FastForward: An Affordable Option in Higher Education

Advancing your career through education
doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. FastForward training programs are the most affordable option in higher
education today. And we have ways to make them even easier to afford, further
reducing how much you pay out-of-pocket. Our FastForward Career Coaches can help you find grants and other money you might qualify for, helping you advance
your career in a matter of months not years without getting buried under a
mountain of student debt. Funding is available from many sources and you
might be eligible based on where you live, your current employment status, the
kind of work you’ve done in the past, whether you’re a veteran, whether you’re
the first in your family to seek higher education, or a number of other factors.
No matter your budget, higher education can be affordable to anyone, but you
won’t know until you ask. Contact a FastForward Career Coach
today to discuss grants that may be available to you. FastForward: Credentials for a Career That Matters

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