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welcome to the effortless English show with the world's number one English teacher AJ Hoge where AJ is more than 40 million students worldwide finally learn English once and for all without the boring textbooks classrooms and grammar drills here's AJ with a quick piece to help you learn to speak fluent English effortlessly I'm AJ Hoge the author of effortless English learned to speak English like a native and the father of the effortless English system that trains you that teaches you you speak English fluently you speak English powerfully you speak English confidently you speak English effortlessly when you join and when you commit don't quit – my VIP program at effortless English Club calm effortless English commit don't quit there be a VIP member you also of course we'll get our Movie Club lessons as an extra bonus just for VIP members commit don't quit at our topic today continuing on kind of related to our challenge is learning faster learning faster learn English faster improve faster everybody wants fast I understand we all like to feel improvement in fact you know that's probably the most motivating thing people ask how can I increase my motivation AJ I'm not motivated to learn English I've lost my motivation well the number one motivator is improvement when you feel you are improving when you notice you are improving you get excited you become more enthusiastic it's very motivating you want to do more because it's a great feeling of improving you know I remember this um I was learning the kite surf in Hawaii and it's the same kind of thing so I started learning how to do kite surfing in Hawaii living in Maui and Maui's like one of the top places in the whole world Maui Island in Hawaii for kite surfing in the whole world windsurfing and kitesurfing I decided I want to learn kite surfing and I've never done anything like that and no skateboarding no surfing nothing really at all with a board not even the snowboarding at that point so I remember I wind I started taking lessons and you know like the first five maybe ten lessons very very frustrating very very frustrating kind of scary I was a bit scared and nervous in the water because the wind on Maui is very powerful so you've got this big kite you know kite surfing it looks like a parachute right and you've got these lines coming and they come and you wear a belt you've got a belt around your waist and the lines from the kite attached to the belt and then you control you can control the power and the direction but it just felt so powerful to me the wind because if I made a small mistake the wind would catch the kite and boom it would pull me out of the water it would shoot me several metres in the air and then my face would hit the water again and the water would go up my nose and into my mouth and I'd be coughing and the way it would still be pulling me across the water it's very frightening to me very scary because I'm just not used to that and you know this happened again and again and again and again and I started to lose my motivation after a while you know after 10 times 10 lessons doing this it's just feeling like constantly nothing happening like I can't stand up but could not I could not stand up on the board because it's like it looks like a snowboard you the the standard the normal kite surfing board looks like a snowboard so I was just being dragged in the water and water up my nose go back again next lesson same thing felt like I was not improving at all no improvement and when you feel this when you feel no improvement that's when you lose motivation for learning something right that's when you become very frustrated when you start to feel like maybe I should quit maybe I'm not good at this maybe I'm stuck right then you feel the motivation going down down down and I was this was happening to me you know like 10 times and then 12 times and and after that yeah this and jolly guys gonna get he's spam to get rid of him just block him guys if you're watching block this guy anyway um I started getting very very very frustrated very frustrated and I was about to quit I was ready to quit kite surfing I was ready to just say goodbye no more kite surfing for me and then what happened I can actually got lucky the teacher Mike the guy that was teaching me he was not free so I got a different coach a different teacher a different coach joining and gave me a lesson and he just his teaching was better he he he saw my problems he taught me some ways to adjust some ways to change and what happened I suddenly could stand up on the board eyes to just for like a few seconds but it was an improvement and as soon as I felt that improvement I got very excited again I got very excited my motivation poem shot up of course I immediately tried to get more lessons with the new guy and I got very excited and then just a few more lessons after that I was able to stand up I started to learn how to kite surf and then I became a kite surfer and after that I stayed motivated and enjoyed it a lot so you can kind of say you see the point of this right is that what the most frustrating thing is when you feel like you're not improving and on the other side when you feel improvement when you feel the improvement when you notice your own improvement that's when your motivation will go up up up a lot you'll really get motivated which is fantastic just second guys I'm just gonna do one thing really quick we're gonna have a little pause and then all talk more about the topic and then come to your questions and comments as usual this right is that what the most frustrating thing is when you feel like you're not improving and on the other side when you feel improvement you feel the improvement when you notice your own improvement channel that's when your motivation will go up up a lot really get motivated which is fantastic remove this second guys I'm just gonna do one thing right he's going a little pause in the know alright then so anyway back to our topic sorry for the interruption um the point is this when you're not I and I know some of you you get stuck you're in a plateau or whatever reasons happening you get frustrated and then what then you feel like you're not improving and you start to lose motivation of course this is a bad thing because when you lose motivation you do less and less and less then your improvement gets slower slower slower your motivation goes down down down and maybe you eventually stop and you stop trying you stop quit that's not good so not good at all so we want to do the opposite we want to get this big feeling of improvement because it gets us excited and then we really make fast progress then you really will go faster and faster and faster and that is the point of our challenge because sometimes what you need to do to make improvement maybe you're stuck you're doing one hour a day you're doing two hours a day and maybe you're improving