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Finding just the right educational opportunity
isn’t easy. Where do you find a good grade school in your neighbourhood? A college that’s
the right size for you? The best graduate school in your field? If schools were like
movies, flights, or books, you’d know just where to search. But information about schools
is spread all over the web, and it’s often unreliable and out-of-date. Until now.Welcome
to Noodle. We combed through the best sources and put them in one place. Then we created
personalized tools to connect you with the schools that best fit your profile. With each
question you answer, you’ll come one step closer to a perfect recommendation. Log in,
it’s free. Answer some questions and we’ll start making recommendations. Then check out
school profiles, that include key facts, reviews from experts and all the data you can dream
of. Like what you’re see? You can click through, right from Noodle, to the schools that interest
you. Feeling social? At Noodle you can connect with your friends and family, make lists of
your favorite schools and share them. Plus your newsfeed always keeps you up-to-date
with what’s going on. Learn about schools. Learn about yourself. Learn about your friends.
That’s Noodle. Where the search for education finally got smart. Thank You for choosing Cross-check this transcript against the audio
quickly and efficiently using our online Integrated Editor. Please visit the following link and
click the Check & Download button to start. 07/02/15 Page 1 of 2

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