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With the onset of the new coronavirus
cases, scientists and researchers are doing all that they can to prevent it
and quite possibly come up with a cure. While quite unconventional many have
turned to technology like AI and machine learning and their efforts have not been
in vain. But before we get into how this has been
done, it’s important to understand the situation at hand. An outbreak of
diseases is enough to create mass hysteria and misinformation can lead to
terrible consequences. So let’s dive into it and understand what this pandemic
exactly is. The new or novel coronavirus now called 2019-nCoV had not been
previously detected before the outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, China in
December 2019. It is a cousin of SARS which caused the death of almost 800
people 17 years ago. The pathogen may have been transmitted to humans from
live animals and scientists are now racing against the clock to see how
quickly and where it will spread. Epidemics and pandemics may be diagnosed by researchers working day in and day out in labs. But before it can even become one, computer programmers and data analysts sitting anywhere in the world can see it coming a mile away. the first report of an impending
biohazard was blue dot a Canadian firm that specializes in infectious disease
investigation they predicted an imminent epidemic of coronavirus on December 31st
2019 using an AI powered system that combed through animal and plant disease
networks information from vernacular websites government documents and other
online sources it wanted clients against traveling to danger zones like Wuhan
much before foreign governments started issuing travel advisories they even use
global aligning ticket to correctly predict that the virus would spread to
Seoul Bangkok Taipei and Tokyo a doctor could be practicing for several
years and yet they would not be able to come to a conclusion as significant as
determining whether a trend is emerging AI health prediction has been around for
some time now and is able to do this monumental task as early as 2008 Google
launched a service that try to spot flu outbreaks using people search queries
information ranging from supermarket purchases browsing patterns and the
theme and rate of private messages is used by satellite googles they identify
the 2009 swine flu pandemic nearly two weeks before US health officials but
this was only discovered later however it was eventually brought down after
being found to consistently overestimate the pervasiveness of disease at the end
of it AI cannot replace expert epidemiologist
but it can serve as a tool in helping them finding clues of the new virus in a
vast melange of conjecture buzz and post about common cold and flu symptoms is an
artist task still the approach has proven useful at noticing a coronavirus
needle in a haystack of big data according to Wired magazine John
Bronstein chief innovation officer at Harvard
Medical School and an expert on mining social media information for health
trends says colleagues tracking Chinese social media and news sources were
alerted to reports of a flu-like outbreak on December 30th 2019 these
reports were shared with the whu-oh but it took time to confirm the seriousness
of the situation simple data analysis can also be done using crowd-sourced
data similar to the one conducted by the researchers at the National Institutes
of Health this analysis revealed a picture of delays in reporting new cases
in Wuhan during the early stages of the pandemic and also suggested that
children of aged 15 and below are more robust and less likely to catch the
virus as for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there is no known
vaccine or antiviral cure for the 2019 end cop disease but many believe that AI
could be the solution for finding a cure a group of researchers from Michigan
State University recently published a paper on using machine learning
techniques to create in new drug candidates for the 2019
in silico medicine a startup based in Maryland USA reported that it had used a
I to rapidly identify molecules that could form the basis of an effective
treatment against the corona virus at the heart of the current situation in
silico is a I based system took four days to identify thousands of new
molecules that could potentially be turned into medicines against the virus
and says it will publish the full library of new molecular structures it
has generated for other researchers to possibly use corona viruses are zoonotic
meaning they are transmitted between animals and people detail investigations
found that SARS cop was transmitted from civet cats to humans and mask off from
dromedary camels to humans several non corona viruses are circulating in
animals that have not yet infected humans so how can you stay safe here are
some preventative measures that you can employ as suggested by the individual
website wash your hands frequently with water and soap even if your hands are
not visibly dirty wash them with alcohol-based drops or sanitizer cover
your mouth as you sneeze and/or cough it is good to observe good respiratory
hygiene avoid touching your eyes hand and nose with contaminated hands
maintain distance with people who show symptoms such as coughing sneezing and
have a fever avoid unprotected contact with farm or
wild animals avoid consumption of raw or undercooked animal products this also
includes unpasteurized milk care should be taken to not cross contaminate with
other food items practice safe travel routines in fact if you are sick it is
advisable to avoid travel all together if wearing masks avoid touching once
it’s on and discard single-use masks immediately after use and wash your
hands if symptoms arise seek early medical help as soon as possible as of
30 February 2020 there have been globally forty 6997 confirmed cases of
the 2099 cough but 1369 reported dead and many more senior
cases Wiley’s are mostly concentrated in China the virus threatens to spread to
other countries with the same magnitude in India except there have been three
reported cases On January 30 at 2020 the World Health Organization declared the
outbreak a public health emergency of international concern as a response they
activated the RN D blueprint to accelerate the evaluation of Diagnostics
vaccines and therapeutics the 2019 corona virus has affected people
terribly all over the world as it spreads across the globe technology like
artificial intelligence machine learning and data science seem to sit reveal new
roads to remedy technology has always made life easier and now with the
ability to predict the spread of diseases and develop new cures it’s
making life safer have any doubts or more information you’d like to share
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