a little bit but not much you're not feeling it really and it's starting to feel boring and starting to feel less motivated so at this point the thing to do is to make a huge effort to just do something big big big for awhile not forever but for awhile you know like just a huge effort lots and lots and lots of hours every day a big big push we call this momentum in physics it's also called inertia this is when when you get something moving it will be easier to keep it moving I've talked about this on my podcast right like if you have a big rock you're trying to push a big rock well the hardest part is the beginning right it's not moving in ah yeah it's so hard to push this thing but when you finally when it starts to move and it starts rolling and rolling and rolling then it gets easier to make it go faster and faster and faster right it needs you need less energy less energy less energy to keep it going it's that beginning part to just get get it moving is the hardest part it requires a huge effort a huge energy and so this is why we're going to do these challenges because by making this huge effort for three months you can get your English moving very fast meaning you can make some big big big improvements in three months after that it will be easier to keep it going right you can you don't have to do this forever okay but if you make this big effort for three months you'll feel a really big improvement your motivation will go up your confidence will go up your improvement will go faster and faster and then after that it will be easier to keep it going to continue improving quickly you can you can do fewer hours less effort but you'll still get great results it's the beginning right getting that moving that's hard so that's why for the August September and October we're going to make huge efforts all of us big big big efforts huge number of hours every day of listening and/or reading and we're gonna get ourselves moving so we all make these big improvements during those three months and then after that we can relax a little bit and we'll still continue to improve now this works for other things not just languages this works for anything you know it's the same thing starting a business if you're starting your own business starting the business you have to make a huge huge effort in the beginning you know the first few years usually require a massive effort huge number of hours a huge amount of creativity a huge amount of failure and learning all of this is required when you start your new business but once you finally get that business moving you learn your important business skills the business is growing and successful after that it's easier after that you can work less and less and less but continue to succeed and finally this is also true for health and fitness that if you're really lazy or fat or something you know you probably need a big big effort for maybe one year to one year to really change your life you know for example like when I was a runner I started to I was running and I just decided I'm gonna do marathons why well marathons are long so I knew if I can do a marathon then the shorter distances the shorter races would feel quite easy to me so I trained for a marathon I finished my first marathon then I did another one I did three total marathons and and I kind of did a fourth one myself but the point is that now for me anything shorter than a marathon is not so long look if I had the idea I want to train for a 10k race I could do that in a few months even though I'm not even running now because it just feels like it's now so long right I got that momentum that that big confidence from doing the long race first so this is a it's good at argument to make a huge effort in the beginning my final example fasting fasting so you know in the past I tried fasting like a little bit for a short time and it was difficult so last month I just fasted for five weeks five weeks constantly fasting you know two day fast three day fast constantly fasting fasting I lost all the extra weight very quickly five weeks I dropped in kilograms now after five weeks of fasting a lot I have all this momentum now I'm eating one meal a day it's very easy it feels totally easy because I made the huge effort of five weeks and now I can make less effort and still get great benefits all righty so let's go to our questions and comments live on youtube today Cassandra asks how can I ask questions to AJ Hoge well you just did Ladislav says kitesurfing seems painful I guess learning was painful after you learn once you can stand up and do the basics just ride it's not so painful it's it's kind of it's just painful sometimes when you crash you have a big crash and you know the water goes up your nose and it can be a bit painful it's painful when you're trying maybe new to a new trick or something and then you crash sometimes it's painful or scary or uncomfortable but once you learn how to do it then after that it's quite fun and I haven't done it in a long time I'd probably need to take a few lessons again just remind but it's the good thing is it's something you remember quite quickly kind of like riding a bicycle but it's fun but it's really fun I don't live in a kite surfing place now and I lived on Maui I could kite surf every day if I wanted to almost every day Japan and I'm living a city now so I can't do it okay lisandro oh this is interesting so the sandro asking question I started learning Chinese recently well good luck with that my wife speaks Chinese I want to know how you're learning Japanese it's so important to know because Chinese and Japanese look like each other yeah man so you know you've got this you've got the extra difficulty of these languages with the characters and I'm only just now you know I thought to be honest I thought okay I'm gonna skip the characters I'm going to avoid them I'm just going to learn the speaking but I've you know I finally realized what the characters are an important part of the language if I reading is important in any language it helps to build vocabulary so I decided to stop being lazy so I'll tell you what I'm doing in Japanese were the characters and just starting in Japan they they the school children they learn certain characters each grade so in grade one they have they call them the grade one characters or kanji right so in first grade all the grade one children they learn the same ones so I'm just going to follow that I'm just gonna follow what this kids do so I'm just right now I'm learning the grade one kanji the cool thing about that is I can use materials for Japanese school kits right there's I'm in Japan right now but even if you're not in the country you can get online and order maybe so I don't know what China probably has something like this right the Chinese school system probably has some way some like specific order groups of characters they teach to their kids so I why not you know do what the