Find My Chameleon | Learn Colours For Children | Toddler Fun Learning

Where’s my chameleon? anyone know? She was sitting right here, just a second ago! No No, she’s not orange! Nor Yellow! Nor Green! She’s NOT green I said! Unless… Hey! It IS you! Your skin just changed colour, from green back to blue! What a clever colour changing chameleon you are! Were you hiding all along? That’s one great way to catch something crunchy for lunch Where is my playful orange cat? Jumping on this Swinging on that Ah! The dirty clothes basket Yes, this’ll be you Wait! You’re not my cat She’s orange, you’re blue Now you look green How’s that? Now you’re red Unless, wait. Is that just a sock on your head? Funny crazy orange cat! It was you all along under all those smelly socks I can’t find my elephant What shall i do? My ellie’s not red Not pink Not blue Nor is he mud brown He’s decidedly grey Oh Ellie! Where are you? You’ve been gone ALL day! unless No! It can’t be! I HAVE to be wrong But look! There’s the grey It was you! All along I can’t believe what a muddy mess you are Ellie Good job you’re having a bath!

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