Finding a known journal or journal article (Oxford)

[MUSIC] Journal articles give you access to
some of the most up to date information in the world, and finding them is easy when you
know how. It’s all about understanding how to
break down a reference. In this case, we’ll be looking at
an Oxford styled reference. So your lecturer gives you what
seems like a massive reference. But let’s break it down into its
parts. The first part of the reference
names the authors of the article, with the surname before the initial
of their first name. For example, Pierce H, Stafford J, and Daube M. Next, comes the title of the
article. Because this is written in the
Oxford referencing style, you’ll see it’s within single quote marks. After the article title is the
journal title. This is always written in italics. Because journals are a periodical
publication, meaning that they are published on a regular basis, a reference tells you the specific
version you’ll need to look into to find the article. In this case, you’ll need volume
198, issue nine of the Medical Journal of Australia, which was published in 2013. To round off a complete reference
you’ll find the page information on where the article starts and
finishes. The quickest way to find an article
is to search using the article title. If you key or copy the title into
library search, you’ll usually see the article in the top few results. [MUSIC]
From here, you can access the full text of the article. If you are only getting access to
the abstract of the article, Deacon’s Digital Detective, find it
at Deacon, will maybe be able to help you track
down the full text version. Check out the video on this tool on
the library website. What if you’re still struggling to
find it using the article title? You may be able to track it down by
searching with the journal title. This takes a little longer but it’s
pretty easy, all you need is your broken down reference. Once you get to the online journal,
locate the publication date, then volume and issue number to get the
article you need. So that’s it. To find an article from a reference,
first identify the article title. Then enter it into the library
search. If that doesn’t work, then try the
journal title. Being able to write down a reference
is not just helpful for finding the article, but will
also help when it comes time to create your own references for
your assignments. [MUSIC]
More information on the Oxford referencing style is available at Or, for help with searching,
contact your liaison librarian. [MUSIC]

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