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Mall taxis are available to move around inside Portables for charging so that your phone and tablets are charging as you shop or entertain yourself The mall provides babysitting services for your children while you shop and they can play dueling do you are shot like Free Wi-Fi so that you are always connected on social media Angry Bird World Theme Park with GoKart-arena, indoor and outdoor park and rides! Leggo world promotion was going one Snow dunes will give indoor snow experience Outdoor leisure trails for cycling and jogging with different difficulty gradients The Doha Festival city is a 600,000 square meter mall located on salami marketer with 240,000 square meter leasable space It is largest operating mall in Qatar and is owned and operated by Al Futaim Currently home to IKEA it has over 200 international brands and the world’s largest Monoprix hypermarket It is also home to the Middle East first NBA store Doha Festival city is a destination with a world class entertainment complex It has indoor and outdoor attraction unique to Qatar This comprehensive mix of Qatar’s entertainment– from Qatar’s first VOX 4D cinema complex with 18 digital screens, to an Outdoor Leisure Trail space for exercise and cycling is designed to appeal to all ages. The mall was built at a cost of 1.6 billion U.S. Dollars and opened on April 15th Virtuocity is a gaming hub for video game lovers. VOX cinemas has 18 screens… so that you can watch your movie at a convenient time Experience the Vox 4dX the absolute cinema with motion seats, lights, wind, water and scent effects.

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