Finding a specific journal article

If you start with a Journal citation, how do you go about finding the full text of the article? To do this, we’ll start with the title of the article we will copy the title of the article and plug it into the search box on the libraries home page and search there first For this article, we have the full text available And we can get into it through the PDF link on the left If the first search doesn’t turn up the full text for the article, go back to the citation and find the title of the Journal We’ll copy the title of the Journal and come back to the libraries homepage and go into the Journals search to see if we have access to the Journal Once we find access, we can check the date of publication, go into the database and find the Journal using the rest of the citation as our road map and there, we can get to the full text again through the PDF link If neither of those ways of searching came up with full text for you then its time to try Inter Library Loan Under “Borrowing” from the libraries homepage go into “InterLibrary Loan-ILLiad” and sign in Or, sign up for access and put your citation into the “article request” fields to request the article from another library

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