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if you are a fan of softball then you're going to love the Fast Pitch TV show we're bringing you more interviews more videos and more product reviews than anyone else on the planet sit back and get ready here's the Fast Pitch TV show hello and welcome to another episode of the fastpitch TV show found us on facebook myspace or another video sharing website please check out our website WWF a speech TV is the place to find all of our past episodes and the place to keep up with our future episodes too I'd also like to thank our sponsor softball junk please visit their website at sub of junk on of course now in the day show I'm going to give you a special code for their website that code will give you $20 off softball bats on our website ok so stay tuned for that code now before I get into today's show back in the day when my daughter was playing 14 and under softball there was a local gal playing 16 and under she was a pitcher and she had she was a great player she'd taken her travel ball team to the 15 and under usss a national championship game and won it then she took her high school to two consecutive state championships here in Texas then she went on to have a great career at the University of Texas if you're from Texas you probably already know who I'm talking about after college she started playing on the pfx tour where she still plays today now I am talking about Meghan and Denny ofcourse now Meghan who lives in the area and I asked Meghan if she would come on the show and basically give you a pitching lesson well when I asked Meghan she said sure when she's a great gal so here's Meghan Vinny giving a pitching lesson for you beginning pitchers your stance width apart okay this gives you nice good balanced stance okay so you need balance okay so this is our stance now the next thing is what I like to do I like to call my visionaries about visionary step okay this is when I'm relaxing on the mound with my good balanced stance and I'm looking at my target ready to get my signal okay after I get my signal what I want to do I want to visualize my pitch being a strike I would like to this is called preparing yourself for success so I got my pitch I'm visualizing it being a strike now I'm ready to go what I do is I like to get my momentum built up so that I can get the power from a pitch so what I do I bring ball to glove come up above my head you see how I've rocked back a little bit okay gives me a little leverage to push off up now what I do next my glove hand am I in the my pitching hand I like to roll down my body okay when I get to right here at my hip this is what I like to call attack posture okay I'm down and I'm ready and I'm looking like a bull in the shoots ready to get out and start bucking this is why I call it attack posture okay this is where I'm going to get a lot of power and a lot of push off of the ground okay so when I can here look at my leg my knee is bent my weight is forward in attack posture now the next thing I do is I push hard off of this leg and I get my long stride notice how long my stride is it is not a short stride if you want to throw the ball hard you're going to have to get a big push and a long stride in the direction towards your target okay now if you take a good look at my stance that I have right here I'm in what I call an L shape okay see the L from ball to glove point okay and take a good look at my shoulders okay this is what I call open shoulders and look at my hips I have open hips okay now what I've created right here in my hips is what I like to call a throw zone it's a throw zone this is where whenever I drop my arms down and I'm going to release point here all the way to here this area right here where I do my wrist snap is called my throws own those hips have got to be open so that we create that throw zone okay this right here is not the right way to go my hips are closed which I've lost power my arm is off of my target so now I'm probably not going to be throwing a strike I'm either going to be hitting a right-handed batter or the ball is just going to go every which way that I don't want it to go okay so we got to make sure that we have a nice wide open stance okay that we've created our throws on here room to get that good solid wrist snap okay now after I'm done this is where that back leg pushes through drags my foot and then I got my long follow-through okay let's start over got my good balanced stance I got my pitch visualizing it come up above the head with the momentum roll down push stride long open up wrist snap and then a follow through okay notice that my leg if you can see the dirt here I have a nice mark in the dirt where my foot has dragged okay you want to keep your foot on the ground because if you don't they're going to call an illegal pitch an example of what I'm talking about is this right here if you noticed my foot did not touch the ground until I got right here that is an illegal pitch you need to drag your foot the whole way okay now speaking of dragging the foot okay we do not want to get up on the toe when we drag our foot watch this very closely see how I'm on top of my toe I'm on my toe but do I have an open stance with my shoulders no do I have a throw zone here created with my hips no so where's that ball we're gonna go every which way but the right way all right so we want to make sure that after we get in our tack mode push and stride okay that we start dragging our foot on the side of their toe okay so if you would be able to bend down and touch the inside of your foot on your big toe right here that's the part that needs to be dragging on the ground okay so again from the top okay so we have our momentum attack poster long stride open stance here we go down to the wrist step drag in the foot and then a follow through okay follow-through is very important it is very important what would happen if I did not follow through this right here I would get stiffened up I would lose control and I would lose power of my pitch and we don't want to lose control or power so it's very important that you follow through nice and long through each pitch okay so to put it all together I'm going to go ahead and demonstrate demonstrate everything so I got my pitch visualizing it being a strike and here we go and that is how you get the maximum amount of control and speed out of your pitch I hope you enjoyed today's show Megan is a great young lady make sure and check out her website Megan Denny dot-com if you're in the Dallas Fort Worth area Megan is available I believe she's giving pitching lessons but what she's really getting into is pitching batting practice for 16 and 18 under Gold teams so you can hit her you're doing pretty good now give her a call if you're interested now before I close the show I want to make sure that everyone who watches this show on their iPhone iPad or iPod Touch knows about our app to fastpitch TV show app you can find more information on it at fastpitch apps and dot-com now it does cost a dollar 99 but what a great way to help support the show and keep the show going now don't forget to check out our website as I said earlier at the beginning of the show it's located at fast picture TV it's not fast pitch it's just fast pitch TV become a fan of the show on facebook at slash fast pitch TV you can follow us on twitter at special offer for the fast pitch TV show family softball junk is going to give you $20 off any non sale softball bat on their website that's right you can take $20 right off the price of the bat when you're buying it online at their website okay so the next time you buy a bat from their website just enter the code FPT b1 and bang 20 bucks now you can visit their website at softball junk calm now I don't mind you sharing this information with your friends please I hope you tell them about that we have the coupon code here and come watch the show but don't just give them the code tell them to come watch the show and get the code for themselves help us out here help us get more viewers well that's it for today's show I hope you enjoyed it you bye and thanks for watching

