24 thoughts on “Financial Literacy 101: in under 4 minutes – Robert Kiyosaki”

  1. JUST apply this one knowledge from Robert, you'll know how hard it is to really doing it.. even though you think it's just some bad mindset, i'm telling you this 4 minutes video of knowledges are hard to apply in real life.
    please try, you'll know i'm right

  2. Too many poor thinkers on these comments. Take the Time to learn and understand financial literacy then you can play the game and win. Otherwise you will be Forever trapped in the rat race.

  3. An Application of Math in Finance:

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  6. This is just good solid core stuff everyone should know even if they don't act on it. Good short video!

  7. Was on board until he basically leverage yourself into oblivion. And when he said you pay less tax. He clearly doesnt understand how taxes work. If you pay 10k in interest and you are in a 25% income tax bracket you save 2.5k on taxes but still lost 7.5k from the additional interest. Jump over a dollar to pick up a quarter. Great idea. Plus he leaves out what do you do in a down economy and the bank calls the loans. Bankruptcy that's what.

  8. I have read your book and it is truly amazing. Ive had quite a few financial realizations that changed how i view my financial journey.

  9. So basically he is saying for the average folks your Mortgage is your liability, but to get rich you need lots of people to buy into that liability! Whilst he is advising people not to go to college to get a profession, some of these professions are people's passion and pride. Some people actually want to be Doctors, Lawyers and brokers, it runs in their family and they do enjoy their jobs, not to mention the world would be finished without them (maybe not brokers lol). For me, if one can get into real estate good, but I believe financial literacy is understanding taxes, compound interest rates, your utility reading, The world bank and IMFs dirty practises, and what your taxes are really spent on or not. Other than that, the stock market is now opened thanks to the internet for everyone to invest in, 12 months of hard studying the markets, can help you see where you pinch money from, if you don't get greedy.

  10. when people steal all your money and ruin your credit and you cant get a decent job for over 10 years you tend to not care anymore. life is more like just going through the motions.

  11. I can understand why people think that your own house is an asset because buying real estate is an asset, but people seriously think that their car is an asset?! That’s ludicrous.

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