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The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey guys, let’s do the how are you today activity. OK? Great! First, write your name at the top of the page. Great, what does the first one say? Hmm, ahh! It’s says, I’m happy. Let’s trace. Great, now let’s draw a happy face. You can look at the bottom of the page for some ideas if you want. Hmm, great! He looks very happy. What’s the next one say?i It says, I’m sad Great, let’s draw a sad face. Wow, great! What does the next one say? Ah, it says I’m sleepy. Great, please trace. And let’s draw a sleepy face. The pictures at the bottom are a lot of help. So, please use those okay? Great! And the next one says, I’m scared. Are you scared? I’m not. Great! And let’s draw a scared face. Maybe he just saw a ghost. Wow! Great! And the next one says, I’m angry. Let’s draw an angry face. He looks very angry, don’t you think? Woops! I forgot to trace! Great! And the last one says, I’m hungry. What does a hungry face look like? Ah, just look at the bottom that will help you? Great! She looks very hungry. Actually, I’m getting kind of hungry, too. How about you? All done. Hey, I know a song about feelings. Let’s sing.

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