Fast Workers Compilation 2019 – Amazing Skills Level Master

49 thoughts on “Fast Workers Compilation 2019 – Amazing Skills Level Master”

  1. These people are hardest workers in the world and getting paid the least. Much love and appreciation from America.

  2. Just imagine living your existence on this earth like a robot, especially for the Factories & Corporates….. I am delighted for these people to have perfected their skills… but what is gained ? nothing…

  3. Каким бы хорошим ты не был в своем деле, всегда найдется азиат, который делает это еще лучше.

  4. You could do it like the guy at 2:40, or you could carry the tray of glasses to wherever you are taking them in about half the time.

  5. All these jobs are either menial and mind-destroying, or highly risky (woman waving her hands under a hammer). Can't celebrate this stuff really.

  6. I clicked for the guy in the thumbnail. Seven bags of cement, at least in the US, would weight 658 lbs. Of course he's nowhere to be found, which is why I've blocked this channel.

  7. Damn….that's so sad. those people will do that for pennies until they're severely injured or just die broken & used up. I thank God for America. Greatest country in the world.

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