Farm Animal Toys in the Stable

hey guys today I’m going to show you
some farm animal toys in the cabin and also in stable we have some horses let’s take the other animals out of the
stable here’s a mule a gray donkey and a brown donkey now
let’s see the animals in the cabin here they are we have a peacock Turkey here’s another one pigs here’s an alpaca we also have more
alpacas here’s some goats some sheep cows a bull and llamas ooh there’s some chickens on
the rooftop it’s time to feed the animals okay those are the farm animal toys we
have today let me know in the comments which animal is your favorite in this
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more fun videos here in this channel thanks for watching stay tuned

15 thoughts on “Farm Animal Toys in the Stable”

  1. I own a horse 🐴 and it is named spirit and it is the fastest horse in the country Canada 🇨🇦

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