Federal Flash: The Education Question Betsy DeVos Can’t Answer

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos testifies
on Capitol Hill and All4Ed joins the College in High School Alliance to promote using federal
education funding to support dual enrollment. Hi, I’m Lindsay Dworkin and I’m joined by
Anne Hyslop. Let’s begin with the House of Representatives’
Education and Labor Committee hearing with Secretary Devos. Anne? The House Education and Labor Committee held
a hearing this week examining the policies and priorities of the U.S. Department of Education. It was the first oversight hearing for Secretary
DeVos to testify before the Committee since Democrats regained control of the House. While members asked questions on a variety
of topics ranging from student loan debt to affirmative action to the rights of transgender
students, many focused on implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA. In one heated exchange, Representative Jahana
Hayes from Connecticut pressed Secretary DeVos about an Education Department memo she obtained
which cited that the Secretary does have sufficient authority to block states from using ESSA
Title IV funds to buy guns for schools. Our viewers may recall that funding for Title
IV, or the Student Support and Academic Enrichment program, was hotly debated last year when
Secretary DeVos said she did not have the power to block states from using Title IV
funds to purchase firearms. The memo Representative Hayes presented, however,
stated exactly the opposite. While the exchange between Representative
Gregorio Sablan from the Northern Mariana Islands and Secretary DeVos may not have received
as much attention, Representative Sablan raised a very important issue regarding the Department’s
approval of state ESSA plans that do not consider the performance of historically underserved
students. In the following clip, Representative Sablan
uses our data to help make his case. In other news, in partnership with the College
in High School Alliance, we recently released a video on how federal Title I funding can
be used to support dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and early college high schools-collectively
known as “college in high schools” programs. These programs allow students to complete
college-level course work during high school and are effective models to improve college
access, affordability, and completion, particularly for students from low-income families and
students of color. ESSA encourages and allows states and districts
to use Title I funding to support college in high school programs as key strategies
for preparing students for college and careers. For more information, visit the link below. That’s all for today. For an email alert when the next Federal Flash
is available, email us at [email protected] Thanks for watching.

14 thoughts on “Federal Flash: The Education Question Betsy DeVos Can’t Answer”

  1. I get concerned when a LEADER, such as De Vos; cannot answer basic questions. BASIC QUESTIONS, and falls back on the tired line of; "We will do what the law says." Well, the law says you can steal $24 million but if you are caught you can "settle out of court" and NEVER see a jail cell. (Trump case) So if she is violating civil rights and the funding for minorities and those going to public schools, yet stays "within the law"; the public gets screwed and the rich again get tax payers money.

  2. Devos is on a short list of people in the current admin to have done more damage than Trump. Also, I don't believe I have heard her give a direct answer even once.

  3. You expected her to answer a question? Don't hold your breath. I seems to me that she believes herself to be above everyone else.

  4. "How are you ensuring states obey the law?"
    "We are ensuring states obey the law."
    "We are ensuring states obey the law."

  5. DeVos has no interest in public education and serving the needs of all types of students. Her goals are to push her charter school and god agenda. She wants to be sure her private companies that she has a vested interest in can continue making huge profits off student loans. This woman will continue to destroy public education as we know it.She is an evil bitch


  7. Nice job ladies!!
    Don't wear blue boo..wear a different color against the screen. Wear a gray or darker blue.
    Great job!
    Keep it coming!!

  8. The main problem is not anything to do with how she works or whatever, which to be fair is pretty poor with bad and sometimes downright evil policies, the main issue is is that you are having to talk about being able to buy GUNS for SCHOOLS. I personally find that idea to be complletely insane. Now I can understand the need considering you have soo many wackos that have bloody arsenals in their backrooms, it should never have gotten to this point to begin with. The biggest things our schools have to deal with, apart from the odd case, is bullying and which sort of hairstyles will gewt you sent home from school. I am so glad that that is all my child ever had to worry about. You can say whatever you want about the constitution, which was written hundreds of years ago, and your "rights" etc etc but I personally think that your children deserve the right to grow up without thinking that the little kid sat next to them in class has their parents gun in their bag and they are going to pull it out at playtime/recess and murder them and their friends and teachers. Now surely THAT is a better way, it has to be to anyone that really cares about their child, surely.

  9. “We are committed to following the law” is he go to answer for everything. She doesn’t follow the law herself.

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