FaZe Jarvis Teaches Ali A How to Become a PRO in Fortnite

okay so I mean I'm gonna try to teach you some stuff so obviously the first thing is just doing the triple 90s okay definitely the best way to get high ground I would say all right this is it this is the embarrassing bit now I haven't played all day and it's like super okay one two three yeah I mean your game yeah yeah that's lit and again and again yeah that's actually buried all right all right that's decent yes okay not bad not bad first part of doing your face you've got to be able to do nice so I guess next we can just do some edit so just edit down like this try and see how quickly you can go down like that all right anything's where things get a little bit nicer let's see all right I'm gonna start like this yo I got a question actually when you edit like this do you move your character's body or do they stay still you just move your aim I try and not move yeah you should want to focus on the editing all right let's give this a go BAM let's go I was actually quick as well I mean I don't know about that but that's alright it's alright this is a good one trying to get this is gonna look really wet from the floor this is a good one if your low ground and trying to get high ground this is definitely the best one of the best things you're like a period double pyramid like that yeah this is something I don't and then do wall and then a stairs and then you just go into doing the triple 90s after that you go slowly then I'll show you what it looks like quicker as well it's the same going up and then I'm going hear me omid yeah so then back one so you want to be like yeah so I'll do it next to you so light you have all these then you stay let you stay here do the pyramid make sure you get the pyramid up Bobby jump up like jump over here do that and then go into the 90s I feel like I'm back in scrum been to school like 10 years okay all right all right all right so going up going up going up yeah Ram oh I did got that's a nice number then edit that and then triple 90s yeah nice now all you really need to work on is just like getting quicker so when you do it quickly yeah I'm gonna watch this from above yeah much like that actually you know so that's is kind of like people don't expect if they're like what and it's like harder to shoot them cuz you're like you're covering yourself from like pretty much everywhere what's the point of a two pyramids do they actually do anything like say someone say that other person's on this stay here if you put the pyramid back here they'll get stuck and then they'll have to go backwards and then you're already triple 19 off so then you've already gone you've already go high ground yeah so try it let's see let's see if you can do it a bit quicker okay a nice trick oh there we go I was definitely quicker that's definitely quicker okay we're getting now we're getting there what do you reckon I did the 90 that did the editing I did a little bit of phase jobs advanced techniques and why am I getting mad yeah you're definitely getting never all right so the next challenge I feel like you have to won't be one us both and obviously I'm more like the medium difficulty job so I'm gonna go first okay I'm gonna need it I'm nervous my first phase one it's gonna be a panic so much I did it okay this is the big boss a big bathroom maybe maybe I don't know maybe those high ground techniques I taught you maybe might be able to get high ground off me you know it's worth it whoa okay you can't down bro I'm good to go okay three two one go oh my god I choked [Applause] I'm insane bro one shot on him one shot on face job please no okay I messed up I messed up okay I think I've lost like okay [Applause] oh you keeping yourself in my box she's frame for ivory til I reach up i retook my Rambo Enda I couldn't even like he okay just to give you an idea I was in my own 1v1 and he was keeping a ramp on me so I would wasn't able to shoot out of my own one be up by one and hit him that's not GG yeah actually yeah for Rome you got high ground by you know what though let's be real I think I love these members would you struggle to take on Jarvis you know so the online yeah let's do it this is a real test so like I don't know if for this challenge maybe try and carry us to a win like we can win but maybe see if you can carry us to a win okay so I'll take I'll be at the forefront of all these fights you're basically telling me to soul of eSports okay okay I need it let's do this oh just someone let's go baby no I need that thank you so much I like how it's like you're a you gonna carry us ten seconds later here's some bad news and she I'm scouting people to land on the word well I'm gonna I'm gonna go straight in yeah yeah one down one down let's go I'll shoot hard we're good we're good sky behind you oh my god I think that guy's weak I think that guy's really weird one in that box I'm pushing this guy I'm pushing this guy nice nice nice guy now should be weak we're doing good we're doing good one one squad two squads down well actually see a guy it was a guy I see he's flying across seas tracer him 20 white 20 white twice so here's a lot of action over there right now oh I'm coming I'm coming oh you know I see my seam incision of what that guy hi babies he's gone she was number one shot one shot that dude over there I'm pushing pressurizing down baby let's go let's go whoa what the hell yeah that's three that's three on me are they up on the roof with in the hair like in the house I'm pretty sure get down the bottom down the bottom I can see my Yoshi nice man could I just go in a second bro yo that's why you were in phase and I'm not you know how D does have the most coaster yeah I was just about to say I've got six Jarvis is real Hayes got five this is what it's about though I've got to be the number one killer leaders it doesn't count yeah yeah HOH oh oh it seemed a team let's go maybe another one down oh let's go bro there's so many behind oh my gosh jobs sure that's two down that I didn't even realize oh my god this kids going off the G bar where is he think he thinks she's gonna kill me oh my god that's you way I was so tripping out then oh my god just a lot about whoa no Black Knight oh my god get me out of this place there's just so many of them nice so I'm thinking dry Justin tomorrow I don't know what's going on I think everyone's here this is like the last batter ah that's unfortunate man we took a lot of people down but we still need air you are so low squatting people so like that's fair enough so I mean if we're doing a juice bar we should get this winner easy controllers on PC is happening we're getting this stuff baby let's go yeah Oh where are you trying to go I don't know if so easiest idea my favorite spot is here so that's right now I like that's good see a lot of people going into Dever so I'm going to kill them off puts your stay still per second stay still all right you ready three oh yeah let's go they're literally just there oh hey whoa GG there's a guy better go push that person ali-a I love this guy one shot Lynx is one shot black leg trying to get peeks through the windows yeah brother Ling yeah back guys white thank you ma'am nice this back oh I just got sniped in the back there's more guys coming so I just try again slipstream is probably the best yeah don't slap me again please thank you wait he died is so much go on go on now thank you a super white they're all over here I'm pretty sure it's about fish I take on 150 now let's break this guy down I don't know why they're all flying around this I don't know what this is oh I haven't actually seen this at all oh yeah this one actually a massive robot yeah yeah 425 that's like a high ground I mean yeah got him to you guys just those two now these guys are Proctor's trying all right it got Nick booked on the boat on time at the end yeah you hit him again him again when is a white glider here yeah I'm trying to find how many masks you out this guy yo chill folks good this is a sweaty 1v1 yeah no I got this mess I connected us here on hard ones got like no show oh wait they've still got jokes precious these guys want the win yeah they really oh really one the one get one like 20 for this guy gonna try trick show okay gonna try and style on them always launchpad this good just tried to take high ground you have no mats oh I took high ground oh no he's on he's on me we got em let's go we went for the trickshot but we got the dub I guess that means that still counts yeah we said if you get a win let's go jeez phase Ally a whole

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  1. If i beat ali a promise you will give me a shoutout for me im trying to blow up so just text me when me an ali a can 1v1 yt ChaosTTV Squad

  2. i think ali should join FaZe cause like he was in lead for kills at the start and in the end of 1st match

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