Financial Literacy for: High Schools Students

financial literacy to possibly be the most beneficial subject talk to a high school student in a survey conducted by the National financial educators counselor young adults aged 18 to 24 we're eggs what high school level course to benefit your life the most more than 50% answer money management over the four core subjects defines funding solidity as the education and understanding of various financial areas the ability to manage personal finance matters in an efficient manner the knowledge to make an appropriate decisions about personal finance Americans have endured a number of financial crisis conversations over the past years some of the templates can cause the person to have a lifetime of financial problems some critics say a lack of education that teens and college students receive about personal finance is a major factor behind the debt levels that are parlor among this age group many college professors and credit counselors say they're surprised at how little many young people understand about the terms of loans and credit card agreements and repercussions the problem of so much debt going through college can be very expensive for the majority of them getting alone is the only option most students have prepared to their education if a person isn't knowledgeable about what loans or shoes it can be detrimental to the decks holder the two loans mainly used for college in subsidized and a government unsubsidized on what occurs interest is phonus balonus approved the government pays the interest on the other until the person either graduates or the class religious movement Wow saving for retirement is becoming obsolete along with the diminishing social security account the folks in security board of trustees reported that about 2033 is transformed maybe depleting meaning it will most likely be used as safety for basic survival we're also up the grades editor of real different Simon highlights that almost half of workers that save less than 50 grams for retirement and 15% had not saved a penny what does this mean for that maybe 65 retain the reality of these statistics is then dancing years they were most likely struggle financially or depend solely on family members support with the increase in online softeners for many young shoppers using cash is rare allowing young people to become more prone to using credit cards for expenses make any easier for them to accumulate that at a faster rate majority of these consumers have very little understanding of how credit works and the potential of fake wrong decisions can have on their financial well-being for many years how do we plan to correct these problems to prevent them from returning younger those must be taught to be more frugal by more needs and less once infused cash as much as possible larger spend lists and become educated about credit cards in general payout rates and percentages creditors a lot of responsibility for an 18 year olds to have according to the 2015 survey of the states currently in the u.s. there are only 17 states that require high school courts and personal finance especially for discover found noticeable results high school seniors who had taken a personal finance course compared to those who hadn't were more likely to face money 93 percent compared to 84 percent have alleged 60% compared to 40 percent and it is 32 percent compared to 17 percent if young adults are to become financial literate they must learn to analyze and compare the cost and benefits for the goods and services develop skills to set goals and use budgeting as DeSousa manage money learn the benefits of saving money investing in making smart financial decisions learn how to use bank services so if it's a long term financial plan understand long interest credit rating and how they can impact life's goals

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  2. I really enjoyed this video. When I was younger, I didn’t have anyone to teach me financial stuff. The book that helped me was, Rich Dad Poor Dad. This is also a good site:

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