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It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV. Okay. That’s my mom. Upload the photo. My dad goes here. Upload. Good, good. That’s my brother. Upload the photo. My sister, yeah. And. Aha. Me. Great. That’s my family. Oh, hey. Hello boys and girls. Hi. I’m working on my family tree. So is Maggie. But I don’t know, where Maggie is? Anyway. Look at my family tree. Hey, look. This is my brother. My sister and me. My dad and my mom. But hey. Who goes here? Hmm. Well. That is my mom’s mom. I’ve got a photo here. Hey look. Uploading. Oh oh. Who is it. It’s my grandma. Hey. So, my mom’s mom, my grandma goes here. Great. But who goes here? Well. That is my mom’s dad. It’s my yeah granddad. Hey. Let’s pretend to be old grandads. When I say, who is it? You say, it’s granddad. So, who is it? It’s granddad. Who is it? It’s granddad. And again. Who is it? It’s granddad. Well done. So, my granddad goes here, because my granddad
is my mom’s dad. Okay. Who is this? This is my uncle. His name is David. It’s uncle David. So, my uncle David goes here, because my uncle
is my mom’s brother. Yeah. Okay. Who goes here? Hmm. That’s a bit more difficult. Isn’t it? Well. I’ll show you. Oh look. This is my auntie. It’s my auntie Sarah. Again. When I say, who is it? You say, it’s auntie Sarah. So, who is it? It’s auntie Sarah. Auntie Sarah goes here by my uncle. Okay. But hey. My uncle and my aunt have got a little baby. Oh. Look. Here she is. It’s my cousin Kate. Hey. Let’s pretend to be little babies. When I say, who is it? You say, it’s cousin Kate. So, who is it? It’s cousin Kate. Who is it? It’s cousin Kate. Who is it? It’s cousin Kate. Yeah. Well done. It’s my cousin. Hey. Have you got any cousins? Yeah. How many cousins have you got? Hey Steve. Hi Maggie. Hey. Who’s that? Oh, who’s that? I’ll give you a clue. Maybe you can help. Maggie, this is my uncle and auntie’s little
baby. It’s my cousin. Hihi. Yeah. My cousin. Oh hey. Maggie. Who’s this? Do you know? I’ll give you a clue. It’s my mom’s brother. Aha. It’s my uncle. Uncle, yeah. One more. Maggie. Who’s this? Can you help Maggie? Look, this is my mom’s dad. Haha. Who is it? It’s my granddad. Hey. Granddad. Hey, great. Hey Steve. I finished my family tree. Really. You finished your family tree? Yeah. Okay. Let’s go and have a look. Oh. Wow. Look at Maggie’s family tree. Oh. Hello everyone. Haha. Hello. Look. Maggie’s got lots of uncles, lots of aunties,
lots of cousins, brothers and sisters. Oh. Such a noisy family. See you next time everyone. Bye, bye. Heyyyy. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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  1. That’s my list my family members so my mommy my father my grandma and my grandpa and my sister and that’s my family list

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  9. OK, guys I'm confused. Why it's my grandfather. uncle etc. ??? Why not he's my grandfather, she's cousin Kate??? For ESL students its gonna be very confusing.

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