Feeling At Home with Literacy Chapter 1

Oh this is here getting ready to start her day she has worked out that the squiggly marks on the toothpaste say something useful she is learning to read learning begins at home and like young children everywhere CA is creative observant and active as she makes sense of her world whether in handy surround it about like speaking reading and writing or social activities that are part of daily life at Sears home it is worthwhile thinking about know maybe we should take think about that when Xia's mom and dad read she is often included reading and talking about print means being close being together and feeling nurtured Fawzia like most children in Africa learning to speak one or more languages by the age of six is natural but adding reading and writing is seen as formal school work and often schools do not manage their tasks well at all people in different communities read and write for different reasons understanding why people read and write is part of learning to be lifted Thea knows that reading and writing is useful mama we as Antoni the police is resistive losses nutrifix oh mama I know a masu will you believe it was mr. Colgate oh it was easy okay in the earth family Cortez spoken continuously the presence and ease of English is also strong especially in print form CEA's mum stimulates her children's interest in reading by talking with them states golden toasted flakes contra said means bus isn't is what is it I could conceive on maple on it language rattling uh panda cornflakes load the mouth closed legs whoa whoa me being bilingual means you realize quickly that the same written message can be expressed in different ways it's a sepia sound as if she's close up at its neck cause I don't you can do promise processing gamma foods must be affected by suffocate but it's only in English and Afrikaans suckers close up now perform only English is cost what in Daniel ethical conflicts discuss conflict obernolte aye good will they have fun working out a term for conflicts in cosa all languages can be used to express things equally well Oh t-wave prostate oh boy Oh Steve way you Oh quality way and nothing can beat one creative

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