50 thoughts on “Fastpitch Softball Pitching Lesson – Meagen Denny”

  1. i am a high school student and i am the only pitcher on my team… it is really hard work and we have our game on January. my balls are mostly going in the air but i try hard for it not to, after watching this vid it helped me figure out the problem i was having.
    THANK U ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just started pitching sorta and I think I'm doing it right but every time I do it and I'm really warmed up too I hear like my shoulder blade crack into place when I put my arm back down and I thought I should take it easy and go slower to see if I'm doing it right and I was and It wasn't hurting and I went just a little bit faster and I pulled my muscle please help

  3. I've watched a lot of videos I just can't pick up pitching I'm 14 and on highschool jv team it's my dream to pitch but I just cant๐Ÿ˜ข

  4. i am pitching for my 12u all star team in the babe ruth regionals next week and watching this really helped me figure out what i was doing wrong. thank you.

  5. I fast pitch at my baseball games i practice very hard you have to practice almost every day to be perfect at it i am only 12 and i have an awesome arm all you have to do is practice to be a pro

  6. She demonstrates to kids to 'push' the ball from the 9:00 o'clock position, ball orientated towards the ground and finish up with the 'hello elbow' ย position. Then proceeds to do the opposite during her actual pitch by having the ball cocked facing third base at 9:00 o'clock leading down with the little finger to release, the ball finishing low with internal rotation across her body. Good pitcher but only got half the instruction right. I've never ever pitched in my life but I actually tell my daughter to do what she see's the best pitchers doing and not necessarily what they She was pretty spot on with her instruction to keep the shoulders and hips open etcetera.

  7. That's weird, when I watch the final pitch you perform in slow motion it is not at all what you teach meagen. Can anyone explain that?

  8. i pitch every game and it is very important to stand tall dont lean over and always remember to snap your reist

  9. you just helped me so much my daughter isn't opening up her hips so this will help fix that issue, thank you so much. very good video A++++

  10. Ohhhhhh, okay. When I pitched last night I threw a nice riser, but they said it didn't count because it was an illegal pitch.

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