Finding Articles in the HACC Library Explanation Video

Greetings and welcome to astronomy and physical science at HACC. The purpose of this video is to explain and show you how you can go about finding articles in the HACC library. These will be useful when you’re doing the article reviews. While I give you some example articles that you can use there, you can also find your own this way and maybe look for something that fits a little more what you specifically are interested in. So what we want to do first is you want to click on the link up here where it says library. So up here by the library, click on that link and that will take you to the next page – here which shows the find section. And under find you want to click on find journals. I find this the easiest way to go to a specific journal and then look through those articles that way you know you’re easily eliminating a lot of things. So for example if we want to look for the journal Sky and Telescope you would type that in here and it would come up with the search results that shows that where it is available – the Harrisburg campus library has it, but you can also get them online through EBSCO. And if you click on that it will then come up with all the details of all the issues that are available to you as a HACC student. So you can look for the years now remember this has to be within the last year so there’s stuff from – in this case depending on when you’re doing it right now as i’m recording this – May of 2017 is the current issue. So if you wanted to find things in the last year you could look through the last few issues here or you could go to a few from the previous year. You just don’t want anything more than a year old. So let’s look at the current issue which in this case is May of 2017. And when you click on that it’ll essentially show you all of the contents for that magazine. So you’ll see for example in order as you go through the journal what you have. So this is the first article there this is the second this is the third. However these are not all acceptable articles for the review. As I tell you in the review you want something that is several pages long and these tell you at the very end here that this one for example is half a page long this one is half a page long this one is half a page long. Those would be way too short to be successful for the review. So you need something a little bit longer. Let’s scroll down a little bit and look for things that have five to six pages and that’s what you want to try to find for this. So here we’ll find a couple of them I’ll show you several that here that are available that can be seen. Now the couple we see here there is Anatomy of a Comet up at the top number 12 and that is eight pages long so that would be certainly acceptable and that is one that is a study of the work the Rosetta spacecraft did studying the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet. If you’re interested in comets that would be another good one to look at. The other could be if we go down to number 16 here – Baking a Universe so what does that mean? That’s also seven pages long so that would be acceptable and it is about cosmology and building the universe. So if you’re interested in how the universe formed and how galaxies formed that’s something to look at. Now a couple of the others that would not be as well recommended even though they are significant numbers of pages – the telescope making one – probably not going to be a good one to see and that’s why I tell you if you’re looking for your own please send me an email and I’ll tell you whether it’s on the right track or whether that one will easily work. The other one that might look very interesting is this galaxies in collision one. However we see that it is also a space photography one. It’s more of observing – how to observe galaxies that are colliding and not so much what’s really going on with them. So you do want to look carefully at that is I always say if you’re looking for one on your own then do let me know and I will be happy to – look at the article quickly and tell you whether it is acceptable or not. Now once you’ve picked out one- let’s say you picked out baking the universe here. You can click on the PDF full text and that will then download the entire article here for you and it will show up here so you can read about this. So here is baking a universe and it will go through and it will have its five or six pages again lots of pictures trying to explain and help to explain this so that you’ll be able to look at. If you want to download or save the article yourself you can click on the download PDF link and that will allow you to download the article and then save the article. So it will download it here as a PDF and then you can click on saving the article to be able to save the article itself. Use your file menu in your web browser for example and you can click on save the file and you can actually download or print out that file if you want to be able to read it offline. So a couple of examples of how to look at that there and a way to find specific articles in the HACC libraries. Now that’s not the only one you might want to look at if you wanted to look at – we did Sky and Telescope – you could also do astronomy magazine an astronomy is also again available through EBSCOhost so you could pick that up. And again you could look at the current issue of astronomy which again is May of 2017 when I am recording this and it’s the same kind of thing. So you can look through these and look for one that has the right number of pages – now in astronomy there’s a couple other information in terms of the photographs and the reading levels so you do want to look in here where it shows the page – so here it shows that it’s one third of a page, one half of a page, one fifth of a page. We’re in the news section – that’s not going to help us because we’re looking for a full article. But as you scroll down for example you will be able to find some on the next page of listings here perhaps we will find some that are a little bit longer let’s see we’re still doing – there’s a six page one – here’s six page one you’d want to look at. Pulsars at 50 Still Going Strong. So we could be looking at pulsars here and that would be one you could study. And again you can click on the PDF full text if you want a PDF version you can click on the HTML full text if you just want to be able to read it online. So that gives you a way to find a couple of other and again you can scroll through them. The keys are to look at the number of pages – if it’s less than a page or less than two pages or less it’s not going to be sufficient for the review. You also want to look at the topic – if the topic has to do with photography when you start looking at it. If it has to do with how to photograph these galaxies or these clusters that’s not what you want for the review. I want something that is a is a good full magazine article probably five to six pages would be most useful for it. So that concludes this video on finding some articles in the HACC library hopefully to help you with the article review. So until next time have a great day everyone and I will see you in class.

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