Femi Aratokun dissects Nigeria Security Apparatus

well now joining me on skype from the United Kingdom is a security consultant Fermi erato commonly to discuss this developing story Fermi good to see you and well no part of this country has been left untouched by the security challenges where they are talking about Boko Haram kidnapping banditry and or whatnot now the key question that has been raised is what exactly is giving rise to all of this former president just root and another open letter keying it on poor or anchoring it on poor management of diversity he says it is the main issue which ordinarily should be a greatest asset try to make sense of this why is Nigeria where it is security wise honest with you it is not a good zone at all and we are not in any situation that is progressing in terms of the security challenges we have in Nigeria for the former presidents who have written such a big note and handed over to the present president of the country is a very big issue at the moment we are still where we are for so long a time there is no progress people are dying the infrastructure of our securities as never for one day improved so the question is this the security budget would given to God most what exactly are they doing with if it is a shame and it's a very big impact on our country these days that we keep talking about kidnapping we keep talking about and robbery in burglaries and bandages and all the rest but again what is the police officers doing what exam is the major role how exactly are they being able to impact all these situation let me situate what you're saying if I get you've correctly what you're saying is the the security apparatus really should be in at the state level that if security is going to be tackled it should be tackled at the sub-national level is that what you mean it's not really something to do with the national level this time around we have governments we have chairman counselors it is their job to make sure that their consequent their constituents are all safe there was I said what the question is are they actually given the part of making an apple in the first place if they are not then it's addiction when the government in our states or in our country today it is a big shame on them and there should be more responsible for all these now let's even look at the ethnic and political coalition that seems to be giving the security challenge a different tone entirely is that worsening the situation that we're not looking at this as a crime against the state now we're looking at it from a political or ethnic prison well I think let me previously we always before who to blame when it comes a situation of insecurity in our country Nigeria obviously no matter you're gonna blame is going to be the head of state and the head of state we're not really down to where vice actually handling those states well my question is this we have risked all this in the Diaspora and we are even written letters and proposals to be God knows now look if you have a football team that is actually not working well change your strategy if it happens that is the strategy is not working well then the next thing is this change your team have they've been able to change team what about the president why can't you change your team and reshuffle game to make sure that this stuff is actually working we have so much resources in Nigeria we have so much manpower or the manpower have not been really utilized in such a way that we will surely tackle this Mena's we have in the country is now going to be a state whereby investors are not even coming and boast of investing in our country so we are in the set of Diadema at the moment country we are very stage we have picked everybody invited us whereas there are specialists to come and help unfortunately we're devoting is happening right now is my own state on the state's I have written to the governor so what movie so now when what the chief of staff when the chief of staff to corporate a Chief of Army Staff says that the real challenge why not Jura is not gaining much ground when it comes to fighting security is because of some level of a lack of commitment on the part of those who should be other to front and then again I recall that a FCC chairman not too long ago Rehema who said that some governor's actually gaining they're cashing in on this because of security votes and they're making some kind of money or what have you now when you picture all of this together does it give you a clear picture of where the problem really may be coming from well the problem is actually coming from the leaders I must be honest with you and when I'm in the leaders those at least you know never let's do it this way those in charge of what to do and what not to do they should be the one coming out and facing questions from the members probably because they have all these offices and this should be accountable to justify exactly what the budgets have been useful let us look at example our politicians where are we within look at your welfare look at what it look like look at the kind of machineries they're using look at the kind of guns they are using 1960s or 1970s for God's sake we try to be having today is found in smart grids at the movies what if it's not what you are using so we have where we have reduce them to the ground level that they are actually using their power their strength but we are not really getting anything from the government to support them then the member public I've got a responsibility as well but it's all this responsibility there should be a platform to work with we don't have any platform in Nigeria and this is what is causing the problem people are gaining and cashing on it because waiting we have crises there were beginnings and when we have gaming there are the crisis again international economy is so much what is not down to also not look into it are we doing ourselves any favor in terms of this insecurity we have in the country or not for me erratic or laser security expert thank you so much for joining us on the news

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