natives are doing just follow so I'm just doing it like Mike my nephew I'm following the same order I'm probably gonna borrow some of his books my little nephew is eight years old that's what I'm doing they're also apps you can do like I've got an app it's specifically for Japanese but I'm sure their apps for Chinese characters learning I'm not so worried about writing writing a little bit helps just to remember but I'm not worried about writing perfectly um I'm mostly concerned about reading and I'm just gonna take my time I'm mostly listening still and I'm just gonna be patient about the characters so that's my best advice I'll give maybe I have better advice later when I'm actually have made some progress that's what I'm trying right now yeah Fernanda says I'm late I didn't receive a notification yep YouTube is kind of bad about that well vladislav is correct about Chinese just talk about Chinese today the reading the characters right Japanese borrowed the Chinese characters now the speaking is completely different the word orders different now yep there's the good news and bad news about Chinese well this is for English speakers and lasondra I guess you're an English speaker so the good news is Chinese grammar is super super simple and easy and not hard not hard at all very and the word order similar to English it's not complicated Japanese grammar and and word order is completely different than English it's it's probably the most difficult part of the language for me is just the word order so strange and it's hard to understand the sentences because everything's in weird order but on the other hand the bad news about Chinese is the pronunciation you've got the tones so you've got to be able to hear those tones you know ma ma ma ma right that's that's the hard part that's like Thai Thai has the same tie has five tones well the Engel says I'm Brazilian I live in Dubai your podcasts have helped me a lot this year is last year good Diego great thank you yeah like Fernando says the all-out effort at the beginning in order to break through and achieve momentum this is so important it's important for English it's important for really anything you're starting that's that's new and potentially difficult that that is something that's going to require a long learning process that getting that getting that initial because it can be very intimidating right so getting that big improvements in the beginning and then also even later times right any time you start slowing down make that big push again it would be the same if you were learning to play the guitar for example make a huge effort with the guitar for three months four months six months really make a big improvement learn a lot of chords learn a bunch of songs get really comfortable with the guitar and then you can you know then you can relax a little bit and then if you feel like you're not a game you're not improving another huge effort and I do this kind of automatically with my fitness I've just always done this mostly from boredom so I'll have a lot of times in my life where I'm just doing kind of basic fitness level I'm not doing I'm not training for anything serious you know for me that means I walk about one or two hours a day with with some weight in a backpack we're now with the babies that's just my basic normal fitness and then I do some push-ups and pull-ups a few things like that so that's I might do that for a year I might do that for two years I might do it for six months whatever then maybe I get a little bored maybe I feel my motivation dropping that's when I choose some more difficult challenge so I train for something harder so I make a big effort of three months or five months or six months training for a race nowadays is I'm usually training for some long hiking or walking trip like the Camino de Santiago like Shikoku 88 there's a few others I've done and that makes me do a lot more like sometimes sometimes I'll run when I'm training for those things and sometimes I'll just use a heavy backpack and walk long long hours every day and really make a big increase but I don't do it all the time but I do it just you know every year or so hey Carlo good to see you I'm doing fine thanks okay huar says what's your opinion about using a dictionary if I don't understand something when I listen you know eventually you can look it up you sometimes it's okay to just listen and notice the word but you know you listen again you notice it again you listen like five six times and eventually you're like what is that word mean and then you then you can look it up but it's okay to also just ignore it for a while or just guess and then eventually you just want to know okay now Abdo says I've been listening to English for seven months but I have a problem I don't like reading if I want to read a book I get an audiobook what's your suggestion to cultivate my reading skill well you know it's totally fine there's not a problem that's great audiobooks are fantastic you're working on your listening they have some advantages you know what the big advantage of an audiobook is you can do other things you can go for a walk you can go for a jog you can drive your car you can sit in a train with an audiobook it's harder to do those things especially the walking and driving with a regular book so you've gotta use your eyes to drive or to see where you're going so I mean you don't have to you don't have to worry about the reading right now if you're enjoying the audiobooks just do that do that and then maybe later you can go back and do some reading but I'd say don't force yourself motion says is it possible to be a VIP member without all having already bought other courses like power English yes if you feel like you're kind of upper intermediate already just joined VIP is totally fine Oh Elena now you later with a funny an interesting comment that's funny but there's truth in it there's actually I've seen at least one research study about this topic so Elena says can you explain this why do a lot of people speak better and effortlessly after they have taken some alcohol it's true – right yeah I can't remember where back when I was in grad school I found some research study someone studied this and indeed it's true that they actually studied the number of drinks like the number of beers so one or two beers the people would speak more fluently they're speaking improved foreign language I think they used a they were looking at English they they're speaking got better if they drank one or two beers after two beers it got worse they started to get drunk and they couldn't think clearly so why well I mean I think it's quite clear what's going on is that it relaxes you right it's stress it's the tension we've talked about this topic that especially when you're until you're very advanced you get nervous about speaking English I get nervous you know when I when I used to get nervous when I was doing public speaking and then