Financial Literacy Class – Stock Market Game

okay let's see your portfolio the students work in cooperative groups they have a mock portfolio for $100,000 at Cromwell Valley Elementary students play the stock market game where the object is diversify they're taught many lessons on various market strategies what the market is what a stock is and then they invest their money through a consensus decision numbers rule we gain seven thousand seven thousand one hundred fifty eight thousand we gained a lot of money today or in the past week the kids aren't good weeks come with the not-so-good once when the stock market went down and it was mostly by one staff they can only have ten percent in anyone holding Lauren's for what keeps it from diversification is extremely important to me it looked up I Robot I know is 33.8 per share you don't want to eat a plate full of peas or a plate full of french fries you want a balanced meal you want a balanced portfolio we were looking at different industry to see if that was low or high research informs decision if I had one favorite stock it would be an why's that because it's always high and never alone room 18 community members all hold jobs and all draw salaries at the school store all know the value of a nickel do you save as well to spend or see Dorian's a banker last year I had a wonderful student Omar who spent a little more than he saved Omar fell short of pizza dough and Omar took a wonderful sniff of the air and said there's my opportunity cost early opportunity cost Omar s lights big picture is encouraging financial literacy in children instilling it early in their lives so that they'll carry it forward as adults in Tulsa this is MSDE TV

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  1. I remember being in this club! It was really bad because the stock market shut down in 2013 so we couldn’t do much for quite some time lol

  2. She was my 4th grade teacher 10 years ago, I'm a freshman student at FGCU and I'm 19 years old now. Time flys and I'm glad to know that she is still doing well

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