Feeding the blue tongue lizard

So, the key to a happy and healthy Blue Tongue Lizard is its diet. It’s the most important or one of the most important parts of keeping a Blue Tongue Lizard. He does eat a variety of foods but the basis of his diet is fresh fruit and vegetables. We have some strawberry, rock melon, banana, a lot of lettuce or endive and carrot in there, some corn. So, it can be a large variety of fruit and vegetables or it could just be a couple of choices each day. Presenting it to him in a low flat bowl is handy because then he then can lay on top of it and it’s accessible for him to eat out of. What you do need to pop on your Blue Tongue’s diet is just a vitamin supplement so it’s a little bit like us taking some vitamins every day, it just helps with healthy bones and a healthy lizard. So, feeding your lizard maybe three times a week is suffice, so maybe a Monday, a Wednesday and a Friday is a great regime to stick to. And then on a Monday and a Wednesday and a Friday you can give him a sprinkle of calcium with Vitamin D. And then just on a Friday you can add a little bit of this product which is called Herptivite. It’s just an all-round multivitamin that he doesn’t require more than once a week. Also to supplement his food maybe once a week you can give your Blue Tongue Lizard a good quality meaty cat food. And you can either put it on the side of his dish or give it again give it a mix through which encourages him to eat all of his fruit and vegetables as well. They absolutely love eating their cat food so that might be the only thing that they touch on that day. As enrichment food, enrichment is something that we like to give our Blue Tongue Lizards so that they have a little bit more of a stimulant or a little bit more of what goes on in the wild. And so something like a snail is quite beneficial to them. It helps their jaw and it’s got that crunchiness and makes them work a bit more for their food. So, collecting snails is also a great thing to do, not necessarily feeding them live but just popping them in the freezer for a week or two and then just thawing them out and popping them in their exhibit. Depending on your Blue Tongue Lizard as well they may enjoy eating crickets. You can buy these from pet shops and you just sprinkle a few of them in their exhibit. They can’t always catch them, they’re a little bit slow and encumbersome but it gives them something to do and then again it just give them that as if they’re out in the wild and keeps them a little bit more active. But the other thing that is most important for a healthy Blue Tongue Lizard is fresh water every day. So, he needs a bowl of water and change it every day so it doesn’t get anything you know even his food or any faeces or urine in it. .

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