I would have more difficulty speaking my own language when I was in Spain I mentioned that sometimes I would get nervous about trying my Spanish and then my speaking would get worse I couldn't think of any words it's very frustrating and many of you have said the same thing that you know like kind of when you're by yourself you could just talk to yourself in English and really relax no problem and then you meet a native speaker and uh and you can't think of anything so it's the emotional part it's stress it's the nervousness causes a problem with your thinking this is just you know basic psychology basic physiology it's not only language this happens this thing happens with a lot of things this is why public speakings difficult job interviews you know it's the same thing right you're in a job interview they ask you an easy question and then you have trouble answering it in your own language why is you're nervous right it's the tension the nervousness so what this out what the alcohol does one or two drinks is it relaxes you you stop caring and this is why people drink alcohol for dating right to try to talk to girls or talk to guys same problem right so you've got a guy he sees a girl he likes he wants to talk to her without the alcohol he's uh he's nervous he has a couple drinks hey how's it going uh uh then everything's fun and relaxed and loose so this happens with the foreign language that can happen it's like you've got the English in there and you drink a couple drinks and then now you're just relaxed you don't care about making mistakes you don't care about anything you're just totally relaxed fun you and the words just come out yeah it's interesting huh the problem what's the problem with that well the problem is you don't want to do this because then you depend on drinking right you want to speak English when you're not drinking and the drinking can cause other problems it can cause you to you know make bad decisions about in other ways and many other problems plus when you you want to use English probably in many situations when you cannot drink just like public speaking you don't want to drink when you're going to give a speech you might need you might want to give speeches for your job for work also the problem is you can start to act kind of weird act funny say things that are not so you know not appropriate not polite right you can make these social mistakes when you're drinking so it can help the nervousness but it can cause other problems so it's you don't want to depend on it but yes it's a true thing it is it's real you okay let's people saying hi the same happens with cocaine Charla says yeah I'm sure it does I mean honestly probably if you drank enough coffee it wouldn't work right if you drink too you know people when they drink a lot of coffee though but they start talking really fast right because I get that energy yeah now it can also make you kind of nervous but even a lot of caffeine would probably do it Aguilar hello Gilmer says yes so we have to drink some alcohol that's not what I'm saying but you know it does work a little bit so ray Donovan is learning Chinese he says it's easy well it's easy once you know it I think the key thing with the characters is you know I had to change my mindset about it I had a mindset that they're difficult that uh it's gonna be hard I don't want to do it and very negative about it honestly and what I've noticed is people who learn the to read in Japanese and they learn those kanji in Chinese too is that they were they have a different much more positive mindset about it they see them as very interesting is very fascinating and they want to learn them and they really get into it and really enjoy it and I think that's probably the key point ah royale says would you recommend us to learn a lot of synonyms well I mean just learn them as you learn them right this is my overall advice for vocab is just learn it from context meaning learn it from something you're reading or from something you're listening to don't force it like oh I've got to learn five synonyms for you know for some word and just randomly learn it it's you're just gonna forget it there's no point in doing that just you'll naturally learn synonyms as you read more and listen more there's nothing you need to force about it Carlos says I have an addiction I'm a coffee junkie do you drink coffee AJ I do I have kind of a limit of one a day right now I try not to drink too much and some days I'll go from fasting I don't drink it and so just very moderately I do taiyaki with a good point maybe I'll do the challenge as much as I can enjoy I'm afraid too much effort will make me less motivated that's a great point taiyaki you you don't want to exhaust yourself if it starts to feel stressful then relax a little bit that's right and that's another point about this competition so maybe this challenge I don't even like calling it a competition really there might be some people who are doing 10 hours a day already okay now like for me to try to do 10 or 12 hours of Japanese a day I think like taiyaki right now it would feel very stressful it's it's it takes a lot of effort right now for me to understand anything even beginner level stuff feels you know I have and yeah I got a concentrate a lot I can't just kind of half listen so I if I push too much I'm like taiyaki said I know that if I push too far it's gonna start feeling really tight it's just like again like fitness if you're starting to train for a marathon you don't run a marathon the first day right you if you're only riding it you know can only do 5k you start with 5k per day then you increase it to 6k 7k 8k and you go up until you reach the marathon distance but it's a building up well it's kind of your mind is the same you know your level of concentration people that said the same about meditation you know to just suddenly try to meditate 12 hours a day I've done that and it is a shock and it's not easy but um so that's why I recommend this challenge just try to improve yeah you don't have to beat anyone else okay I'm not gonna try to beat anyone else I already know people are doing many more hours than I will but I'm gonna try to just keep improving like do more each week do more each week keep increasing increasing my concentration increasing it as long as i keeping it enjoyable that's a good point taiyaki I don't push too far and destroy your motivation don't make it something that you're you hate try to keep it fun keep it interesting it says I like your mug is it copper no it has kind of a it has like a little copper finish to it but it's ceramic it's Jap made in Japan my wife bought this I believe in Kyoto there's this whole neighborhood in Kyoto where people make the make ceramic really nice we have a festival every year and they sell sir uh ceramic things ah booyah says the shadowing mentally helped yeah I do that sometimes like if I'm in public come out in public and I