Fighting for Equal Education

This is the equal sign. You use it in a … equation? It means … that… It … It’s what it gets … It’s no secret that in America, our students are lagging behind other
countries in math. The problem isn’t that our students aren’t working hard enough, or that our teachers are dedicated enough. They are. I believe the problem starts with basic arithmetic, where students develop a
misunderstanding of the equal sign. At the University of Notre Dame,
psychology professor Nicole McNeil has developed an innovative series of
educational lessons and activities that change the way children learn the
concept of the equal sign Increasingly, math really matters for our nation in a
globally competitive world. Professor McNeil’s research has given
us an exciting new direction for how we teach mathematics to our nation’s young
students. This holds great promise for their success in school and in life. With support from the US Department of
Education and in collaboration with Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic
Education (ACE), Dr. McNeil’s program has been
implemented in schools across the country. Working with ACE has been incredible. Through their dedication in serving under-resourced schools, they’re helping to improve math
education for the students who need it most. To have the opportunity to work with Nicole and see her work come to my classroom … …to see her research carried out, has brought a new level of academic achievement and excellence to our schools. The University of Notre Dame asks, ‘What would you fight for?’ Fighting for equal education. We are the Fighting Irish.

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