Financial Literacy Cirriculum

money it can be confusing we all use it but do we really know how to use it lessons and economics and personal finance can help you effectively manage your money and successfully navigate the markets around you it's important so what should the curriculum be and a financial literacy course let's travel down that path financial literacy means security and autonomy based on researched by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority 63 percent of Americans are financially illiterate however the fact that financial literacy hasn't been talked consistently in American school systems actually gives us an opportunity to build a curriculum around what's happening now and what's coming next for the students of today you will face the problems of tomorrow that means teaching contemporary ideas in contemporary ways using the variety of apps websites podcasts and more that have been developed to teach economics and personal finance at all levels but first before students can learn economic principles and financial information they need to understand the importance of financial literacy for themselves when students understand the value of financial education for themselves they are ready to learn how money works and how to manage it a financial literacy course should include budgeting basics how to plan for retirement save for college and manage other large purchases you may make at the milestones and the kind of life you want to live staying savvy by saving how interest works the credit debt rollercoaster the benefits of paying off your mortgage or other large debts early identity theft issues and safety the difference between assets and liabilities mainly what puts money in your pocket and what takes money out the essentials of an emergency fund or funds invest in musics and fostering the desire and problem-solving skills to continually build wealth give generously and live full finally students must understand that their most valuable asset is their own human capital their knowledge and skills an investment in yourself with the right economic background in financial planning is always a good decision with these lessons on the standards of financial life and basic economic principles students can confidently make decisions with their money this gives you the freedom to be the person you love to be and live the life you want to live that is financial literacy that is the path we should take that is what we should be teaching

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