don't want to be speaking out loud then just in my mind as I'm listening I'll kind of try to repeat along with the audio mostly it just keeps me more focused I think the benefit of shadowing is mostly concentration forces you to concentrate a little more and notice a little more yes good point Christy says I remember when I started reading an English book it was so hard the first time so many words I didn't know now I can do it without looking up the dictionary so often the key is just enjoy the process that last sentence the key is just enjoy the process yep that's right that's right what does your current Spanish level AJ oh I have sunk down I haven't I've done no Spanish in like four and a half years so it's probably back down to a low intermediate but I'm planning we're thinking of going to Spain in a couple years so right now I'm gonna work on Japanese for probably a year and a half at least after that I'll try to revive you know wake up my Spanish we'll see if I can make some more improvement with Spanish later I get more motivated when I have a trip yeah so see was Jack Simic good point I did my own mp3 files from the matrix so just stripped out the audio first I listen and read then I listen and repeat I did this with Shrek and The Lion King a few years ago the effects were amazing I still remember dialogues great good suggestion booyah says I do three hours oops I knew three hours of shadowing per day for two months straight do you think my pronunciation will improve a lot I think so it should yeah let 7ik says I drank a little before my final guitar exam at the conservatory and it was my best performance ever next time I'll drink a lot next time I drink a lot and it did not work yeah right see good work a little bit can just make you a little more relaxed too much will destroy your technique destroy your concentration so you got to be careful okay Roman says about the last live show do you think it was a local internet problem or not Facebook was to ban you no idea I know they do ban and slow people down sometimes though it's hard to know you know their employees have specifically said that they want to ban people and cause problems so I'm just going by their official policy okay I should explain this again cuz GLaDOS uh says what is shadowing if shadowing is a technique it was as far as I know developed by a man named Alexander AR Gillis or Gilles I think that says he's American soap right pronounced are jealous a guy who speaks many languages I can't remember 20 languages I think he speaks something like that and he developed this technique where you listen to an audio and you speak with the audio at the same time so you're listening and speaking you're practicing both at the same time no pausing you don't push the pause button this is challenging so you know like if I'm listening to Japanese and the speaker says couldn't you all so I hear konichiwa and then as fast as I can I say it also gonna eat you I could eat you walk and eat wha alright and of course the audio keeps going so if the speaker's fast this is very tough very tough especially for beginners to keep up and so a lot of times you'll find you can't do it and you you gotta you gotta just wait and then this next sentence try keep trying you'll find sometimes you'll boo boo you know you you say the words completely wrong you'll set you'll find sometimes you're not hearing the word clearly you're not sure exactly what the speaker said all this is normal think so it can feel kind of frustrating but the idea is you use the same audio again and again so a lot of repetition so the first few times the audio is can be very difficult but maybe after 20 times now you know the audio very well you know what's coming next so it's a lot easier right when you hear it you can say it because you you know what the sentence is going to be and you're trying to match trying to imitate the speaker's speed and pronunciation so it's you're you're practicing you're listening and speaking at exactly the same time it's challenging but it can help your pronunciation it helps your listening because it forces you to listen very carefully see sometimes if we're listening we're not shadowing you know right you can kind of kind of your mind can start thinking about something else but if you're shadowing if your mind thinks about something else you'll you won't be able to do it you'll notice suddenly oh you can't say the words because you're not focused so it forces your mind back to focus on the listening I think that's the best benefit is that it forces your concentration to be better while listening it also gets you used to saying the words and saying the words at a faster like a native speed so it helps fluency a lot too it helps your fluency with the time and then finally it can help your pronunciation too you can do a search if you want he there's a video of him briefly demonstrating it with Chinese he was learning Chinese and he's now other points the way he teaches it in the way and I agree he teaches that you should do this while you're walking not sitting and just like me you know it's interesting because I found his videos I like oh I like this is I feel the same way you know you know you guys know I'm always talking about listening while you're walking practicing English while you're walking and you know he found the same thing that it wakes your brain up keeps you more active you can concentrate better when you're moving your body when you sit it's quite easy to you know lose your concentration so you do it ideally you do it with a loud voice but like I can't usually do it with a loud voice because I'm doing it at night when my wife's sleeping so I'll do it with quiet voice yeah Leeza says I studied Russian for eight years at school I could speak well but I didn't practice afterwards I'm very sorry because after almost 40 years nothing comes to mind I know it sucks huh you do have to maintain those languages after he no now again again the good news is that to maintain the language is much easier than learning it right so maybe to maintain it you only need an hour a day just do some reading just keep it a little active in your mind learning it requires more usually but see this is one of my questions I have for people like Steve Kaufman or this guy Alexander R galas they speak 20 languages how do they maintain all those languages I mean how do they just maintain you know each day 20 languages how do you keep them active or maybe they don't maybe they let some of them just become less active and when they need them they make them active again but I'm curious about that seems like it would be quite tough after a while sian says uh I love your lifestyle it's so calm no stress I think it's the simplicity is the key yeah yeah exactly that's right Oh someone said join gab dude says in let's talk about gab really quickly I'm gonna show you guys we're asking about the challenge so here's my gab okay this