors like this,
this is how you pull the fingerprint off. – [Grace] Whoa, no way! – [Stephen] Yeah, so
just like this, you lay it on, you dab it on
top of the scissors just like that – [Grace] So you like press it down? – Press it down, and
then Grace when we peel it off, voila, can you see that? – [Grace] Wait, where's the thumbprint? – You can see it right there (points to it) – [Grace] Oh that dot right there? – Yeah. So to make it
even easier what we can do is we can take one of
these vials, take it out just like we did last
time, we'll transplant the fingerprint onto
this vial right here and we'll stick it on right on the chart just like that. – [Grace] Perfect. – Here we go, ready? Press down, over top, we gotta get a good transplant of this. Lift and – [Grace] Anything? – Do you see it now? Even better? – [Grace] Yeah. – You can really see
the fingerprint, right? – [Grace] Oh yeah, look at that, there's a thumbprint. – And now Grace, we'll
transfer this over to the piece of paper right on the thumbprint. Just like that. – [Grace] Perfect, look at that! – And there we go sharers, so far we got a thumbprint, and a pointer finger. – [Grace] That's awesome. – We're making some good use of this. Grace, I think it's
time to scrape evidence off number three. – [Grace] The mat. – The mat that we found in the woods. What are we gonna find off this thing? – I kind of think, how
will we get fingerprints off that, because it
goes around your mouth. Feel like that might be hard. – I don't know, there's
only one way to find out though. Let's put it down and
see what we can scrape. You already know the next step, let's put these scissors back in
the evidence bag, seal it up, and let's move on to this. So Grace, you're thinking we can't get any fingerprints off it, right? – [Grace] I don't think so, it just seems a little bit hard. – That's why, Grace, we're going to do the swab test. – What's the swab test? – The swab test helps
determine if there's any DNA from your mouth or
anything like that on here. So what we can do Grace
is we can take the swab brush, and we can swab
all around this scanning for any DNA. – That's really cool,
'cause you can get DNA from your saliva. – What we'll do Grace
is we'll take the mask, we'll flip it over to the inside where you put it up like this to wear? Don't worry, I didn't put it in my mouth. What we'll do is we'll
take this swab device, and we'll swab all over
the inside of this. What we're doing right
now sharers is we're trying to grab any sort of DNA that can be on here, so we're just gonna swab – [Grace] From his mouth. – Yeah, from his mouth. OK, Grace. Something's on here, can you hand me one of the green vial tubes? – [Grace] A green tube? OK here's green. Why green? – Because this should
help extract anything that's on here. Take this out, and we
stick this in here, just like this, we should be
able to mix it around. – [Grace] I see stuff falling off of it. – OK hang on. After we twirl it around
a little bit, see it's already scraping off some clues, we drop the rest of this in, we
cap this test tube up, give it a little shake,
and now Grace if we put this in the evidence bag
we should be able to send it off to the secret safe
house laboratory, and they can extract clues
and evidence from it. – See, that's perfect.
Here, stick it in the evidence bag, and we'll mail it in. – Perfect. Just like
that, and Grace that's not the only data we can pull from this mask. – What? What else can we do? – Sharers, check this out. Grace, when you put a
mask on, how do you put a mask on? – With your fingers. – Yes, but more reasonably,
you take a mask, and you put the straps over
the top of your head, so I'm thinking we can
scrape this for some pieces of hair. – (gasps) Oh yeah, 'cause
the things always get stuck in my hair. – Yeah, and look at this,
this might actually be a piece of hair, do you
see this right here? – [Grace] You think that's hair? – [Stephen] Do you see that? – [Grace] Yeah I see it. – That's definitely a piece of hair. It's so small and skinny,
but it's definitely a piece of hair. – [Grace] (gasps) I see it. – Can you see that? – [Grace] Yep. – We can put this right
on the card, just like that, one piece of hair,
and then if we are very careful we might be able
to find more pieces. – [Grace] Look at the
back of the strap will get tied in your hair. Is that one? – [Stephen] That might
be a piece of hair, too. – [Grace] Can't tell. – [Stephen] Can you see that? – [Grace] I see it. Is that hair? – [Stephen] That's hair, I think. Pull it off, this is very small, got it. Very very very small. That's definitely a strand of hair – [Grace] Oh, it matches. – [Stephen] Yeah, let's fold it in there. So we got two strands of
hair, now Grace I just need a piece of tape. – [Grace] Here I got some tape. – Perfect. Now Grace, let's just take this piece of tape, very
carefully we got to lay it over the top of the hair, just like that. – [Grace] Perfect, look at
the hair, it's stuck now. – We got the hair stuck,
now we can probably peel this off very carefully and slowly. Bingo, Grace. – [Grace] Why are you peeling it off? – We got the hair, just
like this, locked on, do you see it? – [Grace] Yep I see it. – Perfect. We got the
hair, and now we'll just move it down here,
'cause we didn't find any other fingerprints, but
what we'll do is we'll label this, we'll cross out that finger, we'll cross out the
ring finger, we'll cross out the pinkey finger, and we'll put "hair for evidence." – [Grace] Perfect! – OK, we should be good, Grace. – Sharers, smash the
like button with all this evidence, we're about
to figure out who this person is. – So what we'll do
Grace is take this card, stick it in this evidence
envelope just like this as well as this USB drive. – [Grace] Because that
USB drive is what the information will come back on. – Exactly, so what we'll
do is we'll tape this up and we'll send it off to
safe house laboratories, and get it processed. This is evidence case number one. – [Grace] Whoa. It's cool. – Grace? – Yeah? – It asks for the suspect. – Suspect? Comment down
below who you think the suspect is. – Yeah, who do we think it is? Oh, hmmm. I'll put that down. I think we're ready to send this off. – [Grace] Let's do it. – Hopefully the mail hasn't come yet today and we can get it delivered today. Come on, we got to get to mail (runs into crime scene tape and shouts) – Well, it's not an active
crime scene anymore. Let's go. – Wait, Steve, we should
check on the radio transmitter, let's see if it's charged. – We got to put this in
the mail first because the mailman forgot to
come, Grace, and then we can go check on the device thing. – OK, yeah, you're right.
Let's put that in the mailbox before we forget. – And it might be snowing
but that's not gonna stop us, come on Grace. – [Grace] Whoa it's so
deep. We got so much snow. – Made it just in time, put that evidence in there. – [Grace] Close it up. – Hopefully the mailman comes soon. – [Grace] Oh, is that him? – No, that's just a big snow plow truck. – [Grace] Whoa, look at the snow plow! Steve watch out! (snow plow honks at them) – Alright sharers, we'll
see you in the next vlog, hopefully we'll
have our results back, if you haven't already
hit that subscribe button turn on books notification,
and until next time, you know what to do,
stay awesome, and share the love. Peace.

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  1. with all this evidence we should be able to find out who the GAME MASTER is!!! Who do you think it is?!

  2. I have not seen carter in one of your vidioes where is he and why has he not been in one of your vids I think carter is the game master because in his vids he has been playing lots of games and challenges

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