Fastest Unusual Wooden House Building Skills, Amazing Intelligent Log Cabin House Build Process


46 thoughts on “Fastest Unusual Wooden House Building Skills, Amazing Intelligent Log Cabin House Build Process”

  1. what's the point of a log cabin with a concrete base, with layers of moss for insulation, pretending to be authentic but in the end not really

  2. nice to see it how is done,but i think is ffresh wood….when will dry the house wil crack and fall down apart.

  3. баня из дерева… ну конечно, а из чего же еще. Сколько я таких повидал, первая же пьянка и пожар.

  4. thanks alot its great but if you use cement may be safty and heavy . and cheap. good luck for all …. Ahmad from jordan amman

  5. , these guys are so good they know what the other guy is doing without saying a word.
    they can build an entire house without saying one word except for calling out measurements. but that's it or " Heads Up " if something falls. great job I must say guys !!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful. But people waist a lot of natural resources to build something that could be done with way less than half of whst they are using. Full round logs is a waist of wood. Huma really hate nature

  7. Of course it looks fast showing a couple of cuts out of hundreds and fast forwarding the assembly. But yes nice control on the cuts.

  8. На мох марийцы ложат, что ли..Красавчики! Хорошо глядеть – как солдат идеть! А дверь и окна без обсады!

  9. Speeding up the video has its place, and expedites the video. However, real time would add realism and a better perspective. Kind of spoils it when one has to watch "Keystone Kops" at work.

  10. You did a really great job, but it's smaller than my garage. Why not double the size and
    actually have something that's livable?

  11. Dude is seriously a surgeon with that saw. Those were plunge cuts accurate to 1/4 inch I bet. I've been running a saw my whole life and I don't think I could do that

  12. Intelligent? Nobody with any knowledge about log home building would ever reverse notch ( notch facing up )  the logs to each other at the corners. You always notch the top log to prevent water from accumulating in the notch. They made the condition worse by planting moss in each corner. Good luck with that

  13. I have been building Timber houses for 25 years your chainsaw skills are pretty good, I recently did a youtube film demonstrating accurate use of the saw for beams and logs you might enjoy;
    Good luck with the rest of the build, looking good so far!

  14. What is that that you are putting in between the layers .is that moss.jw and what are you filling it with for insulation and what are the measurements.jw

  15. под фундамент ложат какую то основу – песок, щебенку, но этим все похер льют прямо в землю)

  16. I am pretty decent with a chainsaw, but these guys make me look like a real amateur, no doubt they are good,

  17. Open toed sandals whilst balancing on a wall with a chainsaw…There must be easier ways to remove an ingrown toenail!🤩🤩🤩

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