is my gab profile gab calm at AJ Hoge AJ h o GE and you can see here and there's my nice smiling picture and you'll see the posts right there and right at the top it says pinned the very top one on my profile join the effortless English listening and reading challenge join here free and there's the link right there click that link you'll go to the page and you have to enroll you just click click each one you want and then hit enroll and you sign up it's free that's how you do it so it's on my gap right here right there on my gap profile easy I want to mark my Japanese my Japanese will be a 1 right now Oh angel run hello says are you are there new lessons coming up any new ideas movie the movie club lessons those will be available to VIP members those are then probably the newest ones I'm just doing them each week if you're not a VIP member you can join live on Twitch every Sunday what else oh the business English lessons coming probably just a few weeks the lessons are ready now the sales page is almost ready they're basically almost ready I'll do early I'll open it early for VIP members you'll have a discount then I'll do an early opening for you all everybody who watches the show you'll also get a discount and then I'll open it for everybody so business English is next the movie lessons will be ongoing will constantly be doing after the matrix we'll do another movie and another movie so those will just be never-ending and then I do have ideas for other lessons but not any plans yet Rajan he says I'm shadowing you right now and feeling better see cool you can do it with during the live show even good good point Oh see if Jenny says there's an option in YouTube to slow down the speed of the video if the speaker is too fast there you go and if the speaker is too slow you could speed it up if you want some practice for speed ya know see this is a good point Charlotte says Shauna's pontas says this is what kids do naturally and fearlessly it is what kids do you'll notice this about kids when they get interested in something it might be a topic they're learning it might be a skill they're trying to learn it might be a sport or a game they just jump in and they're kind of crazy about it for a while like my again my nephew he like I'll just give you a small example there's this card game he plays he it's called Trump he calls it Trump I don't know what the name of it is but anyway he learned this game and suddenly he just wants to play it all the time all the time every day constantly right he just jumps in huge amount now it's just a card game but you know he gets really good at the card game he learns all the rules very fast and then you know gets interested in something else like beetles so then suddenly he's reading books and books and books and books about beetles and he's looking for beetles in the ground and he's finding beetles and he's bringing them home and he's studying them and he's raising them in his apartment right he just goes crazy just a massive effort but the key point about kids is it's all done with an attitude of enjoyment and fun and curiosity not stress they're not doing it like I must get better I must improve that's not their mentality they're doing it this is so fun this is so interesting I just want to do it more and more and more and more it's a big difference this is the biggest problem we adults have is that we're too focused on performance where to to to or about measuring our improvement our performance are we getting better and we good enough am i making mistakes all nervous children don't think like that most children are only thinking about enjoying being curious and just enjoying the process right this is why a child will watch the same TV show or movie 20 times 50 times if they really like it just cuz they like it they're not trying to improve their language ability but they do because after 50 times or 20 times you know they get those phrases stuck in their brain that's you'll notice little child children like to read the same books the same stories again and again and again or they want you to read the same stories many many many many times so we can learn from them there about their attitude so doing this challenge with an attitude of curiosity and fun and just enjoyment and not stressing about performance not even thinking about oh oh my gotta get better am I getting better huh that's what adults do and they destroy the fun and that's why their motivations worse this is the big advantage kids have is their attitude yeah like Luke 10 says I'm chatting you now also some time I just say blah blah blah if I don't understand mostly I can catch your speed and pronunciation I love doing it yeah it can become quite fun shadowing outloud or shadowing in my mind which one is best asked sriracha out loud is better but sometimes it's not convenient so in your mind is also okay either ones okay if you can do it out loud that's better because then you can hear your own pronunciation right in your mind you don't really notice but when you are out loud you'll notice often you'll notice how bad your pronunciation is and this can help you improve oh cool Sergey says my wife has been doing Power English for about eight months I feel she has improved a lot we even started to text each other in English cool very nice funny profile picture yep Fernandez as I do shadowing with your audios I trained with the pronunciation course yes my pronunciation course uses shadowing quite a lot I hope says I heard living in Japan is so expensive is that true it depends where you live and where you're from Tokyo is very expensive Osaka I don't know Osaka it depends yeah I came from I came from San Francisco so everything feels less expensive every Cisco's now one of the most expensive cities in the world so after San Francisco everything feels cheap to me okay so it's hard for me to answer that question it's cheaper than San Francisco but more expensive than Thailand yo sips teaching children very nice hi Jay I love you my name is AJ I mean it my name is AJ hi AJ mr. AJ my name is Joseph from Sudan help to motivate children learning thank you for your dedication well it's complicated but you've got to stop forcing them right you know I think that we have to limit the amount of what I would call structured forced learning and kids there are some things they have to learn we know this but it's done way too much in the school system English is not something I would force on them you have to do the opposite you've got to make again what's their advantage the advantage kids have is they're curious so you have to make kids curious you have to wake up their curiosity and that fun excitement for the language singing songs finding really easy little stories and cartoons doing funny mini stories live changing the activities very often all these things kind of fun cool games all these things so that English becomes something they are curious about not something they're forced to do that's painful yeah Pablo says very interested in business club how to do online business if you don't want to waste a lot of time and social networks think then if you can touch this subject yeah social networks are not that great for business Facebook's useless Twitter's pretty useless you know even gab I like gab for our community but you know I'm not gonna make any money from gab so in terms of business online business you know it's all about the search engines and advertising and other you know these are the best ways of marketing the social media marketing stuff is in my opinion very exaggerated its exaggerated by social media marketing people they people its Facebook oh you're gonna make us money on Facebook no you're not no you're not you're not there are other things you can do offline there's you I think a lot of it has to do with building an audience by being unique you have to be very unique I'll give you an example now he's not really doing it for money but Cole Robinson at snake diet he's super unique he's very different than everybody else very and he has attracted a very big and loyal audience people following him because he's not like everybody else because he's not just normal like everyone else now he has used YouTube know YouTube is different YouTube and podcasting and bit shoot and you know video and audio building an audience that way are very useful but social media like Facebook Twitter no Instagram mmm not really I'm you don't need to use that mostly that's a waste of time most useful of all is advertising but you have to know what you're doing or else you lose a lot of money so it's it's you know you've got to learn bait real business skills the idea of just playing on Facebook all day to build your business is mostly that's just the truth you can't also you cannot trust the numbers from Facebook they they've been caught a few times lying about their numbers for advertising and just normally yeah get on gab guys now it's not a business thing but it's just for our community and for just social effortless English family and community gabs the place to be it's perfect come on guys join and share your opinion with us gab comm slash AJ Hoge it's growing fast my gap is getting bigger and bigger each day and it's great any more interviews coming soon soon I'll do it I'll do one soon it's tonight I'm going to email a couple people how's your grandma AJ vladislav says in a few days she's going to get to 100 years old she will be 100 years old in five days so she they're having a big birthday party for my grandmother she will be 100 in five days I'll do a Skype call with her to say hello so yeah man that's amazing Alejandro I don't if you're asking me where are you from I'm from the United States from America this is some weird English what means hark ye please it's in Grimm's fairy tales okay that's old we don't use this anymore hark is kind of like hey hey hey you know like hello it's just just you're just hark ye means it's kind of like trying to get someone's attention like hey you hey you I think it would be the modern version of that hey you right it's your say it you see somebody you want to get their attention so you say hey you you know like hey look at me listen to me hey you so the old thing hark ye oh we don't say that anymore so if you say hark ye now people not know what you're saying they'll be quite confused how old you are you when you had your first child fifty years old I waited too long but I'm very grateful can she show us what your studio looks like it's just an apartment there's a bunch of the part you can't see so outside of this frame there's like clothes and books and laundry uh-huh meds paying attention med says I noticed when you're reading people's comments you're correcting them without saying it which is fantastic yes indeed good you've someone noticed huh Darla's English has many ways to say the same thing for example these days they're talking about storm as a verb for area 51 and this is kind of a funny news story I didn't know this word storm until yesterday – storm something when you have a group of people storming an area it means like they're attacking it used to be used in war a lot like you would see army would storm the castle storm the castle meaning a huge attack on the castle of course the normal way of using it is as a noun it's like a you know rain storm ah yes Abdo says can you talk more about homeschooling how is it done what's your plan for your kids I will be talking a lot about homeschooling as my children you know move to that as they become that age they're too young now they're just babies but yeah I already have a basic plan you know the focus my approach is going to be what I might call loose tight yin-yang so I'm gonna have a few hours a day which will be focused disciplined learning I mean this is this is for the key skills the key things they need reading writing and speaking and basic math though that's it and it we used to say reading writing and arithmetic reading writing arithmetic means math so reading writing and arithmetic those those will be the key ones this is elementary school age now when they get older we can add some other stuff but those are the three that's all I'm going to focus on for like disciplined you know study where I'm teaching them specific things they're going to have maybe specific assignments and they're gonna have to have some self-discipline because it's important to have build their concentration but that's that only they only gonna need three hours a day to do that not much the rest of the time is going to be the opposite which is going to be very loose just exploring and learning and they'll be the bosses of that they'll just we're gonna just all be kind of coaching and helping but we'll just follow what they are excited about what they're interested in so if they are interested in bugs well we'll go to the library and we'll start reading about bugs studying bugs if they're interested in plants we'll do that if they're in you know different history part of our reading you know when I say reading writing arithmetic a lot of the reading I'll I will choose will be about history especially ancient history because of our family it'll be a lot about ancient Greece ancient Rome kind of European American history and then also Japanese so that's it and then you know of course part of that too is character you know virtue teaching them virtue and I'll do that through all those skills so that you know bet the only three hours a day focused on those things and then the rest is kind of just exploring and going outdoors and learning in the real world and trying different things and you know they can learn about money they can learn about all kinds of different things and when they get to middle school level probably somewhere in there I'll start teaching them specific business skills money skills like the Rich Dad Poor Dad stuff like your money for your life but you can see what's great about it is there's a little it only you know school they're wasting so much time in boredom but in just two or three hours a day because it's just me and my children in that focused work they can get so much done so they don't need to be in school all day they don't need to be studying all day just a couple hours a day is enough and the rest of it the whole day will be filled with learning but they'll get to explore their curiosity if Jenny says I've read about the Finnish education system what's your opinion I don't know I've heard things about it that it's supposedly you know quite different and good but I've never been there I've never seen it myself I don't know homeschooling still better that's my opinion it may be better than other countries but I think homeschooling is best of all – Fung says should we square a lot most of my friends say swearing is an easy way to speak more naturally no I disagree I do not recommend swearing a lot as a non-native speaker because I'm you're probably Vietnamese I'm guessing I'm guessing your friends sound not very good when they swear they probably sound a little ridiculous because just just to be completely honest with you most people who are not native speakers they sound strange when they're swearing because swearing and this is not just for English okay like I'm not going to swear in Japanese or even Spanish because it just it's so much part of the culture and it's so important how you do it you know like the tone the timing the rhythm all of that is very important you know I'll give you an example had a friend a Thai friend and he kind of tried to do this and he would try to say right and he would he'd be trying to say it you know like you're saying trying to sound natural and I think he was trying to sound angry but it just sounded funny it sounded funny because the tone was not quite right the just it's very subtle sometimes these things to make it sound right you know I give the example you can say the word you know or you can say it 10 different ways and it has ten different feelings you know those all three have a different emotional feeling and most non-native speakers can't catch it and they're not used saying it correctly they're not saying it well and it just sounds strange it makes your communication sound terrible it also can sound rude when you're not trying to be rude alright so I know when to use it and how to use it and I can say buck and I can says and I can make it sound not rude or I can say and make it sound very rude right it's it's my face it's my tone it's everything but for you to do it it's very very difficult I can't do it in another Lane and I don't recommend it I don't recommend it because I don't need it to sound natural and yeah and also look a lot of native speakers don't do this a lot of native speakers speak very clean cleanly and they don't use swear words at all many don't like my mom never I've never heard my mom say even now I sometimes do I don't usually do it in the show in the podcast unless I'm giving an example but if I get upset if I'm in you know if I'm feeling you know frustrated in my own personal life often it's just like at my in my home I might do it I don't usually do it in public you know and then of course other people like Col Robinson he constantly does it doc and see a lot of people watch a lot of you have watched his videos and you think this guy's so rude this guy's so terrible but in fact you know I watch and as a native speaker watching him and noticing his face and noticing his tone I he's not you know sometimes he's sounding angry but other times it's actually quite funny it's actually humorous so it's just not necessary it's not necessary at all there are many many people as I said my mom my grandmother even my cousin I don't think I've heard him he almost never says anything and he swear words my uncle and almost never I know a lot of people who almost never swear at all native speakers so it's just it's not necessary I would recommend not doing it it's it's good to understand it but I don't there are more important things to learn and use I think yeah if you want to learn how to swear you Lena says if you want to learn to swear watch Cole Robinson's shows indeed if you want to you know if you do want to practice you want to ignore my advice watch snake diet videos that guy's a master he's a master aya said I find him very funny I think he's hilarious he's why is he funny because he's speaking the truth this guy is super red pill okay he's not doing it to be rude he's doing it for emotional power he's but he's so direct right every when other people they're trying to be polite they avoid the truth they're hiding the truth he just says the truth you're fat you're fat stop eating well that's the truth all right and that's why it's kind of funny we're not used to such honesty he's so honest he's not trying to be mean he's honest yeah and jaya devin says you sound more educated when you don't swear exactly you do you certainly it makes you sound more crude now sometimes you might want to sound crude but overall it's not necessary who goes says about your babies will they first speak English or Japanese good question we'll see which will the first word be English or Japanese it might be mommy or something all right I guess I got to get going you yeah like Pablo says when I went to Mexico I lived in Mexico Mexican co-workers tried to use it but it was funny and not correct yes that's right that's right I remember I watched when I was working on Spanish four years ago I watched show what was it called looks quitter voz anyway it was like it was a Mexican show and it was a lot of swearing and like when I first watched it I couldn't understand half the sentences because had all these slang and swear words and then I started watching it more and more and started to understand it but I realized I can't use this because I'll just sound stupid if I try this so anyway it's but it's up to you you know whatever you want to do that's just my recommendation okay guys I gotta go lots of love to you build that momentum get on gab and join our challenge it's coming soon what is tomorrow Thursday we'll be back maybe a business topic tomorrow I don't know we'll see okay that's the left you uh chat with you on gab soon as always joined my effortless English club VIP membership commit don't quit at speak English powerfully commit don't quit to my VIP program at you

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  1. I´m trying to improve my English by myself. I started to improve my listening using songs (that give me a lot of motivation, because I started to understandt some phrases in the song), after that I started to follow your lessons, an d now I´m gonna to use podcast like you said in other lesson. And what else can I do to improve my English?

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